12 comments on “Getting to know Mrs. Universe Philippines 2022 Veronica Yu

  1. meron palang MRS UNIVERSE… dapat dito sasali yung mga married woman… bakit doon sa MISS UNIVERESE… eh MISS nga eh, ibig sabihin SINGLE.

  2. It makes me wonder, what if the next MUP happens to be a married woman with kids? You can’t get any transformational than that!

    Obviously, many of the pageant fans really just want the glam and glamour so I get that many are not thrilled about the advocacy/breaking barries type of woman the org is looking for.

  3. Is there also a Mrs. International Pageant ? & Mrs. International Philippines pageant

  4. Come to think of it, the most beautifully confident people in the world are mothers! And raising a family is nothing but transformational leadership. I am reminded of Pia’s famous remark “confidently beautiful with a heart”: isn’t it basically the same as
    ‘beautifully confident”?

  5. Reproducing Victoriano’s remarkable comment.
    It has been superseded in the previous thread, but I believe it is worth stressing:

    “When push comes to shove, seasoned entrepreneurs, people with impressive personal track records, and educational credentials that make it more likely that they will achieve positive change in the world made it to the top. I was rooting for Celeste the entire way, but once you dig under the surface a little bit, you can’t help but accept that most if not all the girls who surpassed her were just more well rounded.”

    I could not agree more. This is on point. 👌

  6. Reading her bio, i wonder on her age at baka pd pa isabak sa MissU. Di ba un gusto ng mga miron na me active at ongoing advocacy work. But wen i zoomed in on her face well, di ko masyado type. Kaya it should be face value first before anything else. That should be the first cut. And speaking of inner beauty beautifully confident as the new criterion it has been therr ages ago. Nothing new ahout it. Who can forget how miriam quiambao lost long ago. How the likes of zuzohin has won. So wag na sana pagpilitan yan transformational ek2 na yan. That supposed novelty was peddled to us simply to give a semblance of justification the elimination of celeste from the race for which she was predicted to win . Celeste was robbed. . .poor celeste. The sacrificial lamb to put forward a supposed rebranding that is totally disconected with the business model. After all, if they ate truly looking for a transitional leader bakit ang mga aspirants e rrampa sa bikini at long gown? Pakisagot.

  7. I am sure you can do it better than what Mrs. Philippines Universe 2009 Camilla Kim Galvez accomplished where she placed Second Runner-up at the Mrs. Universe 2009. Good luck!

    • Mag-medyas po kayo, Doc. Huwag niyo indain ang matindi’ng lamig ng nieve. ❤

      ('Ay, you were referring to the Blogger? I took a second look, & honga parang nag-sockless. Pero malay natin, baka gutom lang tayo.)

      Admin, dito ko na lang ilalagay 'yun'g iba'ng matters para isa'ng comment na lang, ha!

      1. Beautiful mural at the hotel lobby! I will imagine sprigs of Viburnum.
      2. No doubt, the flower on the table (in the interview) is a Cymbidium orchid, in bloom just about now (mid-Winter to early Spring).
      3. Ms. Yu is very sweet. She should do well in Bulgaria!

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