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  1. Tourism World, Tourism International , …. Tourism Universe , … Tourism Earth-Globe … with so many copycats , alike pageants , I must say this clearly is looking like , in agreement with a lot of outside pageant observers , exploitation of women … no reason for this so many tourism parading as pageants …

  2. I personally have faith in the hands-on management of Cory Quirino. After all, she had a perfect streak over those 6 years when she handled Miss World Philippines with one Miss World winner to boot (2013), one first runner-up (2011), one top 5 (2016), one top 10 (2015), one top 15 (2012), and one top 25 (2014). I am actually excited with how the team will fare under her wings at Miss Intercontinental this time around.

  3. Considering the fast changing system of selecting winners of beauty pageants, BPCI should recalibrate its whole process of holding an annual pageant. But it must face the reality that SMA need to retire first and be replaced by someone who is younger & a dynamic FILIPINA national director and a Miss International winner herself. Lara Quigaman is the only logical choice. Though unpopular the process should pattern after how Miss International pageant selects its winners. Only one title should be highlighted: Miss International Philippines.

    The present set up is too Ms Universe-ish (and a bit MGI-ish). From the selection criteria, advocacy driven spirit (w/c is obviously faked) and w/ Catriona & Nicole’s hosting every year, even an ordinary fan thinks its the Miss Universe Philippines that they are looking for. Even the press reporters always associate it with the Miss universe brand. It seems that Bb. Plilipinas is having an “identity crisis”. BPCI should reinvent itself to prevent it to be left behind by other local pageant organizations.

  4. Bb Pilipinas has 3 titles -International , Globe , Planet
    MUP has 3 titles -Universe, Supranational , Charm

  5. So Mutya ng Pilipinas has 4 titles:

    Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific
    Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental
    Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism international
    Mutya ng Pilipinas World Top Model

    • Tourism International
      Tourism Word

      I will not be surprised if there is a Tourism Universe and Tourism Globe … the latter makes sense but the former is way ahead of its time, where will you tour in the Universe , and does the prize package include a flying saucer ? hahaha

      Tourism Earth ?

  6. Highest bidder ? Lol ! Well at least may konting prestige kuno ang Mutya with Intercontinental back in their helm. Mag concentrate nalang ang Bb with the remaining titles they have. Bit in all seriousness nawala ang pagka premier pageant ng Pilipinas ang Bb with them losing all these franchises. Nawala yata ng gana na si Mdme SMA sa Bb . We havent seen her in any BPCI activity for tge last 4 years when the pandemic started.

  7. So if you are third overall in the competition but only 2nd in your continental region, then your placement will just be a Top15 or 20.

  8. What happened to the plans of creating their own international pageant, the Miss MUTYA INTERNATIONAL pageant?
    This should be the best time to have their own to be inline with the ongoings of MUO and the debut of Miss Charm.

      • I can’t really discern the system of judging at Miss Intercontinental. They judge the delegates by continental groupings no matter what you’re rank in that region. The top 5 are selected from each ot the continents, so one of each. One for Europe, Africa, Asia/Oceania, North America and South America with added bonus as the 6th finalist.

  9. Under MNP, they had ONE top5 placement: (Andrea Medina – 2013) and two T12/T15 placements (Kirby Basken – 2006) and (Christy McGarry – 2010). That’s it.

  10. As i remember, wala naman napanalo ang Mutya sa MIO in the past…expect non placements….

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