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  1. Dapat ang mananalo yung may tattoos din dun sa mga private parts up and down para mananalo tayo sa MU dahil puro professional women ang judges whom I think nag aadmire ng mga babaeng may tattoo lalo na pag dun na mismo sa vajayjay at mismong breast ang tattoo. Kasi disente tingnan yun. Periodt.

  2. Would rather have Julia over Michelle D
    Would rather have Bella over Pauline
    But I’m ok with anyone of these girls repping us this yr

  3. Mas may chance c Michelle Dee to win MU crown. Maganda at matalino c Pauline pero something is missing to fit the MU crown in her head 😆
    Sa ibang national pageant Cguro puede🤫🙂

  4. Actually kahit naman sino, sana lang huwag nang baguhin ni mama Chona ang national winner, i noticed the national winner’s performance are alot better when they goin the international. Let the camp handle the girl NO MORE CHONA this 2023

  5. It always give me a feeling of pride if holistic beauties project in international stage the admirable qualities of a truly beautiful Filipina. A physical beauty that glows even more when she speaks, and that brightens entire communities when she shares her talent, time, energy and resources on some grassroots action projects she is most passionate about– that is the kind of persona that deserves to wear the Philippine sash in MU, MW, ME, MS, and MI. Pauline is one sterling example of such Filipina. I know there are a few more to jostle for only 3 crowns at MUP. I wish Pauline the best because her long-running advocacy needs to have a bigger platform to reach a nation and a world that sorely needs inspiration from a transformational leader.

  6. let us look at the Pinas candidates after MU crown was last won by Pinas,Catriona Gray

    2019 Gazini ( her advocacy for elder care , though may be not that popular in the Western world , it is quite a part of culture in Asia , and as well in the Hispanic world , two major MU markets ; if she had just , or her team had just developed it more and more speech training , Gazini would have easily entered top 10 replacing that Thailand ; And I firmly believe that if Gazini made it to top 10 with swim & gown , she would have easily glided into top 5 ; BUT that would be her end , just top 5 )

    2020 Rabiya ( her swim round was the downfall ; if she had just worn her hair up instead of down during the top 21 swim round , she would have easily made it to top 10 replacing that Australia ; But I think , she will just be in top 10 , not top 5 )

    2021 Bealuigi ( well deserved Top 5 ! exceeded all expectations )

    2022 Celeste ( she should have been in Top 16 replacing that India ; But that would be her place in history and the eventual winner ? still Filipina proud of her heritage )

    2023 We will restart the prelim streak ! Michelle Dee top pick ( Pauline is top pick for the next winner of Miss World Philippines ; I wished Katrina entered BbP and she would be top pick for next winner of BbP International ; Annabelle, great chance, Miss Charm)

    • No to Dee, please. What has this girl done with her life besides been born rich? Outside of ‘Pinas she’s not beauty queen material. Not in SE Asia, LatAm, or Europe.


  7. Maganda ito at matalino. Lagi pasok sa finalists. Ewan ko ba may something na parang laging “never good enough” sa kanya. Pero gusto ko sana to mukhang maganda din ang ugali.

    • I am a huge fan of Pauline. She should have gone to NOLA.

      That being said, I am objective and what’s off with Pauline is her figure. No beating around the bush, she registers pandak and stocky. She can’t do anything about height, but she can do something about her figure. The question is whether she wants to, which she hasn’t.

      Also, #BoholanaBelgian #FreeDiver is nowhere near Transformational Leadership. Gone are the days of “water babies needing Vitamin Sea” making Top 3. She wouldn’t have made Top 5 in NOLA, but Top 16 would have still kept our streak.

      She’s the one that got away (when her time was here).

  8. Nakakasawa na si Pauline………….I will be more excited if she join MW. She screams MW actually

  9. She might just surprise us in MU if ever. I wasn’t a fan of her in MUP until the QnA. I thought she gave a very strong answer that was delivered with grace and confidence.

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