12 comments on “Gwen Fourniol: Waiting for her battle to unfold

  1. Ganda!!!!!! at mukha din matalino, i watched some of her interviews, sensible ang mga sagot

  2. Sometimes, the quiet campaigns are the ones that are likelier to succeed. Good luck to her and her team!

  3. Minsan, yung di iniexpect ay sya pa umaarangkada, samantalang yung ilagay na sa pedestal ay di man lang nakalagpas sa isang baitang 🤣 sana mag ala gwendoline ruais ka gwen, walang ingay pero naka MW 1st Run. Goodluck Gwen

  4. lovely brown eyes , lovely smile , but put together the overall facial beauty is less than stunning … but MW is not a beauty pageant , articulate & she will still do very very well !

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