8 comments on “71st Miss World in the United Arab Emirates

  1. Cno fo vah Ang national franchise holder Ng Miss world UAE at nafaka Vonggah Nya. Vackah matulad din ito noon na sa UAE maheld Ang MU with matching mga merlat na contestants for Miss UAE-Universe ahihihihihi 😆
    Ready na vah Ang mga vacklashesess na gumurrah sa UAE fara maFlor Contemflasion Ang Feg ahihihihihi 😆 cherette lungs 🫁

  2. Only Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the prominently known cities of UAE. I guess the host city will be Dubai, the world’s leading financial center today. Incidentally, Dubai’s expats comprise 85% of the population. The expat community, mostly South Asians, outnumber the natives– Indians 51%, Pakistanis 17%, Bangladeshis 9% and Filipinos 3%. Expect this Desert Storm of Beauty to be followed closely by India and Philippines: who will scream the loudest?

  3. I think Miss World is just better in negotiating with hosts , … or maybe a lot more countries are accepting of MW pageant in their countries

    It’s very upsetting that MU did not become the first pageant to be hosted at UAE as was supposed to happen a few years ago and no delegate from UAE yet at MU at this point

    With renewal franchise troubles at MU , I wonder how many countries end up sending delegates to El Salvador , it will be truly upsetting if MU contestant count end up < 50

  4. I am curious how UAE will host Miss World.

    If this becomes successful, UAE could host other major pageants as well.

  5. Sir Norman: No official announcement yet on the reported co-ownership of Miss World by a rich British- Nepali business empire? Is this hosting coup of sorts connected to this “new” leadership?

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