11 comments on “Reina Ingrid Santamaria is Bolivia-ready!

  1. Let us be honest people, Arnold sending a talented lady to the competition and she is not fluent in Spanish, what are we expecting. Are we just content and satisfied with Runner-up award?

  2. This girl is very competitive
    Would have been more successful at MU than Celeste or Rabiya

  3. Mga Baklush Ano itong hanash tungkol sa gown kuno ni Cheleste eh nairampa na pala ito ng ibang babae. Plus kaya pala ito ang Sinunot eh bayad sila accla . Plus meron palang issue sa MUP na dethronement kuno kuno. Plus si CC daw eh katulad ni Alex Gonzaga maldita raw?

    • I heard that the MU chaperones and make-up artists were not treated well by Celeste.
      Andami nya raw sinasabi, totoo kaya? Pero may history kasi itong si Celeste na maldita tulad nung di nya pagpasa ng MPE crown nung year nya.
      At ito namang mga handlers nya kala nila madadala sa pag susuot ng sunglasses at micromini skirt sa kalye ng LA ang pagiging MU. Lol ayan tuloy.
      Meron pang nalalamang “know when to peak” which is so outdated at please lang iban yang si MJ lastimosa sa lahat ng proceedings ng MUPh.

      • Hahahaha bingo!!! The “slay slay” in LA street campaign did not work and it totally backfired! Wtf is the point of her going to LA when the competition was held in New Orleans? Nobody cares about her going to La and she was like out of placed strolling down an alley with her trench coat and mini skirt outfit with her two gay handlers! Laughable at best.

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