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  1. Mga beks, very important na ang ipadala sa MissU is someone who has a very successful life outside pageantry. The danger noong naging powerhouse country tayo is there are a lot of women who now devote their time to pageantry/modelling alone. Tayo na ang new Venezuela ng pageantry. We need to send more authentic candidates again like Pia and Catriona na may personality and very relatable.

  2. An “inspirational” person is someone who can encourage other people and fill them with hope for a better future. An “aspirational” person is someone who can show and convince others that such hope is worth achieving and can indeed be achieved. Inspiration is something people seek to ingest from outside. Aspiration is something people cultivate within themselves. Inspirational people lead others by letting them see that their dreams, values, and aspirations are not only desirable, but are possible, by demonstrating they can be done. Inspiration is necessary in order for aspiration to grow. But only until others are filled with aspiration, self-cultivated, self-initiated and self-defined, do their lives really begin to transform, allowing them to transform others around them in turn.

    Daunting task for a spokesperson of a pageant taglined “Inspirational. Aspirational”. Can the Philippine search yield a beautiful aspirant whose personal brand carries this spirit?

    • MS’ brand messaging is interestingly similar to MU’s newly-minted “Beautifully Confident”. Both are transformational. What if any of the finalists in the recent MU join this year’s MS contest? Just like Miss South africa, 3rd in the previous “Confidently Beautiful” competition, but proved to be a perfect foil for the “Inspirational. Aspirational” derby. With their beautiful package of eloquence, intellect, and advocacy, anyone of them can be a shoo-in to the crown.

      Can MSP find a rep who can measure up to the requisites of the crown?

  3. I think it was at Supra last year that I heard at the SupraChat, “… the time for action is now. The time for awareness is over; we are all aware already”.

    I don’t recall who said it. I apologize the candidate cannot be recognized/credited.

    Since this will be a succession of three Nationals separated probably by just a few months, it will be interesting to see how it will pan out. But perhaps it’s safe to assume the respective & unique preliminary Question Round styles of the international derbies will be reflected if only for consistency & branding. This is important to counter any anticipated pageant fatigue.

    (The 32-age ceiling of the Poland contest may re-open the doors to MWP candidates who previously aged out. If that’s the case, I’LL BE VERY GLAD to see some ladies again!)

  4. If she is really planning to join beauty pageant again try Miss Planet International and look for the newly appointed Miss Planet Philippines National Director Miki Antonio and don’t be confused with Wilbert Tolentino who were fired by the MPI President. You must be 18-32 years and no height requirments.

  5. Beautiful and in shape
    Very empowered
    I think she will do better than the Rabiya or Gazini
    Pero kakabahan pa rin Ako pag sya ipinadala sa MU

  6. She may be good here Miss Supra despite the height , also go for ME … NOT for MUP

    I just saw prelim Q&A for MU Canada… when you watch these , you will notice that you do not see a fabulous face , or fantastic figure … you will see and hear a woman of substance ( or conversely, of no substance whatsoever )

    So, if a delegate does a clean decent swim & gown in the presentation show , as long as does not really mess up on stage in front of the camera, the delegate has a great chance of making the semifinals if the delegate is really truly a woman of substance

  7. She is free whatever she want to do, she is young at 29 years old and she has the incredible talent and amazing height 5′ 5″. By the way those tattoos makes her more beautiful. She will definitely be the next Miss Supranational from the Philippines. Get the crown girl.

      • Stylist nightmare. Doesn’t return anything she borrowed. Wait 6 months before ibalik after gamit na gamit. Ano gusto mo proof how she made stylist wait 6hrs down her condo habang nasa taas sya

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