8 comments on “Transformational Possibilities: Krishnah Gravidez

  1. Hindi na uubra ang mga ganyan na pataas taas ng kamay sa mga poses hahhaha
    She looks like Gazini. Another halfie I guess.
    Tapos every Filipino owned social media account would again put her as the winner lol na nababasa lahat ng tao sa buong mundo including some MUO media executive including the owner. I mean konting reservation naman at konting hiya. We have become too boastful and confident with our candidates.
    When I doubted the chances of Celeste at MU, one commenter here labelled me as having poor taste lol I think that was Anna Winter Lund who has since gone into hiding or hibernation. The same case when I said Andrea Meza might win it all.

  2. Just like my Miss Canada experience in the recent MU, from the seeming ordinariness in a sea of glamazons, her beauty suddenly sprang out and radiated the moment she spoke with full conviction and authenticity. I think a successful candidate this time is someone who can express her inner beauty to effectively impress with her outer beauty. I hope our beautiful queen from Baguio, as well as all other aspirants, are poised for this daunting challenge.

    • I forgot to mention another remarkable example— Miss Laos, our SEA neighbor. Unhyped but the Selection Panel took notice of her glow the moment she spoke. That catapulted her to the Top 16.

      • The Top 16 is replete with fine examples of aspirants whose seemingly ordinary looks unravels an inner beauty the moment they speak, which gives their outer beauty an added radiance– the unmistakable commanding presence. I hope MUP will use the Top 16 as benchmark for a winning formula

      • PONSAHP PONYOTHAP, MI-Laos 2017 & made it to the Top 8 Speech Round (that year Kevin Liliana won)! ❤

        Thailand's 'bosom neighbor', their tongues mutually intelligible, should get more attention.

        Mr. Blogger, the presence of Mrs. RSF & Andrada onstage for the coronation is telling. It's effectively a 'GO' at MUP (just like Ms. Gabales of the Visayas)! But, if I may confirm, was the inaugural MUP-Baguio City & then-host delegate Ms. Maynigo also a MB alumna? And if Ms. Gravidez, here, is a 'GO', will that necessarily mean MB co-alumna Ms. Latugat will postpone~defer? If so, & like I mentioned in the earlier 'Transformational Possibilities' post*, baka OK sila'ng magsabay ulit… 🙂

        (* – the Filipina-German)

  3. Beautiful
    But she will waste her time at MUP
    We need someone who can speak . Hence the urgency that we teach our kids how to speak in public .. be in Tagalog or English
    Until then , let us continue fielding someone who grew up abroad or was raised in a rich family . A showbiz background and a UP/Ateneo/Lasalle education preferred. Dapat din , makiri , yung Sanay mag-ayos sa sarili … so we cannot have the likes of Rabiya or Hannah

  4. remember cardinal rule in Q&A , or in fact in any kind of job interview … one needs to express , not to impress ! your employer will not care what you know until they know what you care about most deeply !

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