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  1. Sino gusto nyo ipadala?
    Kathleen Paton?!
    But I really do wonder how Ann JKN would react…
    It would be a double edged sword…
    It’s either we have our new MISS UNIVERSE from the Philippines OR Back2Back ligwak…

    What do you think Kurt Bondad????🤪

  2. Julia Saubier is the epitome of transformational leadership… No other MU eligible girl could surpass her credentials…

    Alternative would be Ahtisa Manalo..

    I can’t think of any1 else…

    • Julia is tagilid in the face department. Just an excellent speaker.

      Give Ahtisa a rest. She’s pretty but has no story to tell. She also buckles under pressure during Q&A.

      Surely we can find someone who has both a strong advocacy/speaking skills AND facial beauty.

  3. The 12 Finalists on the Finale telecast show are all going to compete in 4 categories … swim, gown, Q&A and final statement. I can see a finalist who stumbles on the swim can recover in the gown …. while another finalist who loses focus on the Q&A can really nail it down on the final statement. This show is easily going to be a 2-hour show, so the MUPorg will not really lose on advertisement revenue …

  4. Para naman maiba ang ihip ng panahon. Suportahan natin si Maria Luisa Varela ng Pilipinas para sa kanyang laban sa Miss Planet International 2022.

  5. Didn’t do well at interview?
    Rude at the chaperones?

    I donot believe it’s true .

  6. I’m glad MUO decided that it will reveal the scores during pageant night.
    It’s a good step towards transparency.
    Excited to see who will top the evening, swimsuit and even the interview portions.
    Not excited that it’s becoming a Ms World though, with the advocacy this and that, and too much emphasis on interviews/public speaking.
    Viewers do not really remember these advocacies nor the interviews after the pageant.
    There is nothing wrong with it being a beauty pageant.

    • I agree with you re: advocacy. Let MU be a beauty pageant and leave the Beauty With A Purpose ek ek (advocacy) sa MW. Or like you said, wag yung “too much emphasis” sa other criteria (outside of it being a beauty contest) all of a sudden.

      And not a sarcastic question, but I’m really interested, “how many crowned winners will continue on to promote their advocacy after winning?” Na “Stop the War” ba ng MGI ang war between Russia and Ukraine??

      • It’s the so-called feminists, casual viewers, and supposedly “woke” groups who are not genuine supporters of pageantry, who pressure pageant girls to come up with their advocacies, which in the end makes the pageant girls appear pretentious.
        Allotting 50% of the overall score to the interview portion is also a disservice to a candidate who cannot speak English fluently since there will always be something that’ll be lost in translation.
        A Ms Universe winner only does 2 or 3 major US tv interviews, all of which she’s asked the most trivial questions.
        The public speaking thing isn’t “all that.”
        Wish we can celebrate Miss Universe for what it truly is…a beauty pageant
        True pageant fans will see nothing wrong with it being a beauty pageant first.
        A celebration of beautiful women, who walk the stage with grace & class in their swimsuits and evening gowns.

      • Not my problem that you lacked the common sense to understand my comments.
        Aren’t you the one who made a comment showing your bias against halfies/bi/multiracial women participating in Philippine pageants and preferred “pure Pinays?”
        Walang pinagkaiba sa mentality ni Hitler. Obsessed with racial purity.
        Stop stalking me manang, you’re creepy! 😖

  7. I think the strategies around all MUP’s queens have focused so much on physical beauty, taking to the backseat the other elements of its much-vaunted “Phenomenal Woman” catchphrase. Its branding strategy contained in that professionally crafted strategic plan document published 3 years ago, in fact, reflects that of a beautifully confident woman, a step ahead of MU’s “confidently beautiful” tagline that time. The plan points to a brand build-up towards a holistic beauty that is a “rallying point and a “harbinger hope”. If only MUPH stuck to its original plan, it could have acquired a distinct competitive edge in a new beauty paradigm that MU has now embraced. Unfortunately, much of its training and development efforts seem to center on physical beauty development, not on providing supporting mechanisms to strengthen its queen’s inner confidence engendered by intellect and core values and sharpened by advocacy.

    • Precisely. They had a great start! Where/when/how did they lose it?… 😦

      But to be fair, & to whoever manages or takes on these national pageant franchises, of course the immediate support they can provide is in terms of the physical, kasi nga beauty contest (physical, yeah we get it…). Parang agriculture ministry na tuwing masalanta ng bagyo ang mga kaawa-awa’ng magsasaka, probably the best help that can be extended is in the form of palliatives. When the REAL (if deeper) issue is societal~systemic~status-quo. Yes, we have one of their ‘pillars’ tasked with the advocacy part, but of course for lack of probably more substantial-if-novel groups to work with, ‘easy-way-out’ ang STC na sinasabi’ng front lang for making money, DAW, by one of us.

      The candidates must have something of their own to speak of. Not necessarily long-term involvement in some charity activity because let’s admit that kind of work attracts very few. But as Lara Dutta* said, “… whether in the field of politics, the military, entrepeneurship, …”, whichever is her field she must be able to ARTICULATE (it) VERY WELL (from @ Fabian Reyes). Not all of us can be interested in gardening, for example (@ Serge, below, endorsing a former MPE). But we should, at least, be competent enough to speak on our ‘ecological niche’ – our place under the sun, be it ever so humble – like seasoned pro’s!

      @ Fabian Reyes adds ‘outgoing’. Well in the first place, kung hindi ka ‘confianca’ sa mga kakayahan mo, you’ll certainly be little more than a wallflower.

      Where is the ‘transformational leadership’? Well, the first person you need to ‘lead’ is YOURSELF, with a combination of discipline & wisdom. By example, those around you will follow your ‘lead’. IT’S NOT HARD AT ALL. With all the right ingredients in place, the perfect dish will assemble itself in full view. And every one gets a taste. Then, you win.

      * – You recall when Sinbad chatted with Lara at the MU Finale? She said she cane from a family of skydivers… She said she would give it a try. Maybe her family serves the Armed Forces.

      • @Edible Flower, nice piece for a Chinese New Year! I think if MUP stuck to their guns, and went ahead with their originally conceived branding direction, this MU edition would have been a walk in the park. I was excited then that they appeared to have the sense of the development path of the industry, that this paradigm shift looms in the horizon, but MUP seemed to have been carried along by the other pageant organizations instead of it posing as the industry benchmark. Looking at the Philippines overall performance last year, all those trainings (or overtraining) on pasarela, styling, and gown carriage, and all those body aesthetic enhancements: did they take us to the crown? Look at the confident aura of all the chosen spokespersons of the branded major pageants worldwide, their articulacy stems from intellect and values that no crash course on Q&A can give.

  8. Another lady who has the qualities of a transformational Filipina is Roxanne Baeyens. She is pretty and an environmental advocate. Her advocacy which is urban gardening is practical and doable. I hope she will join this year’s MUP.

  9. It was a long-time streak that made the MU interesting. But when MUO broke it, suddenly, I felt the MU fatigue. Di ko alam kung maibalik yan. Parang sikat na artista na naghibernate di na nakabalik sa limelight. Also, I find Shamcey and A&Q nuisances now. Parang hindi flexible ang character ni Shamcey basing upon HOW she answered the question during her MU stint….The south Asian looks of our candidate and half-baked personalities na parang tumatakbo away from the press that they thought they are fooling the people as if it is an “elusiveness thing” during the pageant season! But they are the ones first to cry.

    But winning a Fil-Am, I think, sealed the Filipina look as a beauty type.

  10. The biggest question to the MUPH org is how do the sponsors react to the Ph’s result being unplanned. I have a feeling everyone’s bullish on Celeste and given how that all transpired, will there be some pressure from the sponsors to question the leadership and the strategies around Celeste.

  11. I hope MUPOrg is going to be efficient. They should look for the 10 most gorgeous applicants with average to above average quality of advocacies and put them in GroupA Then, they should look for the 10 most excellent advocacies from the applicants who have above average beauty and put them in GroupB. Combining the two , out of this 20, they should do their final screening and select the cream of the crop and end up with 12 Finalists ( say 8 from group A and 4 from group B, or 6 equally, or 7 from group B and 5 from group A, etc…) One of the 12 is then crowned as the rightful candidate to wear the MUP sash and the other 11 are all runner sup , all ready on call to sub just in case …

  12. I have a strong feeling Thailand will crown OPAL SUCHATA. . She’s eloquent and gorgeous. 3runner up ata last year. Check her out Tito Norm. El Salvador pageant will favor dusky exotic beauties for Asians abd glamazon Latinas.

    • Suchata Chuangsri looks like a young Mdme. AJKN. Don’t you think so? Take another look.

      “El Salvador… will favor dusky exotic beauties for Asians…”. For ‘Philippines’ & some of us want to ‘clean house… new names’, I could recommend a former candidate (unplaced) that while, therefore, not new does share talent/skill similar to that of the reigning MU. She held the ‘Taytay, Rizal’ sash; surname was Evangelista. She has her own atelier there! 🙂

      (I omitted Noreen Mangawit, Jan Elcano, Nina Soriano, et al sa lagay na ‘yan!)

      Kung ‘Thailand’, from 2021 there is their 3rd RU, #23 Kasama Suetrong. Serves Alexandra Rosales vibe & lots of it. ❤

      (But if we stick with the biracial theme, one notch down is #24, Pimnara Vonzurmuehlen. Naalala ko, tuloy, 'yun'g hindi nagtuloy nu'ng batch ni Rabiya – Chiara Lyn Markwalder.)

      • (Cont.)

        Dalawa ‘yun’g pinaiyak ng Judging Panel ng MUT sa Prelims Interview, at least from the video footage made available at that time – the eventual winner & BEEP!

        Unless there are unresolved matters with MUTO, there should be no reason why BEEP! shouldn’t give it another go. After all, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you (fill in the blank)’.

    • Hind na ganun ngayon. waley na yang mga “this country will favor blah blah blah”. Look what happened to Celeste. mahihirapan na ang mga pageant analyst kung sino ang mananalo kasi they are not privy of the closed-door interview which is the most essential part of judging who will be the finalist. Ang prediction will happen after the Top 15 is announced kasi kita at rinig mo na ang lahat.

  13. Ah basta ang alam ko start na naman ng local pageant season. This is so exciting! Hoping for a strong contender this year that fits what the new MUO owner is looking for.

  14. I hope El Salvador’s culture and tourist attractions will be highlighted during the coronation night.

  15. Celeste failed because she’s a shallow beauty. An Italian raised model who has nothing more to offer. But don’t discount beauty. The top three this year were all gorgeous and they had a solid advocacy to boot.

    While I am all for selecting calibre speaker as our next MU rep, let’s not pick the questionable beauties. Hence, Julia Saubier, Pauline Amelinckx, and Bella Ysmael are out of my list.

    I’d say advocacy/speaking skills should be 60% while pageant face and walk should be 40%.

    I’m hoping to see a fresh face that fits these criteria.

    • Fresh face sana sawang sawa na ako sa Julia, Pualine, and Bella….Ang daming mas deserving, huwag lang sana i-mess up ni ate chona

    • None of those names’ fresh, nor with strong advocacy.
      They’re fair skinned, but their beauty and overall presentation just doesn’t stand out.

  16. Pres. Nayib just made Alejandra (MUES 2022) an instant tourism ambassador.


    Now, will just be as interesting the 2023 nationals that will determine the host delegate. It can serve as indicator to all we can expect year end. I wonder if Mdme.AJKN will sit as Chairperson of the Board of Judges; it can be enlightening to watch her engagement with the people of El Salvador, no?

    • previous owners have always been ghost silent judges in the past , never a sitting judge …

  17. I firmly believe that what happened in New Orleans will never be happen in El Salvador because I am expecting Shamcey Supsup will send not only the best but well prepared representative at the Miss Universe 2023 beauty pagent.

    • Gabriela, we always send well-prepared representative. I am hoping Jonas and her creativity will not screw our girl. Did you notice from Gazini to Celeste the performance was underwhelming.Ibang iba when they compete in the national. Yan exactly and napansin ng mga international bloggers. The national performance of the girls from Gazini to Chesleste were alot better….

  18. Chantal for 2025
    Kathleen for 2024
    Bella Ysmael for 2023

    Other potential winners :

    All of the above girls are very powerful speakers except maybe Kathleen Patton
    And they have gravitas
    Not clear in Athisa as she has seemingly lost her facial beauty

  19. It would be great if they hold the Finale in the same ‘Himnacio Nacional’ where the 1975 MU was staged. Finland won, Chiqui Brosas, Pinas 4th ru wore a fantastic looking gown

    • Wag masyado mag-sentimental, mommy. That was 4 decades ago. Let them utilize their modern building and infrastructure for the world to see their progress. I like your trivia though.

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