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  1. Is it true that MUO will not allow local pageants to crown other titles except universe?

    • It’s a branding thing, just like Coke not wanting to share the same stage with Pepsi, or Kapuso network not being in the same show with Kapatid network. Though “Beautifully Confident” is very similar to “Inspirational. Aspirational” in terms of perceptual imagery, brand integrity seems to be a paramount consideration to marketing executives. For one thing, finding sponsors to two or three different brand messages may be a bit difficult. Another thing, and I think this is the primary reason, if MU plans to monitize its brand by launching consumer products under the MU label, it has to start protecting its brand equity.

      My only question is: what could be a way around it without incurring much production cost on the part of MUP?

  2. Hulas queen sina DR at Curacao in person
    Si R’bonney neat and fresh all the time
    Excuse me ????

  3. R’bonney’s National costume and gown were made by Filipinos ..She still has a home in the Philippines She speaks more Tagalog than Celeste and she genuinely likes Pinoy food . Why is her loyalty still in question ?

  4. Excuse me ????
    Hulas beauty sina DR and Curacao in person
    Si R’bonney , she always looks really neat and fresh

  5. “The biggest losers are those who care only about winning”, a top quote on losing says. There is so much in life to live for; pageantry is not everything and the only thing in this life! Pageant fanatics who still cannot move on from the loss of their idol should realize another top quote: “Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present towards the future.” Those who cannot help sulking and protesting when they lose have no right to take part in this celebration of beauty!

  6. Nagfofrootesta Ang mga losers na latina Kasi c Miss Venezuela daw dafat Ang nanalo kaya Ang malditang Miss Venezuela ay no show sa mga lakad Ng mga Miss Universe taf flacers ahihihihihi 😆
    Cherette lungs 🫁
    May Nakita akong face sa videos ni Dyan C. C Klyza Castro fala Ng Mati, Davao Oriental. May face, may body at may brain din fala Ang bruha. May future Ang vacklah sa bayoti fageant🙂

  7. It baffles me no end– why are some over the top criticisms of R’ Bonney coming from Filipino pageant fans. Yes, our new MU is half-Filipino but she logically should represent, as she precisely did, the country of her birth, citizenship and residence for all 28 years of her life. If she claims she’s proud of her Filipino heritage as proven in her patronage of our fashion designers and her admission of cravings for some Filipino foods, why the continued cynicism instead of pride? Is her win rubbing salt on a wounded national pride? But why? Is this a manifestation of the fabled “talangka mentality”? But where’s the logic? This is indeed an interesting topic in sociology and psychology of Filipino psyche.

  8. She claims to be proud of her ethnic heritage but when asked during an MU tiktok fast talk game about the first country that comes to mind starting with a letter P, her immediate answer was Peru.
    Even after winning MsUSA, there was something off about her.
    If she did use Pinoy pageant fans for publicity and support, she is indeed a very tactical pageant girl.
    “Pinoy pride” can often be blinding.

    • Sa atin lang nman ang “Pinoy Proud” lagi kahit 1% pinoy blood lang yan. ensymada daw kasi fav snack ei kaya Pilipino. LOL

    • Grabehan na ha. Hanggang ngayon ba may issue pa din sa nasyonalidad ni RBonney? Hindi pa ba malinaw na hindi siya Miss Philippines? Stop na yang isyung yan ha…focus na muna tayo kay Ashley Montenegro…suportahan natin siya!!! ❤

  9. With due respects my friend, and in deference to the declared Miss Universe by a distinguished panel of women achievers, her commanding presence, intellect, articulacy and proven capacity for transformational leadership, make the people you mentioned look like her Staff.

  10. OMG the Ms Universe is so ugly!!she looks like the Personal Assistant of the other two ladies!!

      • Correct prescription, @John. From psychology we know that those who are judgemental are actually self-haters. The more insecure a person is, the more judgemental he/she is. He/she may have been made to feel inferior, disrespected, unvalued, and rejected so they turn around and display critical and demeaning behaviour towards others– to make him/her feel better.

  11. Norm- what is your personal take as to why R’Bonney seems to be struggling in getting more followers on social media.

    • US not a pageant country compared to Venezuela
      If R’bonney represented the Philippines and won , response would be thunderous
      So it’s not abt R’bonney , it’s the country she represents

      • Not onlt that, I notice the unrelentless negative press of some Latin American online news outlets that get into my cellphone. From the headline to the content, you know the biased slant, as if R’ Bonney cheated her way to the crown. It’s hurtful to someone who thinks she is the best that ever happened to MU.

    • Could it be because she is still associated with the Philippines and pageant fans around the Universe think that our country has had more than enough claims to fame in MU? 😕

      • our ‘friends’ at globalbeauties has not yet acknowledged RBonney as the reigning Miss Universe … her picture is nowhere to be found , picture of Harnaaz is still up as the ‘current’ MU titleholder … no surprise , I am not shocked from the ‘kind of friend’ we have in globalbeautiesturdheads …

      • Interesting take. Meanwhile the Pinoy fans aren’t rallying around her either due to what happened to Celeste. I feel bad for her. She seems very genuine.

  12. Tita bakit hindi kasama si MU Venezuela? Ang saya sa airport nung nagpunta sila sa Thailand, hallloooo Arbbonnniii sigaw ng mga Thai fans. BTW tita, anong issue sa Mister International?

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