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  1. She looks so delicate. Di pa nya nakukuha ang glam looks. She looks like an Asian doll. Modelesque ang features nya. Sana magaling mag interact. She can be an interesting addon sa ANTM.

      • Just let him be, 4m. He’s doing it on purpose to annoy us, and to also make himself more annoying.

        The other side of it, though, is it just increases my loathe for Bella rather than make me like her.

      • @anonymous, what has Bella got to do with it? That’s a very pinoy attitude, the very reason why we have the kind of politics that we have.

      • @aj, an obnoxious endorser is negatively affecting the endorsee. And look at the way he pushes, EVERY FREAKING FEED, maski hindi yun ang topic! Necessary ba yun? Let us decide.

  2. She would be a frontrunner with that luminous flawless skin & lissome figure and has the obligatory platform chu chu. But what she really needs is a good stylist, unleash her inner Coco Chanel because she seems wanting in that area.

    Then have a speech coach so she would know how to modulate her shrill voice and finally, can somebody please advise her to tone down on her over confidence that borders on arrogance and cockiness. She may not be like that in person but that’s how she comes across. Heed the advice and she will be a force to reckon with.

  3. Let’s just catch to the chase. I’m not alluding to the featured girl today but to pageantry in general
    I’m tired of hearing them talk about finding their voices, speaking their truth and sharing about their advocacies. It’s all about winning a crown and using it as a stepping stone to future success. I believe this is a great opportunity for girls to be honest and sincere about their intentions especially when speaking before the panel who can see through the fakery and bullshit.

    So if you don’t have an advocacy or program, explain instead of lying through their teeth because as sure as the sun rises from the east, these girls would turn their backs on these so -called advocacies.

  4. Lesson learned
    Let’s make sure we vote for our rep to secure a spot in the semi -finals regardless of how competitive she is

    • What Bella needs to improve is to know when to stop speaking. She’s very intelligent, but she oftentimes go beyond the time limit.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I did, and still didn’t see it. Any other suggestions???

      I follow her and Pauline’s Instagram account. As much as I try to look for one, wala aqng makita, MASKI ISANG PIC, to convince me that they’re worthy. Their beauty is not polarizing; it’s just not there. Pauline has one expression, and not a good one. And mas napansin ko pa ang bf ni Bella 🙂

      If they’re crowned, I will still support them. What’s annoying is your continued push for Bella, in every single post here. You’re making it more difficult to like her/them because you’re not likeable. Enough already! Like they said, nakakaumay ka na! Turned off because of your pushing!

  5. First course of action : get rid of MJ
    She has a very big influence on who wins MU and not in a very good way

  6. “… Still the reigning MFP…”. So, hindi pala nag-2022 edition ang PROMEDIA. Wala rin’g bagon’ng Bikini.

    (That sounds funny…)

    Vietnam will host this year's ME, no? I think the hosts will like her!

      • Weren’t there three (3) of them whom PROMEDIA fielded at MPE – Yllana (here), Elda (Davao City), & Chiara Alix Lim (Cebu sash…)? Then, Chiara was in the MUP 2021 ‘100’?

        Will they be fielding, again, at MUP this time? Last year, ‘ata, wala sila. 🙂

        Anyway, all the best to the organization & good luck to all the FIT ladies for 2023!

  7. She is fresh and young 22 years old and tall 5′ 7″ , she should try her luck in Miss World Philippines beauty pageant and who knows she might get one of many titles under Miss World Philippines Org.

  8. We still need someone with power when she speaks
    This is not easy to find from our homegrown girls

    Ysabella Roxas Ysmael 26 Philippines!!

  9. Now that MU has now embraced a beauty paradigm shift that makes advocacy front and center, will ME go full blast in enhancing its advocacy-centric reputation? It appears that MU will be driven by the new owner’s business acumen and will give its spokesperson a significant role in building the MU brand. Can the Philippine homegrown pageant brand compete head-on with its competitor that is now headquartered on the other side of West Philippine Sea? ME’s competence is product content development. But its creative content is limited to the show itself, not to pageantry as a platform for meaningful change. ME’s advocacy has been hailed as most timely and relevant but nary has it made a name in the area of global climate change. It has all the opportunities to make pageantry a significant player in a global fight against an existential threat to humanity, yet it has remained a once-a-year entertainment show. I hope this year will be different.

    • And across the Balintang Channel to the north, another major pageant player has adopted a closely similar advocacy on “UN Sustainable Development Goals”, (name-dropping the UN no less in its branding tagline). Shouldn’t this be an energizing challenge to ME?

    • And what if the rumoured co-ownership talks of MW with a Nepali business conglomerate materializes? Asian management skills will be in full display in global advocacy-centric pageantry! That would be another spectacle in the offing, a business pageant of sorts. Who will be the front runner?

    • Yes Scorg. This is a great opportunity indeed for MEO to turn around and walk the talk. I hope they don’t squander such an opportunity especially when environmental concerns are such a big issue nowadays. Even Miss Universe is aligned with Miss Earth with the environmental issues confronting Planet Earth.

      • @Cool Brew, exactly. Because the timely advocacy’s enormous potentials have never been explored to the hilt, a lot of environment-themed pageants mushroom left and right. Had ME immediately developed a high-impacting brand and covered all the strategic bases on climate change issue, including the UN, it would have hit a home-run that no other enterprising pageants would dare jump into.

  10. she was the most OA performer at the BbPilipinas … not a good omen , can easily appear to not be down to earth , real and authentic … not for MUP, … maybe possible for the other Thai-owned pageant …

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