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  1. Though it is strictly a business decision, there are good business decisions and bad business decisions , and the new business decision of Kun Ann about the MU franchises is really a bad business decision for a new owner to take.

    Ghana has already withdrawn and Belize is out too. Many of the small countries will likely not be able to handle the new rules. Instead of the goal of revenue getting bigger, the revenue pot is doing the reverse & getting smaller as more franchise entities fold

    I will not be surprised if in the next MU edition, there will only be less than 50 delegates. My dream of having 99 nations at MU including comebacks like Jordan will never occur. Madagascar is supposed to join this year & Latvia’s delegate was supposed to re-enter.

    Meanwhile, at Miss World , they had just won host city Dubai, UAE which was supposed to be MUorg crown jewel as a pageant partner. And MW continue to attract 100+ candidates. Even Miss Earth is gaining more participants, might likely surpass MU …

    • Miss Earth 2022 surpassed Miss Universe 2022 with the # of delegates. The former had 86 while the latter had 83 (Norway withdrew before the finals).

    • Miss Earth’s number of delegates have had always surpassed those of MU ever since.
      You are misinformed. It has always been MW, ME and MU when it comes to the number of participants.
      With that said, what is happening now with MU is really sad.

      • If Belize’s Destiny Wagner were their rep at MU2023 , then they might get their very first MU crown , but woe is me … Miss Univ Belize franchise closed business , sad

  2. Picking a winner is going to be tricky this year. I feel that MUP Org will re-strategize their usual formula of picking the “strongest” girl in the batch. I believe that right now, 70% of the judging criteria should go to speaking skills and the rest can be by face. That doesn’t necessarily mean picking the facially challenged orator, though.

    Pauline might get the Org’s nod for being loyal. Her charisma and speaking skills are her strongest suit but I’m not so sure if the Org will hand over the MU crown to another mestiza.

    Michelle Dee is really just…boring. She’s just /fine/ and overall balanced as a candidate. She’s an 8 across the board but nothing about her stands out too much.

    Emmanuelle Vera could very well be the best girl for the MU crown but I believe she’s now only qualified for the Supra crown because of her age.

    I sincerely hope we get to see a strong pageant newbie in this batch. I’m keeping an eye out especially for Evangeline Fuentes and Krishna Gravidez.

  3. Panahon naman para piliin kung sino ang ipapadala sa patimpalak ng Miss Universe pero ang masaklap lahat nakatuon ang pansin sa ganda ng mukha, kung gaano kataas ang tangkad at paano siya magsalita ng English. Hanggang ngayon ba naman hindi na tayo natuto sa mga gustong mangyari ni Miss Haloooo Universe este Miss Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, kung hindi tayo magbabago baka malamang na aabutin ng marami pang siglo bago makuha muli ang korona sa Miss Universe. Sa nakikita ko lang kakaunti lang may tunay adbokasya , sa katunayan ang iba wala pang adbokasya. Matataranta naman ang mga alipores ni Jonas Gaffud,

  4. Appoint nlang bawas gastos… huwag na magpa contest kung Amelinckx vs. Dee lang nman kinalabasan. Ipunin nlang yung gagastusin para sa ‘1 month field trip’ sa US at El Salvador ng mga…

  5. Pauline for me
    I love her ultra feminine vibe and great comm skills
    Her humility is a plus
    Just need to lose a little bit more weight . And more pasarela training

    I love Michelle Dee too

    • No Pauline for me. She just doesn’t register well, another mestiza who’s gonna get drowned by bevy of international beauties. Forgettable. Please, no Samantha either.

      • Paulilne will bring it at Miss Charm
        Emmanuelle will continue the semi streak at Supra
        Michelle likely a top three at Universe
        Klyza Castro and Samantha Panlilio complete the top 5

  6. Michelle Marquez Dee owns a bitcoin company!?! Now that’s what Anne JKN is looking for right? That’s also the same line of business of Miss Charm International… If she’s sent to Miss Charm, then who shall we send to Miss Universe if ever?. Hmmm.. I suggest that she elaborates more on what should be done in support for her advocacies not just declairing your advocacy is legit by stating proofs…

    Pauline Amelinkx for Miss Universe? Hmmm Why not… At least we know she won’t be ignored… But I hope she would be more fashion forward this time around to gain more attention… More crab squats w/ a band to gain a more hourglass figure… I hope she talks more about her advocacies and what she does to level it up… Seems like Miss U is looking for a future franchise holders.. a well established business woman like Michelle Marquez Dee is her biggest rival…

    Emmanuelle Vera… She’d be perfect for Supra to continue our placement streak… Will she reach Top 55? I don’t know yet… Great styling from head to toe would be her best asset to win…

  7. I’ve seen the others aside from Dee, Amelincx and Vera … this year’s batch may turn out to be the least strong so far … in some ways it is good so that we have a clear winner ( Michelle Marquez Dee will set afire the MU semi streak again to last another decade ! )

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