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  1. Wala talaga siyang dating sorry. Hindi na ako magugulat kung unplaced tayo sa Mess World.

  2. so 5 months to wait for MW , is it even worth waiting for , but MU23 is in Nov or Dec … less than a year of wait , great !

    after watching again the gown competition of MU22, if the top 5 were selected just based only on gown , then Canada should be included

    My top 2 : USA , Venezuela (these two are in their own league)

    3rd – CANADA !

    4 Dom Rep
    5 Curacao

  3. This advocacy photos looks forced, stage, inauthentic.

    Also, do not pin your hopes on her. Manage your expectations.

    • Because these advocacy are very temporary and they just put the girls o na these “advocacies” to just claim it during pageant season, it’s not like authentic and these girls have no knowledge of these causes! Lol….even if they do, they are not heavily invested on these community works! Oh yeah, that place looks so terrible, wht there are so many electrical wires hanging everywhere?

  4. Baka ito pa manalo. She should capitalize, not paawa level though, on her being bullied by her countrymen for not being deserving of the MWP crown and that she will lose in MW. Focus should be on turning this into something positive and productive.

  5. Pretty but she does not have the stance of a beauty queen.
    She looks too youthful

  6. Well another thank you girl this year. When every nation hates Philippines yung mga judges of course they dont want Phil to win kaya yung mga babae na pinadala last year end up nothing. Bahala kayo dyan. Another year na naman hihintayin natin. Yung owner
    Na lalaki na nagkukunwaring babae na yung Böses eh mas lalaki pa kay Piolo Pascual eh bakit hindi natin ipadala yung mga baklush na magaling sa kudaan o kaya naman yung may story to tell bakit hindi nalang ipadala si Bragais😂

  7. This year is a transitional year for PH in terms of overall results. With Celeste’s non placement and Hannah’s semi final finish, we need to recalibrate our strategies for the future.

    I have my hopes low for Ms Gwen but sometimes those who are less hyped end up performing better than those who were. The fans also need to stop investing too much time and effort.


      I don’t know how you find her beautiful. To me, para lang siyang pinaputing Kiray.

  8. Baliktad na… MW, na, ang pa-Summer (May, daw). MU, na, ang Winter (Dec ~ Jan).

    ERDA? ‘Eto ‘yun’g kay Fr. Pierre Tritz, S.J., no? Na-mention, nga, ‘to ni Gwen dati. Nag-sponsor, din, ng activity with the kids ang PROMEDIA, kasama si Kirk. 🙂

    Mr. Blogger, ‘yun po’ng na-comment dati ni @ Scorg na nabalita’ng potential new owner ng MW na prominent~wealthy Nepali businessman, what can you share with us now?

    • We have seen Miss World crown winners in the past that are not facially stunning – Jamaica 2019, Gibraltar 2009

      • Right. Jamaica is a member of the British Commonwealth, and Gibraltar is a British territory. Commonwealth nations have consistently placed in Miss World. Julia Morley apparently has a soft spot for British aligned delegates. This includes former territories like India which has won the Miss World crown like 6 times.

      • Toni-Anne just happened to be not very primped up, apparently, when she won.

        The next time we saw her, she was among the moderators for the Head2Head in Puerto Rico. I recall at the time we were mostly in agreement she looked fabulous, that ‘… why didn’t we see THIS at the Finale’?!.. 🙂

        ‘Yun lang.

      • Both Jamaica and Gibraltar look amazing except during coronation, perhaps we should not base the looks just on tv. Maybe in person, these ladies are gorgeous. Si Julia pa, ayaw nya ng pangit. Kaya nga yung talagang magaganda lang talaga ang nagplace sa mga reps natin eh; Pascual, Gutierrez and Young who are all facially beautiful.

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