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  1. Tama na kayo! Kung di feel ni miss Anne iplace ang pH again considering how bullies are we and how we see thais as rivals, gudlak hahaha tapos El Salvador pa host probably latina din mananalo.

    • If she performs with no holding back , like Dom Rep last year 20222 , she can penetrate top 3 at MU2023 in El Salvador, and please give her the uber best evening gown for MU

      Dee = Miss Universe Philippines 2023

      Panlilio = runner up

      middle of the top 5 pack = Amelincx, Camcam , Castro ( any of these three can continue the semi streak at Supra but definitely, Pauline is perfect for Miss Charm and can one up Annabelle’s 1st ru finish with the Miss Charm crown for 2023 ! )

      • uber best gown with quality and caliber , like the one for R Bonney’s black blue gown at MU2022 , … calling on R Fernandez … !

      • Tama. Malaking puntos Yung gown sa prelim at Finals. Yung gown ni Zosibini, miss Venezuela 2022, meowww na unique at mapanganga ka pagramoa Nya sa stage.
        I guess almodal and Cinco can help. Isuot na lahat Ng bonggang gown na gawa nila at piliin kung ano Ang pinakamaganda at bagay Kay Michelle 😊
        I will not worry sa interview Nya.
        Work out more para maging hour glass Ang katawan Nya.

      • yes the gown scores really differentiate them from one another … the swim scores , I’d say the differentials among the top tier delegates may only be in the 0.01 to 0.09 spread

  2. Besides the usual, Dee, Amelinckx, Vera, and Panlilio, the following should be the spoilers:

    Klyza Castro
    Krishnah Gravidez
    Jannarie Zarzoso
    CJ Opiaza
    Princess Marcos
    Clare Inso
    Angelique Manto

  3. Instead of picking out the top 15 , I have listed down my bottom 15.
    There remain 25 final contestants, a much more tolerable and normal for MUP23 batch

    Franchesca Crist
    Glenmae Maqui
    Joyce Salced
    Jane Acob

  4. Just looking at all the unphotoshopped pics, the eyes alone radiate intelligence and good nature, what is called inner beauty. Let’s hear them talk, and like the Top 16 in the recent MU wowed us, the once seen as simply ordinary morphs into a phenomenal beauty who illumines the room with positivity. I believe that’s the beauty MU, MS, MW, ME and MI wants us to see. That’s the beauty this Sustainability Generation of today wants to see– phenomenal, transformational, inspirational, aspirational, and with a purpose.

  5. Unphotoshopped pics yet intelligence glows in each one. I know each one has something in them that gave them the guts to come forward and be counted in this celebration of inner and outer beauty. Its a great honor to be in the roster of the Philippines’ transformational women. That alone makes each one already a winner and deserving of a warm congratulations. What’s being contested now is the right to carry the country’s sash for a yet bigger platform for her advocacy. Good luck to everyone.

  6. Vanessa Matzeit is the girl to beat. She will rock El Salvador. 5th MU crown for the Philippines is sure if she is our rep.

  7. Not photoshopped, thank goodness! Unfortunately, walang nag stand out, even the repeaters!

  8. Mabibilang mo sa isang kamay ang may X-factor for Miss U. How sad.. Mas marami pang pwedeng pang MUP sa BBP batch.

  9. One unfiltered word to describe this batch’s overall physical appearances – “MEH.” So uninteresting and uninspiring. El Tocuyo is waving again this year. Try harder next year – that is, if the franchise stays with Empire.PH.

  10. Pauleen doesn’t need to slim down… She’s already slim.. We can already see the shape of her hip bone….. She just needs to enhance her hourglass figure.. and I’m not talking about removing one pair of her ribs… I’m talking about killing herself w/ butt workouts like heavy banded crab squats and deadlifts. Her HMUp skills did improve… but her minimalistic wardrobe to me is still a tad safe… classy yes… but too safe… I want to see something more fashion forward with hints of camp and avant’garde. Wag pa-victim sa interviews… Mas bagay sa kanya palaban… Talk about what you want for the Philippines… What needs to be improved and how it should be done.

    Michelle also needs butt workouts… Plus I want her to flash us w/ her improved make-up skills… like stop being minimal and ready to go… and talk more about your advocacy.. tell us what should be done…use your platforms… Tell us what you think when it comes to social issues.. Stop being safe!

  11. If the Philippines will be in the revenge mode at MU, is anyone here confidently capable of bringing us back the winning streak? But aside from a few veterans, who knows if someone may just pull in a surprise? I wish Patch Magtanong joined– or is she still qualified age-wise?

    • But I’m sure all these ladies represent the best of the holistic beauties that this country has to offer the world. I’m excited to know what “phenomenal”, “transformational”, “inspirational” and “aspirational” qualities each has to bring to the table.

    • Incidentally, what’s with the number 40? I noticed that Philippine pageants always present 40 official candidates. Is there some religious significance to this number that was mentioned the most number of times– 146 times– in the Bible? In the Bible, this number generally symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation.

      • I believe it is an ideal number for TV production, scorg. It is one reason I learned from ABSCBN during their stagings of Binibining Pilipinas. 🙂

      • Ok. Thanks. I thought being a religious country, 40 signifies something to pageant organizers. But isn’t it uncanny, there are many bizarre facts about 40 outside of religion? Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, 40 is the only temperature that is the same for both Fahrenheit and Celsius, “life begins at 40”, and 40 days ‘babang luksa’, to name a few.

  12. Darating ang time na ang MU ay labanan ng mga trans gaya ilang mga candidates dito sa MUP at yan ang nakakalungkot. Anyways, good luck na lang sa kanila.

  13. Pabigyan na si Pauline.

    She is the only HUNGRY girl of the batch.

    That’s what Venus, et al. brought.

    No more peak at the right moment social media burnouts.

    Pauline is always GAME ON. She just needs to slim down. R’Bonney and Curacao are petite like her, but brought Universe-figures, and they are travelling on behalf of the Universe now.

    Show it to the Universe, Pau.

  14. Klyza Castro is a very good speaker … it will depend on her advocacy platform if better than Michelle Dee’s or if she can sound more believable & convincing than Michelle

    Pauline is overflowing with Charm for Miss Charm 2023 , this time it will be hers

    Vera , well , she can continue semi streak at Supra , but Klyza can do it too !

    Panlilio , a good runner up … other faces are not remarkable , unknown names …

    • Castro will probably be made to pay her dues like the other three. Ganyan sa Pinas.

      I choose Panlillio over Vera. She is more cosmopolitan and can hold her own in interview.

      Plus a KF crown may infuse more interest in MUP as its numbers and caliber are dropping with every passing year.


    • Agree. In ferness, BbP is suffering the most. So many worthy delegates but declining crowns to give away.

      I have lost all hope in ALV and their pageants.

      MUP is clearly in recalibration mode.

  16. Gosh sino mga yan?!!
    Di na lang inappoint si Michelle Dee kesa mag hold pa ng contest tapos mga eto lang mga makikita mo sa stage.
    Mas magaganda pa sa Binibining Pilipinas at MPE by miles.

    • Appoint Dee for Supra. Pa model model si baby girl and no need to face the scrutiny and pressure of a Miss Universe crown that is proving elusive again for the Philippines.

      Plus, in ferness, her morena features are pretty much normal for Salvadoraneans. They pedestalize European beauties there, and none of the frontrunners – not even Pauline – fit that bill.

    • 40 really ? … I will not watch a 4-hour show ; they should trim this by half before finals night. The uber best 20 will be no more than a 2-hour show … more tolerable , normal

      • The 40 candidates will compete in the preliminary competition which will determine the 16 coveted spots (if they will not change in this edition) during the finals night.

  17. Well well well balik nanaman ang Pilipinas sa clapper era. Yung puro nalang nganga pag dating ng Miss Universe. Yung candidate na hindi man lang nakita yung gown sa Miss Universe.

    • Their motto is peak at the right moment. The right moment that never comes because of the lackluster performance during preliminaries.

    • In ferness, may point ka, especially now that Khun Anne is in charge.

      Unlike Shawn McClain & Esther Swan & Co. who can be easily swayed by VIP treatment at Jollibee on the Singson’s dime as they are nobodies here sa US.

      Also, as long as MUP favors alagas of certain camps the quantity and overall quality of delegates will continue to drop. Why waste your time if the winners are predetermined?

      A crown for Panlillio may mend the bridge with KF, which is preparing better delegates these days.

  18. Facially, weak batch.
    At least the photos aren’t overly filtered and edited, and showed their real faces.
    Pag di pa nanalo sina Amelinckx and Dee, ewan ko na lang.

    • Her beauty drowned in MAPI. Latin country host hopefully she’ll stand out. For me, magpadala ng mukhang Asian talaga. Riyo Mori, Honey lee nagshowdown last time in Mexico. Last SA host. Nagplace din Thailand that time.

  19. Who took these photos and made them look 10 years older? Kung fez lang ang basehan, pwedeng i-trim down to 15 candidates. Anyway, congrats sa mga nakapasok. Sana may balik man lang sa investment niyo hehe

    • Ma. Ahtisa Manalo is waiting in the wings and observing … next year may well be the perfect year for her to join MUP !

      • I think Ahtisa is a peak to sooner. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like positioning herself for the big leagues again seems to be on her agenda these days.

      • well I just hope for this year , family matters and Mimilanie former Miss Int and WynWyn former Miss ReinaHis , will give their 1000% support behind Michelle who can really make waves in MU2023 … if she does not hold back , I can visualize her very similar in competition attitude to MissUniv Dom Rep 2022 , even the way they speak … plus Michelle’s gown should be so stunning that it will seal her fate with a slot at the semifinals in El Salvador !

      • I’m surprised that Athisa didn’t throw her name in the MUPH 2023 hat. Also, Bella Ysmael.

      • My favorite is the girl in pink (bottom row, middle). I like how she can’t be bothered to do that corny “blowing a kiss” pose. 😂😘

        I also like Amelincx, but it took me some time to find her in the group pictures. It’s strange because she’s so beautiful and yet she doesn’t stand out. 😅

        So yeah; Girl in Pink or Amelincx for MUP 2023. 😁

      • The girl in pink is Layla Adriatico. She couldnt do a proper flying kiss pose because the two ladies sandwiching her left No space to maneuver her hands. 😊

    • If Philippines wants a total package send Michelle Dee for Ms Universe!!!

      Supranational for Emmanuelle Vera

      Charm for Pauline-She will do well there!

      Tourism – Samantha Panlilio

      1st RU CJ

      • I say Michelle Dee for MUPH 2023. Pauline for MUPH 2024 unless Miss Universe Belgium tries to steal Pauline if she doesn’t win MUPH 2023.

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