6 comments on “Grand Possibilities: Michelle Arceo

  1. Nothing against tattoos… just noticed most of the ladies including Michelle and Emman having ’em. BLG and CC before them

  2. She is Pinay beauty with the gorgeous curves. She might do well under the new MGI. I also would put Harlene Budol if she would like to join. However, I think Nawat is still focused on crowning winners based on physical beauty for the most part so that remains an important thing to keep in mind. I would rather send a more mature candidate age-wise since his pageant really is objectifying women as oppose to being a spokesperson or empowered.
    I hope Graciella Lehman joins MGIP. She would make a good rep too.

  3. to snipe at the owner of MGI, we should not be sending promising delegates to MGI because they will just become trash , do not waste delegates who have a lot of promise … just send to MGI the next local ordinary Miss Barangay winner who was just crowned at the local barangay hall … do not elevate MGI

  4. From the protector of the environment to the peace negotiator “Stop the War”. She was First Runner-up at the Miss Environment International 2021 and awarded the title of Miss Ecosystem. Let us see what gorgeous Michelle with amazing height will going to bring to the battlefield, beauty pageant rather. Hoping she will win the crown of Miss Grand Philippines 2023.

  5. … WHAT?! 111 million na tayo?!… Aren’t we just a tad too ‘bibo’? 🙂

    (Mr. Blogger, watching the video I got a MUP-Sorsogon 2020 vibe. What of her, nga pala? Will THAT be the ‘business’ that will remain unfinished? But in the lower in-bikini photo, I got Tamondong’s Thai room mate who finished 1st Runner-up to winner Brazil.)

    November, daw, ang Grand. Vietnam will host, again. I think they will like her! ❤

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