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    • I think she’ll be the token nanay in the final 5. Like there’s the token lesbian, and token artista, and token short girl in previous editions. Masabi lang na inclusive and pampaingay.

      BUT if gonzales is tall enough (at least 5’7), articulate and engaging enough, and if she succeeds in getting a toned body by finals, she has a chance in bagging the crown.

      She’s giving off the same malleable and non-dominant vibe as the previous winners. Jonas wants someone they can control and redesign with zero complaints. She’s also the prettiest among the three moms.

      The Philippines needs a pasabog candidate with a controversial story this year. Not another ganda lang, rampa lang, boring candidate. We need to send someone that Anne would notice and like.

      Having said that, it’s still El Salvador, a Latina turf, so we can’t send a short, stocky, plain Jane with a less than perfect nose. Has anyone seen Eileen Gonzales in person? Is she tall, smart and engaging?

  1. @Dino, while I understand your sentiment, the only issue is: in this world of diverse religions, beliefs, ideologies, myths, cultures, what-have-you, who is to determine what is “real”, “right” and “true”? For pageantry that has remained eurocentric since its inception, who is the arbiter of truth? Who is to say what is right and what is wrong, what is real and fantasy? Incidentally we live in a capitalistic world where market forces basically dictate our actions. For pageant organizers to go against the tradewinds of market-driven political correctness is like allowing the industry to die a natural death. Note that MU was headed for bankruptcy before it was bought by its now new owner. Just like in any business, decision making is the prerogative of the chief executive after a long market research and market-centric deliberations. If we do not accept the CEO’s “truth” the way he/she sees it, it’s our right as consumers not to patronize his/her product. Shalom, my friend.

    • In fairness to our gutsy young moms and transwoman, it was their choice to prefer the MU platform than other outlets for their advocacies. Most probably, they find the MU platform the most suitable in terms of coverage and reputation for their message. It’s just like anyone having a product or a product idea, he or she may opt to choose a posh mall or a roadside tiangge as outlet. It’s a choice– who are we to dissuade them?

  2. The concept of being politically correct, equality, inclusivity has been taken out of context and applied inconsistently, inappropriately to many narratives.

    There are pageants for married and even divorced women that pretty much has the same advocacies like any other pageants. They should stick to their own group.

    Regardless of whatever surgical enhancements, how much hormones or pills transsexuals (M to F / F to M) take, they remain biologically and anatomically males (or females) and should participate in their own beauty pageants.

    Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth must and should remain the epitome of pageants, exclusive for naturally born women only. Period.

    Enough of that political correctness, equality and inclusivity nonsense in pageants.
    Be real, be aware, and be informed of what is real, what is right, and lastly, what is the truth.

    • May point ka sis. Malay nga naman natin si Vanessa na ang next MU from the Philippines. Dedma na sa mga bashers!!! I am for Vanessa Marzeit for MUP 2023!!! ❤

      • Again, I do not see any problems with that at all. It is all in the mind. Look at some of the semi-finalist of MU 2022…saka na natin isipin yang mga ganyan pag anjan na, dagdag stress lang yan.

  3. Among the three mothers, I find Ms. Leo to be the most beautiful. Kung nasa early-20s lang siya and single, parang may potential siya makilala sa pageantry ala-Samantha Bernardo, Emma Tiglao, and Janicel Lubina. Unfortunately, 27 na siya but I hope someday may sumali sa MUPH na may ganyang aura.

    • and I don’t see any problems with that at all!!! Sino ba sa atin ang nakakaalam sa pwedeng mangyari sa future? Saka na natin isipin yan kapag nangyari na.

  4. The participation of young moms and transwomen in MU brings back to the fore the old issue of: what is the essence of being a woman? At a time when myths and ideologies of traditional gender roles and beauty concepts are being seriously challenged by the new generation, the Q&A answer by Sushmita Sen at MU in the 80s needs to be revisited. What is the essence of womanhood in a society that persistently believes that women are only good for bearing children, to look at, or to use as a commodity? I think if the participation of our gutsy moms and transwomen is to make an indelible mark on the nation’s consciousness, it should bring to centerstage their qualities that include the ability to give out pure and unconditional love, to show tenderness and compassion as strength, to overcome pains and rejection, and to naturally care for others.

    • Their advocacy should stand firmly on the belief that no longer do they have to be slaves to the wrong expectations of culture, or treated as mere objects to be used and thrown away, because they have something substantial to contribute to the development of this world.

  5. If the three mothers applied to a pageant exclusively for mothers , ( Mrs. Universe Philippines ) , they would have been the front runners most likely. But they will just become pageant statements in MUP2023 … Claire Inso lack ‘the’ or any X factor

    (do you need to pay to apply for MUP or for Bb or for any other kind of Pinas pageant?)

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