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    • Sino nga, pala, nanalo sa (The)Globe? Kinoronohan ni Montagne?… Latina ba?

      Intercon, Vietnam. Kinoronahan ni Cinderella…

      Btw, on-going, din, submission of applications for BBP 2023 season. Who’s your bets, po? Aside from Ms. Gabarles (here)? 🙂

      • Miss Flor, ung taga Republica Dominica po channeling Angola’s Leila Lopes. ❤

  1. Aaminin ko nabawasan na yung interest ko sa MU hindi dahil sa natalo si Celeste kundi malaki na ang ipinagbago ng paborito kong pageant. Dati basta maganda, sexy, matangkad, magaling ang pasarela, maganda ang gown at nakaka-ingles ay mataas ang probability ng candidate to be in the semis. Pero ngayon kahit meron ka ng lahat ng ito pero waley ang advocacy eh NGANGA ang candidate. Ang dami pang kalaban: Married or non-married women pati Trans ay kasali na rin. Susmiyo! Kaya kahit pa 2 years mag-training ang candidate sa paglalakad at sa Q&A eh useless din. Okay na rin maging malusog at malaki ang candidate (Note: di pwedeng sabihin na mataba kasi you will be bashed as body shamer).

  2. Noong unang panahon kapag may makita tayong magandang dalaga, maputi ang balat, may dugong banyaga,at matangkad sasabihin nila ay ineng puwede ka nang sumobok na sumali sa patimpalak pero sa ngayon naman nag-iba na ang ihip ng panahon, kung may asawa at anak, tomboy o bakla, pandak o matangkad at higit sa lahat dapat my dala kang adbokasiya bago sasali sa patimpalak ng Miss Universe.

  3. The organizers of Miss Iloilo 2023 is faced with controversy for choosing her to represent Iloilo in MUP 2023. Many are unhappy about their decision because she was only first runner up. I honestly believe this is not fair for the winner who will go for Miss World Philippines instead.

  4. Ngayon ko lang narealize… Walang kwenta MUPh org.. Walang solid advocacy na makabuluhan… Puro picture taking lang ganap… Feeding program?! Pwe!

    Pampalubag loob lang yang feeding program… Walang transformational leadership dyan.. “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

    BTW, scam lang yang mga UNICEF, SAVE the Children, etc.. Business lang mga yan!… wala pang 10% na nakukuhang pera ang totoong napupunta sa mga mahirap… Plus, kung meron man talagang pondo.. Yan yung budget na pinapadala sa mga bansa nasalanta under the guise of “Calamity Funds” na ninanakaw lang ng mga politiko dahil hindi talaga inaaudit ng gobyerno nila… 🤪

    • Manong, now shall I use your comment to something I’ve been thinking of the past few days…

      Kung Big Boss si Mdme.AJKN, can she choose whom to designate as any country’s franchisee? Presumably, ‘eto’ng kina current MUPO ay good for x no. of years, renewable for another x no. of years, or whatever.

      Also, IBA ang ‘franchisee’ sa ‘licensee’? Have we been using the terms interchangeably? Sina Mdme. Supsup-Lee – may ‘National Director’ – ay ‘franchisee’, & therefore tasked with producing the rep for the Philippines. ‘Licensee’ is ANYONE who wants to use the ‘Miss Universe’ brand for their own marketing purposes. Obviously, IBA ang rates nito’ng mga ‘to.

      The ‘licensee’ is not responsible for the conduct of the MUP pageant; pero, she/he has the right to bring the current MU to the country & arranges her itinerary. So, from a business perspective, there should be no reason to not have have more than one ‘licensee’ for any country; after all, the more work/jobs/’clients’ Queen gets, the more revenue for MUO/JKN.

      So, a country has one ‘franchisee’ but can have multiple ‘licensees’. CAN MUO/JKN make more money that way? HAVE MORE THAN ONE LICENSEE PER COUNTRY?


      • Na-doble ‘yun’g ‘have’. Second to the last paragraph. Proofreading is LOVE. 😦

    • yes it does not have to have grandeur like UNICEF or WHO or UNESCO ….
      It can be really simple BUT it has to be real , it has to feel authentic , and it has to be very very specific

      For Harnazz, it was about menstruation & poverty , for RBonney it is sewing schools and abused girls ,…very eye-opening and really close to the MU Queen’s heart and rare

      • I agree… So who among our current roster of MU eligible beauties have the solid advocacy MUorg is looking for?

      • I don’t know any of their advocacies or platforms … I leave this up to the MUPorg
        But my choice is Michelle Dee for MUP2023 ( she can still be eligible as long as she is crowned before her birthday in April )

      • @Jaret

        I dont think Michelle Dee has a solid advocacy..
        She’s fluent in English but her comskills are a tad mediochre… She did not inherit the bright-eyed charm of her mother.

  5. I like her but she is “too fresh” for me for now. Maybe “raw” is the right word. She has potential but needs more seasoning. Honestly, I would encourage her to finish her schooling first, and build something tangible that she can really bring to the table at MUP. Since she is representing Iloilo, she has no choice but compete and she has the support of the org so why not and enjoy it. However, to me, she is not ready yet.

  6. Any of these girls at MUPh 2023:
    1. Julia Saubier
    2. Pauline Amelincx
    3. Bella Ysmael
    4. Cindy Obenita
    5. Michelle Dee
    6. Ahtisa Manalo

    • Saubier age??
      Ahtisa is very pretty and age wise still eligible….
      Michelle Dee has total package (height, face, and international experience)
      Pauline….questionable very capable…but her overall physique could be mediocre.

    • Saubier fits the mold ota transformational leader but hindi pede ang face
      Michelle Dee is the total package kung bakit hindi sya ang pinili last year eh

  7. Still lingering … our sentiment for Celeste deserved to be in the top 16 !
    But if she is in the top 16 , who should be out ? For me , there is only one choice… namely India should be out and Celeste should be in !

    In the top 5, if Celeste were to be lucky , who should be out ? This is a very tough job… but it should be Puerto Rico out , & Celeste in … very very hard to imagine

    In the top 3 , very much impossible here , I cannot choose any of the three

    As for the lady above, very newbie … an experience in a pageant outside Pinas , and interacting and competing with other ladies from other countries, the dynamics … those are very precious experience to have in order to prepare an aspirant for MU ! But this should not be a prerequisite … there are ladies out there that can make it happen even as a newbie , just by using raw talent and innate skills … right amount of energy

  8. Oh oh
    Power speakers … very Catriona level or even better:

  9. If she is dead serious in joining Miss Universe Philippines 2023, I hope she has a good communication skills and excellent advocacy ready for her. Let us keep hoping Tito Norman will find the best possible candidate for MUP 2023. Next please!

    • yes it does not have to have grandeur like UNICEF or WHO or UNESCO ….
      It can be really simple BUT it has to be real , it has to feel authentic , and it has to be very very specific

      For Harnazz, it was about menstruation & poverty , for RBonney it is sewing schools and abused girls ,…very eye-opening and really close to the MU Queen’s heart and rare

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