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  1. To all future parents out there,
    Please do not name your child, Princess.
    The name may sound cute while they’re still kids, but they’ll have a hard time being taken seriously in their adult years.
    Do not name them Princess, Queenie, Lovely, Baby, Darling.
    Guys, care to add more “names” to the list?

    DO NOT nickname your son BJ.
    I heard a parent once called her son BJ. My goodness! Haha.

  2. The girls who have the big chances of winning from this group are: Lakrini, Hipolito, and Gregorio

  3. Another member of the Punsalan/Punsalang/Punzalan clan… She’s the prettiest compared to their past reps.. They always make it as contestants but rarely wins a crown… I hope this one is not a political zealot like the last one cause I would totaly dedicate my time and effort to bash her if ever she is…😒

    Another member of the Salvador clan… Facewise, her actress sister is so much prettier or is it just bad makeup? But hopefully she’ll improves or makes up for it in some other aspects..🙄

    A member of the Sese clan… hmmm pretty… Lots of goodlooking faces in that family… I wonder if this one has the brains???🤔🤔🤔

    Martinez? A Doctor ei? So I assume she has the brains… but does she have the charms? Is she a direct descendant of the house of Timamanukum/Namayan? Hmmmm??? 🤔🤔🤔 Will she live up to her name being messenger of the Gods? 🤔🤔🤔

    Mirjan Hipolito… another Lakandula descendant…
    Smart.. Gorgeous.. reminds me of Mirriam Quiambao who coincidentaly shares the same ancestry… Looks like one of the crowns is destined for her…. or am I wrong?🤔🤔🤔

    Hmmmm a Marcos.. 🤔🤔🤔
    I wonder if she’ll make it?

  4. It is quite unsettling that BPCI has not gone the branding route when it is the only organization that has the bragging rights to advocacy-based branding, not only because it is the longest-running pageantry organization, but also because it is one that is devoted to a charitable program. Because it does not have a distinct brand, its public image has become that of a beauty factory of beautiful ladies—jaw-dropping to gawk at, but not astonishing to listen to and follow— certainly incongruous to its charitable character. Meanwhile, the market pageantry faces is now dominated by socially conscious Millennials and GenZs, who research shows, are mostly loyal (79%) to companies with brands that care about their effect on society. Today’s generation believes that corporate social responsibility is key to alleviating poverty and improving life outcomes. Where is that platform in BP Charities Inc?

    • All big global pageants have taken notice of the changed market landscape and took the route of advocacy-centric and advocacy-driven branding. I hope BPCI will take the same route for its survival’s sake. Last year’s experience was a tell-tale sign that its strategy is not aligned with the market anymore. What was hailed by many in this blog as the “prettiest ever” set of winners, ate the dust in last year’s international derby, and will go down the dustbin of pageantry history as the most forgettable ever.

  5. So many beautiful and talented women are competing for two or possible three titles Miss International, Miss Globe and Miss Charm. BPCI and MUP are claiming both they have acquired the franchise of Miss Charm. I hope this will not be the last year of Bb. Pilipinas.

  6. Other than MI, whose Philippine rep has been chosen last year, all foreign franchises of BBP are unbranded and do not require an advocacy from candidates. Advocacy to amplify one’s passion and core values, and maybe intellect, may not add value to one’s candidacy and therefore can take a backseat this time. The crowns may be won here by those who have the best face and body, pasarela, styling, and composure during the Q&A (which rightly or wrongly is linked to English fluency).

    • In a world of branded pageantry, unbranded ones do not have a strong competitive edge. Even if its foreign franchises are almost all unbranded, which implies minor pageants, BPCI should at least build an advocacy-centric institutional brand, the BPCI brand. The fact that it is a charitable institution should make for an easy transition to advocacy-based branding.

  7. I think the titles up for grabs at BbP do not really need major major eloquent very very effective speakers … so , this is really a battle for who has the best swim and gown , and if they ace the Q&A just enough , they can run away with the crowns … which new crown will take the place of MGI ? … or will there be more titles to be had …

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