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  1. I’m thinking of Michelle Dee — she has a genuine advocacy in autism awareness and a proven track record of working with various organizations and charitable foundations that advocate for children with special needs and has done philanthropic work for many years out of her own initiative. She became the Goodwill Ambassador for the Autism Society Philippines in January 2020. She is passionate about her advocacies, so no need to invent one last minute as other potential candidates would do. Dee is also an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate.

    She is a Miss World Top 12 semifinalist in 2019, so she has top tier international pageant experience and did well, in fact.

    I hope to see her in this year’s competition.

    • Too bad.. her advocacy has nothing to do with sustainability… a different pageant perhaps?

      • R’Bonney during her press interview immediately after she was crowned said that her advocacy as Miss Universe moving forward will include mental health awareness especially as it affects vulnerable youths. So I think one’s chosen advocacy doesn’t have to necessarily align with sustainability per se, as long as one demonstrates the capability and demonstrate initiative and strong leadership in one’s chosen advocacy, and able to articulate these well, and demonstrate how one’s actions have had a direct positive impact in one’s own community.

      • @Casper

        I agree with you… Her advocacy seems legit… She does have at least two brothers who are in the autism spectrum… But I suggest that she needs to be more vocal & visibly pro-active about it… She should be creating videos that talks more about it… as in thoroughly Explaining it while providing multi-faceted solutions…. She should be able to say much more than what it is when asked by reporters.

      • @Closer — Yes, I agree with you on those points. She should really be out there promoting her advocacy more visibly in many different ways — not in the sense of self promotion, but rather because promoting awareness itself is inherent in her advocacy,.

  2. Ayan na… Ilalabas ang na sa Youtube ang “Closed Doors” Interviews sa Youtube… Magkaka-alaman na kung bakit may naligwak… This is a sign… We need to send the best communicators…

    My dream TOP 5 (random order):

    1. Julia Saubier
    2. Cindy Obeñita
    3. Bea Magtanong
    4. Cynthia Thomalia
    5. Kathleen Paton

  3. Transformational Leader or MWP / Bb. Intl. / SUPRA / GRAND

    Angela Maria Robson
    Rheema Addakoden
    Leigh Daniel Sunga
    Faith da Silva
    Klea Pineda

  4. A quote from Missossology: ” During the closed-door interviews, it was easy for the judges to see that Celeste’s engagement to the country that she was representing is as shallow as a pan.”

    The Q&A closed door competition , still a secret to all of us , may have had some leaks and the above could be one of them … not sure how close Missossology is to MUorg ; but if above holds water , it answers all the ‘why’ questions…

  5. The clamor for Kris Janson to join MUP is getting stronger. We cannot ignore.
    She really is the onenwe are looking for for a sure win in MU. 5th crown is within reach!

  6. Kris Tiffany Janson!!!

    Definitely have it all to ne the next MUP and MU!

    Go Kris!

  7. I could care less abt the physical crown
    I want a winnable rep
    It’s hard to remember thank you girls other than Bianca Manalo but only because she became showbiz

  8. The roster of names that are cropping up is an exciting indication that indeed the Philippines has a very deep bench in this new MU paradigm. Given some supporting mechanisms to hone their advocacies and community involvement into an authentic high-impacting agent for social change, these young articulate achievers are enough assurance that the Pageant Powerhouse title never really left the Philippines. I know more names, veteran or newbie, will come forward. This prospect makes the coming MUP search remarkably exciting and edifying.

    • Come to think of it– the Pageant Powerhouse title never really left the Philippines. The new MU winner is in the same league as Cat and Pia, if you know what I mean. The only difference in this case is the sash.

  9. I have the admire the crown. There is something really mesmerizing looking at a gold crown with pearls. It’s classic and powerful. I there is someone who will fit the bill that will bring the PH back into the semis by the end of the year.

    I am confident that we do, it just a matter of the making big adjustments in making sure that the org does not suffocate our representative and gives her the freedom that she needs to mount a successful campaign.

    And oh, the Communications Director needs to be fired. Instead of shielding our rep, the Communications Director should be training our future candidate to learn how to deal with negativity while balancing engagement on social media and staying focused on the task at hand. A future Miss Universe is something that needs to be social media savvy just by looking at how Anne and Olivia are literally using Rbonney as if they are BFFs.

  10. Ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 26 , Philippines!!!

    Pls ignore the bashers
    They donot know how to detect a potential international winner
    Class beauty and intellect , you have everything the MUO is looking for in a winner

  11. T remember a winner from a minor pageant who can express herself really very well… she is above average beauty , not very gorgeous but she is really tall , statuesque … I believe her name is Klyza Castro. She should join and go for it , but my real choice is still Michelle Dee ( Pauline as alternate ) . Enough of this Tourism and Charity … and enough of 30 or 35 candidates, make it 12 super uber gorgeous outstanding advocates

    • Friend, OK lang ba, magpanalo naman tayo ng taga-MINDANAO for a change?


      (BEEP! May isa pa ako'ng naisip na pangalan. Last I heard, Independent siya. Pasado siya kay @ Scorg. Tama ba'ng 29 na age ceiling sa MU?)

      • (Kaya pala na-extend ang deadline… Nasabay sa kabila’ng lote; end of Jan sila. Nga naman, para makahabol pa kung may magbago’ng isip.)

  12. My ideal winners:

    1. Julia Saubier
    2. Patricia Magtanong
    3. Ahtisa Manalo
    4. Roxane Baeyens
    5. Kathleen Paton
    6. Genesis Latugat


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