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  1. If there’s someone who could revive the Philippines’ placement in Miss Universe, Michelle Dee would be a great bet — a Miss World Top 12 semifinalist in 2019, she’s competed in a top tier international pageant and did well, in fact.

    Michelle has a genuine advocacy in autism awareness and a proven track record of working with various organizations and charitable foundations that advocate for children with special needs and has done philanthropic work for many years out of her own initiative. Her advocacy is personal, and her years of experience and leadership in efforts to promote awareness I’m sure will shine through.

    She became the Goodwill Ambassador for the Autism Society Philippines in January 2020. She is passionate about her advocacies, so no need to create a ‘pageant advocacy’ last minute as some potential candidates are apt to do. Michelle is also an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate.

    I hope to see her in this year’s competition.

  2. I hope they narrow down the number of candidates for the Finale show at a dozen only. Then, 12 Finalists on the Finale telecast show are all going to compete in 4 categories … swim, gown, Q&A and final statement. I can see a finalist who stumbles on the swim can recover in the gown …. while another finalist who loses focus on the Q&A can really nail it down on the final statement. They can absolutely make this show very easily into watchable 2-hour show, choose quality guests for the production number, ace choreo …

  3. i remember a comment before in one of the articles about her:

    We will not be even talk about her is she not the daughter of Melanie Marquez.

    mejo harsh pero slightly true

  4. Kung gusto pa rin ni Michelle D, eh GO. But the big question is ano pa ba ang bago at pwedeng ma offer ni accla? Same goes with Pauline, nakakasawa na actually.

    Personally, we want to see somebody fresh, bago and new kind of energy.

    Tama na sa recycle!!!

  5. Bella Pauline Julia Chantal Chella Arceo and Annabelle are the best speakers among our current pageant girls . They have a way with words that’s world class

  6. If Michelle resigns as Tourism and Celeste also resigns in order to compete for Miss Supranational 2023 , then the new Miss Universe Philippines will become Pauline , unless she wants to also compete in another pageant , a fit for Miss World Philippines

  7. Dahil El Salvador host, dapat talaga magpadala ng Asian looking girl. Kung another mestiza or halfie white na naman, malulunod lang beauty nya dun since Latinos are bombarded with that kind of beauty in their media.

  8. I don’t doubt Michelle’s articulacy. But it must be noted that the fans look at this coming MU edition as a time to avenge the 2022 loss and stoppage of years of winning streak. Therefore, articulacy should reflect an analytical and perceptive mind, quick-witted to respond confidently to questions even as unexpected as socio-economic-political issues. Her advocacy involvement should reflect her transformational leadership qualities, if not outright leadership role. This time around, a made-for-pageantry advocacy does not seem to be a reliable passport to the Top 16. A long-running community involvement even before joining pageantry speaks eloquently about the kind of person a candidate is. As in the MU 2022 Top 16, we saw how the unhyped candidates’ outer beauty radiated the moment they spoke– their commanding presence unraveled to marvel everyone.

  9. Not very feminine when she moves . Parang lalaki kung sumayaw I hope this has been addressed , paging Wynwyn?
    Need more energy
    Need her teeth fixed …get whitened maybe?
    Need to find the right styling .Her hair looks big when in a bun

    However , she is very classy . Sosyal ang dating .. a must if she is to do well at MU
    With Her showbiz background. And previous pageant experience , she is already very comfortable on stage
    And her overall aura screams power

    So I won’t mind if she ends up winning MUP 2023

  10. If she could strengthen more her advocacy by establishing linkages, partnering with different organizations, giving talks, or may be setting up her own foundation for people with special needs, she could win the crown this time

  11. My MUP winner. Kung sya sana Ang pinanalo noon. I’m sure she will enter Top 16. The judges will be convinced to give her a high score during closed door interview Lalo na sa advocacy nya. Hindi ako mag-alala sa SS at EG Nya.
    Celeste can join Bb Pilipinas dahil bagay sya sa Miss International 🙂
    I hope puede pa and Miss Dee can join again.
    Walang cherette lungs this time 🤫

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