8 comments on “Transformational Possibilities: Dianne Mae Refugio

  1. I always admired school teachers joining beauty pageants. To me, it takes high IQ and EQ for an effective interactive learning experience with students be driven by inner beauty more than the outer facade. That makes teachers a natural transformational leader to young impressionable minds. I believe teachers’ participation in beauty contests drives home the point that inner beauty is indeed empowering and needs a bigger platform outside of the classroom that will unleash its power.

    • I also think that teachers’ participation in beauty pageants lends credibility to this undertaking as a platform for advocacies, not an arena of beauty gladiators. Somehow this diminishes the stigma still associated with beauty pageants as objectification of women, and gives spiritual and emotional face to the more relevant dimensions of beauty. Finally, teachers give traction to pageantry as truly a celebration of beauty.

    • Transformational leadership qualities make teaching the noblest profession. What does participation by agents of transformation make of pageantry as a social construct?

  2. Kakaloka ang statement ng Puteri Indonesia about the MU franchise. Apparently, hindi professional ang pagtransfer ng franchise kalerky. 30 years of partnership thrown into waste tapos ang bagong owner bff pa ni Anne. Hindi daw transparent ang bidding process. Ewan ko ba nakakaloka 🥴

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