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  1. I really admired Miss Spain’s interview. No wonder she made the cut. She spoke with such vulnerability and honesty, such frankness and strength, it’s as if she was speaking to an intimate friend about life’s challenges. She even mentioned her experiences in the Philippines.

  2. This preliminary interview sealed the fate of Miss USA in the competetion. She is transformational leadership personified. She is an excellent speaker. Her authenticity and spontaneity were evident throughout the interview.

  3. Honestly, it is time for all of us to move on. I think I am the only one who is not interested to see what happened during the preliminary interview. Whatever happened in New Orleans should stay in New Orleans. Most of the contestants are English their secondary language and they have their own regional accent while speaking in English. I can tell that Miss Universe 2022 have obviousTexan accent. We should applause not to criticize and appreciate that this ladies express their opinion to their best ablities the questions of the judges.

    • RBonney became the bridge between the time when Pinas ended the MU semis streak and the time when Pinas will restart the streak again in MU2023 ……………………………..& & what a Bridge she is , a Texan with Pinas heritage won the MU crown for her Papa’s motherland and her Mama’s homeland …

      Let us reinvigorate the MU machine starting now to screen the best of the best MUP 2023 contestants … just select a dozen uber quality ladies to compete for one crown , no more of these subcrowns … the other 11 should all be declared runners up , ready to step forward at a moment’s notice if the need arises

  4. Now I now why R’Bonney stands out from the crowd: her articulacy and candor casually brings out her intellectual depth and core values– and they silently scream “transformational leadership”!

  5. Matalino si USA can be traced on her roots. His father migrated for a scholarship program.

  6. This more than explains why USA
    She is a million miles away from her next competition

    • I am afraid to see Celeste’s , rather I am afraid to hear it …. I know how her voice gets shaky when she talks a little bit faster than normal…

    • Hwag na Bong mapapahiya ka lang
      “I really love my mom and she is a leader” thing hahahhaha
      Ayan nag stick sya to being relatable as everyone was saying including her trainors, vloggers and even fans like Ana Winter-Lund.
      Mananalo daw si Celeste dahil napaka relatable ng mga sinasabi family, mom, dad whateva!

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