10 comments on “Maria Luisa Varela wins Miss Planet International

  1. That Wilbert guy seems to cheapen anything he becomes associated with.
    Not hating, just stating ✌️

  2. I am very happy that Miss Maria Luisa Varela of Philippines for winning the title of Miss Planet International 2022. Congratulations to Michael Miki Antonio the newly appointed National Director of Miss Planet Philippines . I am sure Herlene Budol and her Manager and ousted National Director Miss Planet Philippines Wilbert Tolentino are both disappointed right now. This is what happened when some people are greedy and they can’t accept their defeat.

  3. Vongga. Avangan nlang natin Ang susunod na eksena. Mavigat na paratang Yan Mama Wilbert. I guess, Tahimik lang Ang drama ni scammer(?) Hailey. Avangerz nlang tayo mga vacklashesss😆
    Is it time for Mama Wilbert to shine as the sunshine?
    Cherette lungs 🫁

  4. What if Herlene Budol was sent to this pageant? Will she win as well?
    Congrats Ms. Philippines Maria Luisa Varela – 2023 Miss Planet International.

    • What a way to start 2023 pageantry! Coming on the heels of a dismal 2022 performance in all major pageants, I don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry. But this is no laughing matter. Neither is it worth crying over. Oh, well… maybe just a short comic relief to a ho-hum 2022.

  5. wonder how her costume would have played at MU natl costume comp … very creative

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