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  1. Too many titles dampen the thrill and lower the level of competition, making the pageant less prestigious.
    One crown, winner takes all is more exciting.

  2. In this age of business uncertainties, pragmatism calls for minimization of operational costs and maximization of revenues. One such strategy is having multiple brands. In pageantry where the cost of mounting a live show is skyrocketing, and the revenue stream is slowing down, co-branding is a good strategy so long as each brand shares the same vision and maintains separate identities. Miss South Africa is one multi-brand pageant organization that is successful in creating a melded brand of MW, MU and MS under its own institutional brand identity of women empowerment. Note, each one of the mentioned pageant brands embrace the same vision for women empowerment; thus it is easy for them to share the same platform of MSA.

    • That said, MS and MU, and any other pageantry brands with congruent vision, can share the same platform under the legal business entity called MUP. Conversely, it will be unlikely for these brands to share a platform occupied by other trade names and brands whose reputation could potentially create negative cognitive dissonance on their own brands.

    • I thought / I recall that MUorg demanded that only the rep to MU should be chosen in the MUP pageant … ? I guess that was the demand from IMG , maybe it is now ok to do with new guidelines from Kun Ann

      • I personally don’t buy-in on that “myth” that IMG demanded for a standalone pageant (pure BS). Looking closely at the winner’s circle under its era, all crowned queens were products of national pageants which either give out multiple crowns or send finalists to other pageants besides MU. Case in point are the two winnders each from the Philippines and South Africa. Pia and Cat were from BPCI days and MSA has been sending its winners to Miss World and lately to Miss Supranational as well (successfully at that). France sends its winner to either MU or MW. Mexicana Universal crowns 5 queens per batch (MU, MI, Charm, Latina Universal and Reina Hispanoamericana) and they managed to secure one crown with Andrea Mesa. Miss Diva (India) also sends its second placer to Miss Suprational during IMG time. The truth is – Jonas & Co. may be simply fielding out stories like this to justify their action of mining out the MU franchise from BPCI (it’s a simple case of your snooze, you lose). It’s also strategic to the current MUPh to add more eggs into its basket as this will balance out the pressure from its unsuccessful MU bid over the last 3 years.

        On the matter of prestige, I do not think Miss Charm is prestigious (yet) so it shouldn’t be described so. First of all, it is still on its inaugural edition (no proven track record at all). Being prestigious is something you consider only after staging credible contests through the years, along with other factors like number and quality of international franchisees, organizational portfolio, prizes, the marketing reach of its pageant winners, etc. If Miss World is indeed the 3rd crown (unlikely at this point), well, the former actually needs a boost right after that disastrous staging in Puerto Rico. With Miss World’s new Nepalese co-owner Deependra Gurung (yes there is a new financier and co-owner), I expect major changes to how MW is being handled. When that happens, then we are now aligned with Miss South Africa org’s portfolio.

  3. Ngek akala ko ba gusto ng Supra ng stand alome
    pageant? (kung Supra nga ito)

    Sa totoo lang malaking production ang mg stage ng pageant ha, malaki ang gastos need madami pumasok na sponsors, ganun na ba ka marketable ang Supra para pasukin ng sponsors?

  4. This is like a de javu moment. Remember when MUP folks were making a case towards a prestigious standalone MUP pageant since it is rightfully deserve?

    I hope that BPCI is ready to snatch the MUP franchise once it becomes available as we are definitely seeing just the same approach under the new franchise.

    Even worse, the new org is monopolizing everything after the competition. At least under BPCI, it was just the wardrobe and NatCos that were the main points of contention in the past.

  5. If it’s not secret anymore, as @Gabriela noted below, that the two others are Miss Supranational and Miss Charm International, I would not be surprised. Miss Supranational is building its brand along the same beauty paradigm that Miss Universe now embraces. Newcomer Miss Charm is into advocacy branding in the area of sustainable tourism. The brand tagline of Miss Supranational, “Inspirational. Aspirational” is like a mirror image of Miss Universe’s “Beautifully Confident”. It appears that MUP is following the Miss South Africa model, a common platform for pageant brands sharing the same passion for female empowerment. MSA carries MU, MW and MS, and its selection criteria and post-coronation training produce contenders that fit the template of any of its franchises.

      • 😂 Julia Morley don’t like that. Todo demand yan sa Miss Venezuela na to separate the world pageant eh ang boring² ng pageant nya. Kung walang krisis sa Venezuela ngayon malamang may sariling contest na yan. 😆 kakaloka. Binigyan ng winner nung 1999 pero Inja parin pinanalo

      • @Yna, note that there is a reported new co-owner of MW, and as business savvy as JKN. Business survival instincts will make one throw sentimentalism and idiosyncrasies out of the window. For so long as co-branding will not dilute MW brand, and the platform they share with other pageant brands share the same vision for woman empowerment, I believe it will get a green light from them.

  6. In that case, with an inclusion of 2 crowns, the runners-up might be named as Miss Universe Philippines Tourism and Miss Universe Philippines Charity respectively. I hope that they aligned it to the 5 finalists format.

  7. I thought MUO wanted a solo pageant for MUP that’s why the franchise was taken away from BBP…Pero ngayon 3 years lang may ka-share na ng limelight ang MUP with the two minor crowns. Anyare sa plot??

  8. It is not a secret anymore and it was posted by crazy pageant aficionados in the Facebook. Miss Supranational, Miss Charm International and Miss Universe. What’s next Miss International and Miss Globe? I think Jonas Gaffud is trying to follow the footstep of Madam Stella Arenata.

    • Lol I chatted with Stephen the Filipino from MI. Apparently way way back another pageant organization wanted to snatch the international title from bbp too. Yes he said that to me via chat. Nakakaloka syempre he didn’t agree with it. 😂 Kakaloka

    • Baka nga but you have to remember that MSA started in her early 20s. Jonas, I think is in his early 50s. And MSA handled it during pageantrys heyday. Ngayon sadly it is a sunset industry.

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