12 comments on “The Ashley Subijano Montenegro sendoff to Miss Eco International

  1. Nothing really surprise while looking at the candidates of Miss Eco International 2023. Miss Philippines might have a good chance to win the crown. Another Filipino competing at the Miss Eco International 2023 is Naomie White, she joined Miss Earth Australia 2022 and she was awarded Miss Air and another notable contestant is Anniqa Jamal Iqbal of Pakistan, she was candidate at the Miss Earth 2022 but she was unplaced. Good luck Miss Philippines.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that the send-off is tepid? No, not “tipid”, although it may as well be like it considering that the background is a cheap carry-on pull-up banner and the stage floor is allowed to show unsightly scratches. It is more about the reaction of the fans. Well. as they say sometimes those who quietly go for the battle without much fanfare is the one who wins. Silent water runs deep, as the saying goes. I wish Ashley the best of luck!

  3. And look at the floor! Wala na ba silang makita na mas gasgas pa? Or put a rug/carpet! Are we just expecting too much???

    • You’re right beb!!! Maybe we are just expecting too much from MWP Org. Basta suportahan na lang natin si Ashley!!! Mabait na bata yan at maayos na pinalaki ng mga magulang niya at pamilya. Surely she will be victorious in this edition of Miss Eco Intl! Laban Ashley, for the Philippines back to back win!!! Kaya yan!!! ❤🇵🇭

      • Of course naman, I will still support her. If Santino (Jericho’s son- yummy!) likes her, then she must be nice 🙂

        Nag follow up comment lang talaga aq sa comment ni Pats below regarding the venue. These girls deserve better.

  4. I hope Ashley will join among the succesful representative at the Miss Eco International.
    Cynthia Thomalla ——- Miss Eco International 2018
    Maureen Montagne —— First Runner-up, Miss Eco International 2019
    Maureen refused to take over the crown after the winner got pregnant and dethroned.
    Kelly Day ———– First Runner-up, Miss Eco International 2021
    Kathleen Paton —– Miss Eco International 2022

  5. ALV – The smorgasbord, buffet pageant circle.
    Look at their tarp signage, gusot gusot at di man lang diretso 😅

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