10 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2023: Those who applied yesterday, January 30

  1. Iba talaga ang Binibining Pilipinas, kahit walang koronang pinaglalabanan, gorabelles ang mga girls! They are just there to join the legacy and the experience!

  2. Angelica Lopez , I donot see what her purpose is for joining
    I was hoping she would just move on from her pageant career

    Binibining Pilipinas will be very boring this yr with the lackluster titles at stake
    Is it not time for Bininini to hang up its towel?

  3. I also like Angelica Lopez… love her new improved look… I just think she fits Miss Grand or Supra than the crowns of Binibini…

  4. I’m rooting for Paulina Labayo in this group… This former Miss Bicolandia has the potential of becoming an International winner… Just a tip… Work on that make up like draw that perfect eye make-up and noseline ala Mutya Datul… I love her real advocacy… I suggest taking it to the next level, talk about it as much as you can and let your passion for it inspire us.

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