16 comments on “The Binibinis of Binibining Pilipinas 2023 and their numbers

  1. Two titles left– MI and MG. MI 2023 has been awarded, leaving only MG for these 40 beautiful ladies to fight tooth and nail for? MG suddenly became a prized catch this season!

  2. So only 2 titles at stake:

    BBP International and BBP Globe

    If I were Madam SMA, just crown one winner. The runner-ups can be delegated to minor pageants.

  3. Ok Lakrini looks pretty here with the hair up and on this angle. But she looks awkward from previous group pic where her hair is down and her nose looks really big.

    • She’s pretty but not as striking in person. Can’t really tell if she’s got a fighting chance because I haven’t seen any beauty queen in the flesh yet. Kahit artista, I’ve only seen very few in person. I can recall one that had very commanding presence…Angel Aquino in white shirt and jeans. Do beauty queens also have the same impact?

  4. 28 & 29 Sese & Martinez pleasant surprises … I wish they would include vital statistics

    Hipolito and Lakrini no surprise both stood out strong … Angelica Lopez will make it2

  5. Praying for my townmate Mirjan Hipolito to be our country’s delegate in MI.

    It’s been so long since Pampanga won Bb-International.

  6. Based on the numbers you can easily tell who’s being favored by the the org…
    lucky numbers like 1, 8 & 11…
    Unlucky numbers like: 4, 6, 13

    Not surprised these girls are the most favored:
    8- Hipolito
    11- Gregorio
    2+6= 8 – Adakkoden
    2+9= 11 – Martinez
    3+8= 11 – Macapagal

    And these are unexpected yet promising:
    1 – Cyrene Juvel Beaù
    1+7=8 – Tracy Lois Bedua
    3+5=8 – Sofia Lopez Galve

    The not so favored assignments:
    4- Paulina Labayo
    6- Angelica Lopez
    1+3= 4 – Samantha Dana Bug-os
    1+5= 6 – Jessilen Salvador***
    2+2= 4- Anje Mae Manipol
    2+4= 6 – Anna Valencia Lakrini ***
    3+1= 4 – April Angelou Barro
    3+3= 6 – Katrina Johnson

    Well, no matter what their assigned numbers are…
    The favored ones does not always win…

    • Potential Dark Horses:

      10 – Rasha Cortez Al Enzi
      20 – Juliana Rose Reyes
      28 – Katrina Mae Sese

  7. The girls are all beautiful. But sadly, all are competing for a crown based on beauty of face and body, walk, gown carriage, and other physical attributes, not on intellect nor advocacy. In the absence of a distinct brand personality, BBP’s perceptual image has remained glued to the antiquated concept of beauty– nice to gawk at but not to listen to nor follow. “Charity”, being what BPCI as an institution fundamentally is, does not even come into the top-of-mind awareness of the general public on BBP queens. The dismal performance last year of our vavavoom beauties is enough indication that the world is looking for the other dimensions of beauty. Note that all major global pageants are building their brands to be relevant to today’s discriminating markets. It’s not a matter of being trendy– it is a survival instinct!

    I know this comment will earn a deluge of thumbs downs. But a spade has to be called a spade. Otherwise, this pageant that we all love can become a relic of the past.

  8. Omg, they ALL look gorgeous! Inisa isa ko yung grid, from top to bottom, and I started to think “walang patapon!” Unfortunately, I know that the pics are photoshopped-:(

    We will see kung sino and ilan talaga ang may winner aura and the potential spoilers.

  9. Standouts are:
    Macapagal, Hipolito, Al Enzi, Lakrini, Martinez, Addakoden, Lopez, snd Sulange

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