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  1. Ngayon ko lang narealize… Walang kwenta MUPh org.. Walang solid advocacy na makabuluhan… Puro picture taking lang ganap… Feeding program?! Pwe!

    Pampalubag loob lang yang feeding program… Walang transformational leadership dyan.. “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

    BTW, scam lang yang mga UNICEF, SAVE the Children, etc.. Business lang mga yan!… wala pang 10% na nakukuhang pera ang totoong napupunta sa mga mahirap… Plus, kung meron man talagang pondo.. Yan yung budget na pinapadala sa mga bansa nasalanta under the guise of “Foreign Aid/Calamity Funds” na ninanakaw lang ng mga politiko dahil hindi talaga inaaudit ng gobyerno nila… 🤪

  2. Piczon is possible but should not expect to win , most likely the 15th spot in the top 15

    • how did pageant fans in the universe outside of Pinas become so anti-anything related to Pinas ? … this is a negative effect of social media , replicating hate mongers online …

  3. One lady who has the potential to become the country’s next Miss Universe is Tatyana Austria. She is modelesque, intelligent, and is very much involved in various campus activities. Her personality is vibrant. She is still young. As early as now, she should start involving herself in an organization with a worthy cause.

    • I’d extend the endorsement to her predecessor, Beatrice McLelland. But, OK. One at a time. 🙂

      (Mabuti’t na-bring up mo. After all, this may just be the opening for all those young former candidates of the other national pageant with their so-called ‘Beauty-With-A-Purpose’ projects. ‘Yun lang doktora’ng nanalo’ng ‘Tourism’ nu’ng batch ni Tracy Perez na sabi natin hawig ni Charlene Gonzales, hindi natuloy mag-compete internationally!… And @ Cool Brew’s endorsement of his province-mate who comes from the local elite families & engaged in philanthropy. And the veterinarian… ‘Kow, kung tutuusin marami tayo’ng reserba.)

      • Beauty and intelligence-wise, we have a lot of reserves, but who among them have sense of community. I see that quality in Tatyana. I learned that she signed up to be a volunteer for Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting during last presidential election. She even had an exam in Anatomy the day after the MWP finals night. I could feel her passion in bettering herself. What an inspiring teenage girl.

  4. Hay Nakuh wag babae yung ipadala yang mga baklush para masayahan yung Lolo nyong lola na may women empowerment eh lalaki naman sya char. Hmm hangnag ngayon hindi pa nag text back ang friend Kong si Olivia Quido dahil gusto Kong itanong bakit hindi nila pinasok si Cheleste 😂

  5. It now looks like that the runner up from North Carolina to RBonney from Texas during last year’s Miss USA does not want to step in as the new reigning Miss USA … this may be the start of the US States’ revolt against the new owner from Thailand … stay tuned…

  6. Transformational leadership, yeah, right… I wouldn’t be surprised if Anne JKN moves the goal posts again when she gets her next brain fart and comes up with a different pageant slogan depending on what magazine she’s reading.

  7. I know their names will pop up in the next weeks but for the love of god, THEY’RE NOT WHAT MU ORG IS LOOKING FOR NOW:

    Maria Ahtisa Manalo
    Chelsea Fernandez
    Kathleen Paton
    Gabrielle Basiano
    Maureen Wroblewitz

    What do these girls have in common? They don’t have a REAL advocacy. They’re all pretty faces who will have to create some sort of sob story or advocacy for the sake of pageantry. Celeste 2.0.

    I don’t know who will come up as favorites to join MUPh but please let’s stop with these shallow faces who will just come up short of what the new MU Org is looking for.

    • they are worthy names but none of them will get the MU crown and not all of them can revive the Pinas semifinals streak …

  8. The speech of the current MUO owner during the MU pageant has caused a stir in the social media…in a BAD WAY. Check out “The Officer Tatum” and “Black Conservative Perspective” on YouTube. Everybody is flipping….

  9. Let’s just face it. Currently, only shallow girls enter pageants mostly. Nung dark era natin, yun yung time na sobrang accomplished ng mga girls na sumasali. UP graduates, law students and the like and most are not halfies. Ngayon nakatira lang ng 5 years sa Pilipinas uhaw na uhaw na Ang mga bayot pasalihin mga babae porket mestiza at matangkad. Ni hindi nga l marunong mag Tagalog por dios por Santo. Ewan ko sa inyong lahat.

    • Your animosity towards halfies, bi/multracials makes you no different from Hitler who was obsessed with racial purity.

      • 😂 comparing me to Hilter is such a strechhh bayottt. I’m just tired of white worshipping? You know? Have you visited a grocery aisle in this country? 1 long aisle for whitening products. Now tell me isn’t that amazing? 😂 😂 😂 SELF HATRED IS REAL. And yes I’m pointing out halfies Especially THOSE WHO DID NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FILIPINO SIDE UNTIL ITS COMFORTABLE TO THEM. 😛

      • Pats you are trying to sound very intellectual. 😆 😆 Namention pa si Hilter who ordered the massacre of Jews? Comparing it to Filipinos desire to be represented by a woman that Don’t look like them?? And don’t me with the Spanish ek² eh less than 2 percent lang ng population Natin may spanish lineage. 🙄

    • D ko sya type.. suplada… hindi friendly
      She shadily puts other girls in badlight.. magaling sya sa ganun…

  10. Im sure kung sino man ang mananalo siguradong sya ang Miss Universe at maglalakad na naman sila sa LA na naka sunglasses in Decembr kasama sila Jonas at Voltaire para masabibg pasabog ang candidate natin.
    I am excited for the next MUPh to have my first thought about her on the get go that will produce an avalanche of thumbs down from the expert fansp

    • @Just PassingBy, you’re not alone on the number of thumbs down. Whenever I write about beauty paradigm shift, multi-dimensional beauty, beautifully confident as “inner beauty”,and other progressive ideas, I am always denuded by thumbs down. Most times, I I already get two thumbs downs before I even finish writing my follow-up comment.

      • Ang dami kasing mga accla dito na feeling entitled ang pag-thumbs down sa comments no matter how sensible — just because they can. Either merong delusions na ikinaganda or ikinayaman nila ang pagiging negatrons or mga nag-nosebleed lang sila talaga sa nabasa. 🤣🤣🤣

      • @Aron, I think the thumbs down I receive are from those who want to preserve the centuries-old myths and ideologies of beauty centered on the physical. Any discussion of intellect and core values as the more important and relevant dimensions of beauty must be rejected right away, no matter how sensible, research-based, and dispassionate. But I understand that the defense of the status quo is an expected behaviour from the majority followers of this blog, which Sir Norman admitted to belong to the older demographics.

      • Sorry but the thumb downs is for being too repetitive… i think… repeat and repeat for the second third fourth time once more deserves immediate thumb downs without reading. World peace peace be with you

      • @John, if it’s repetitive it’s because the same old blabber on pasarela, gown, styling, and other physical stuff keeps on coming out repetitively without let up from people talking about people, not issues. Admit or or not, people by nature are not receptive to change.

      • @John, world peace with you too. I am at peace with myself because all my comments reflect my academic discipline and professional background which I would like to contribute in my own little way to the development of pageantry. There are just too many reactionary forces that hinder the development of pageantry and keep it the way it was from its inception. These forces do not even see the handwriting on the wall that the industry is headed to bankruptcy if it does not change course. When that happens, can we still have a show where we can rowdily cheer for our vavavoom beauties. There have been sporadic developmental contributions in this blog site by some prolific writers like Luke and Golden Mean. But they were bullied so they disappeared. I hope they come back to provide the much needed balance of opinions in this blog.

      • And on that note on commenters leaving this blog, I hope @Ana Winter-Lund reconsiders her decision to leave this site for good. We may have diametrically opposing views on some issues, but she politely presents her side with conviction– never opinionated, always respectful. And I hope @ Cool Brew would write often. Again, we have divergent views on some items but he always present his opinion in, as his name suggests, the coolest manner. Lately, I have been missing @Thomas’ acerbic but intelligent puns that provide some comic relief in this highly charged blogging environment. Sometimes his piece is directed at me but I don’t take it personally because in this free marketplace of ideas, at least dissenting voices come out in the open, not maliciously hiding in thumbs down emoticons.

  11. Hmmm.. Let’s give what Miss Universe wants…
    let us send Julia Saubier… Who would have thought that stars are actually alligning for her?!.. She’s born and raised in the Philippines.. Baised on Jus Soli & Jus Sanguinis, she is more Filipina than Pia & Catriona…. She is Multi-lingual( Tagalog, Bicolano, English, French, Mandarin, etc.), a Magna cum laude & a Martial artist.. She’s descended from from a long line of stong Filipina women. This future diplomat & polyglot has the heart to serve and passion to inspire people… As a Miss Philippines, she will definitely be bashed for her looks, but I think that would make her very impactful. If MUPh org could transform her into the ideal Filipina beauty without being invasive then she could become the epitome of a transformational leader Miss Universe is now looking for.

    • Manong, may paraan ‘yan! Anyway, one of us said they (MUPO) could consider appointing down to at least the semifinal line-ups… Julia is a semifinalist, isn’t she?

      Ta’s gawin nila, BUT THEY HAVE TO ASK THE AP’S (accredited partners) IF OK LANG, na ‘yun’g mananalo this year for next year (2024) na.

      Kasi kung tutuusin, nowhere is it said that MUPO cannot appoint from among their stable of names (at least nothing posted in this blog to that effect) & the commitment to stage an annual contest does NOT automatically mean the current year, agad, dapat isabak… MUPO needs to exercise such a flexibility~agility!

      Such an arrangement can become routine. Lalabas, every other year lang tayo magpapdala ng ‘freshly minted’ rep. In between, we can give the honor to a memorable semifinalist, especially if she’s aging out.

      We need to be creative with solutions. Our minds must be open to expansion. This, too, can be a sort of transformation, & just maybe also the national organizations should have their share of metamorphosis.

      (In reply to @ jaretwrighlover below & I recall your full-heart endorsement, how’s Keylyn Trajano? Wasn’t she taken in by a camp for MUP? At the time, ND Supsup-Lee issued a statement all that is required was to present documents establishing a legal change of gender. Yeah, something like that can take years, but I imagine kaya parang nawala siya lately from view is precisely dahil inaantay niya lang ang proseso. You said she was very nice person. Respectful & respectable.)

      • sorry , I don’t know who Keylyn Trajano is …you are probably thinking of someone else’s

      • @Edible

        However it is.. This year is Julia’s 28th therefore this is her last chance to compete. It’s now or never.

      • @ jaretwrightlover She was featured here before… If you can dig her out in the Blog Library (Archives), you may wish to rediscover…

        Sa madali’ng salita, apparently naudlot ‘yun’g pagsali niya… But recall that European country’s transgender rep back in 2018 at IMPACT. Doon nagsimula lahat nito’ng ‘being more inclusive’ at open-minded.

    • If JKN’s goal is to crown a transwoman, there are two possibilities which are : Either she just let it play out and when it happens , it happens, OR , she wants to force the issue. Then the second possibility would be an eerie proposition …

  12. jusme

    koronahan nyo si R’Bonney Gabriel
    as MUPh

    Felepens naman represent nya

    back to back siya

  13. What if Celeste was allowed to keep her original passion and advocacy for indigenous land rights instead of switching her story to fit Save the Children PH just because they are a MUP partner? At least it would be more genuine. And who wrote her prelims swimsuit bio? “Teaching mothers how to care for their children” is condescending, especially coming from someone who does not have children and is only started volunteering after she was crowned. Beautiful swimsuit performance aside, I shook me head hearing the emcee speak her bio.

    When push comes to shove, seasoned entrepreneurs, people with impressive personal track records, and educational credentials that make it more likely that they will achieve positive change in the world made it to the top. I was rooting for Celeste the entire way, but once you dig under the surface a little bit, you can’t help but accept that most if not all the girls who surpassed her were just more well rounded.

    • If there is someone to blame it is MUP org itself! Bad decisions, nakakailang strikes na sina chona and friends ah. Sana may natutunan na sila, huwag puro ego kasi

  14. Among those who are mommies or brides , who among them have possibilities for MU2023 ? …. or maybe Leren Mae should reconsider after her experience in politics

    Jezah Huelar , S Aberaturi , J Herrell , V Rushton , … , or maybe already over age28,29

    or maybe they should recruit among veterans, the police , or the military , … , sports ?

  15. In layman’s terms, we are looking for a Catriona 😉
    Beautiful, a good communicator, and is laser focused to win.
    She should have all qualities. No compromises.
    Wag naman panalunin just because magaling magsalita pero di naman kagandahan.
    Future Ms. PH representative, study Catriona’s playbook and learn from Celeste’s mistakes.

    • No , we are not looking for a Catriona
      There’s a few girls right now who can be their own person and win MU

      ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 26, Philippines !!!

  16. Why am I reminded of that hypocritical line “it is not a beauty pageant, it is a scholarship program” uttered by Candice Bergen’s pageant head character Kathy Morningside in the movie MISS CONGENIALITY?

    • Because it really comes down to a smackdown of beauties, the advocacy kwekwek is just a sweetener to make it palatable for modern sensibilities. Just look at that insufferable Miss America, they’ve scholarship’d their way to boredom city — it’s sorority pledgeweek, the losers highfiving and fakesmiling the semifinalists when what they really want to do is scalp them with a jackhammer lol

  17. Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 26, Philippines !!
    She is pretty classy brainy set on ! She will not leave any stone unturned !

    • Fabian stop please
      Kulang sya sa transformational Chin in other words, kulang ang baba nya lol

  18. I’m just wondering if it is really fair for MU 2022 under JKN to abruptly change the selection criteria this year by giving half of the total points to the closed door interview. Isn’t that rather inconsiderate of the contestants like Celeste who were crowned by their national pageants based on the previous criteria of relatively equal emphasis given to face and body aesthetics, poise, catwalk, personality, and advocacy in that order? Unless national directors were already notified of this new ruling but still chose to ignore its implementation.

    Because let’s face it — Celeste wouldn’t have really won if MUP 2022 had already put the new criteria in place. Which is why I preferred Michelle Marquez Dee over her, but nevertheless I fully supported her Miss Universe journey.

    Also, this new criteria allowed contestants from countries with very low sash factor and unimpressive performances during the preliminaries like Laos and Haiti to succeed in making the first cut. And yet they were easily defeated as expected during the Top 16 swimsuit and evening gown competitions by the same powerhouses and frontrunners like USA, Venezuela and Puerto Rico which is why there were no surprises at all in the Top 5. That definitely defeats the purpose and just doesn’t make sense.

    • I would not be upset if MUPorg just appointed Michelle Dee for MU2023 … !
      maybe it can happen , or maybe … Michelle does not want it anymore

      Anyway, let us take some time celebrating the past 12 years , 2010 -2021… Venus was the pioneer , Ara was the absolute luckiest & Rabiya was the squanderer of a could have been much successful finish !

      Outside of USA and Venezuela, I think Pinas has the longest streak at MU !

    • I don’t think anything has changed drastically .
      It’s all abt performance and likability .
      Canada and Australia had the language advantage
      India Haiti and Trinidad had Wendy backing them up
      Spain and Portugal were very likable They were Energizer Bunnies
      Laos allegedly won the votes

      • Uhmmm following your logic, are you implying that Celeste is not likeable enough and did not perform well enough for all the world to see? C’mon now, we all know there’s a reason why she was consistently among the top picks of practically all major pageant experts and communities. Admit it that the undisclosed results of the closed door interview is a drastic change. It can even give justification to any manipulation behind the scenes.

      • I’m not implying
        I’m explicitly telling you the judges and the org did not like her because of her past – her stint at ME , the unearthed videos that our neighboring enemies repeatedly sent to the owner and the judges . I know it’s past but it was still her.
        Her tepid performance at prelims did not help case

    • Tama ka. At ligwak pa rin sa huli yung hindi masyadong kagandahan or stunning. Sana wala na lang swimsuit competition like in miss world para medyo patas patas ang labanan.

  19. Future aspirants of the MUP representative to MU should learn a whole lot from the Final 3 at this year’s MU22 , especially from Venezuela and Dom Rep. Both these ladies never held back. Even though they failed to get the crown, it ensured that they were getting a place in the semifinals. That’s the lesson. That is the way to do it, do not hold back … but of course, never over do it also !

  20. Worried…
    I hope hindi mawala ung entertainment value ng Miss U dahil sa mga pretentious changes na gustong iimplement ng mga bagong may-ari ng org.

    I just find it very contradicting na isinusulong nila ung thing regarding representation along with pagiging inclusive pero they would easily judge a candidate just because of her past without checking if a TRANSFORMATION occured along the way. Medyo unfair din na ilalaglag mo ung mga candidate just because naiirita ka sa style ng mga fans nila… labeling them as toxic pero asking for their help to vote for their favorite candidate na dapat bayaran nila.

    My other fear sa mga changes na ito is that mawawalan na ng pag-asa ung mga girls na mahina ang academic background pero gustong-gustong sumali. It’s like… dagdag tayo ng dagdag ng mga pwedeng sumali (trans, mothers, and married) pero kapag mahina CV mo, laglag ka.

    My fear is connected sa mga nangyari noong araw n kuha tayo ng kuha ng mga tituladong contestants at mga top students ng mga universities nila pero laglag agad s first cut. And come to think of it… maraming pinapasok sa Top 16 sa last edition ng Miss U n mga accomplished pero ndi na rin nakausad dahil lima lang (we can add around 2 pa siguro) sa 16 ang talagang nagperform. Un bang parang pinapasok lang sila para masecure n ung spot nung Top 5.

    -Yung may super impressive na academic background like Shamcey Supsup.
    -May matinding advocacy at leader ng isang charitable institution or non-profit group na nagsusulong ng awareness towards a lot of causes… almost like what we are expecting from our politicians… baka MAS pa nga.
    -And yung matindi ang preparation na gagawin like Catriona Gray na may meaning lahat ng isusuot at may ways para magawa lahat ng ineenvision nya.
    – Isang transformational woman na babaguhin at aalisin ung rawness after niyang manalo.

    Don’t want to say Good luck, PH but more of Good luck, pageantry… I hope makilala ka pa namin sa mga darating na panahon and hindi ka naman masyadong magTRANSFORM.

  21. Ngayon pa lang MUP should look for high school girls and give them training to what MU is looking for. After 5 years we will have a winning streak again.
    For 2023 there is no need to have an MUP contest, select na lang sila among their previous finalists and concentrate on necessary trainings.

  22. Top-of-mind names are Patch Magtanong and Gretchen Ho. I just don’t know anymore what has transpired in Patch’s advocacy on legal assistance to declog Philippine prisons of overstaying prisoners. Gretchen as far as I know is/has been very much involved in the distribution of free bicycles to help micro businesses survive the economic fallout of the pandemic. Age-wise, am not sure if they still qualify.

  23. Ang daming experts dito. Pinoys are really the best.
    Mga absolute intellectuals when it comes to beauty pageants.

  24. Hays mahirap makahanap ng de calibre. Yung IBA magagaling mag Salita pero yung mukha pangit naman, sino ba ngayon yung merong mga projects na matagal na? Sino ba yung may Ganda at talino? Mukang sa next generation pa lalabas. Oh well yung mga binabangit na babae na vindicated daw eh gosh super pangit naman. Let me search sa school ko na debater na maganda pero mga pangit sila at pandak lol.Yung caliber ni Miriam Santiago sa communication skills yung Ganda ni Celesti all combine in one. Hays maybe in the next generation.

  25. The hypocrisy of the MU selection committee. If they’re looking for diversity and inclusiveness then why snub those with less formal education or accomplishments? Women come from all sorts of background and educational experiences. Wisdom, humility and ability aren’t conferred with certificates or diplomas. And if the pageant is not just about looks, then why even include swimsuit and evening gown in scoring? Why not just test the candidates’ competency on paper and declare the winner based on test results.

    I’ve always taken pageants with a handful of salt that it’s about “inner beauty”. Leche, pageant kung pageant, let the girls knock each other out with projection and pasarela skills. As long they’re not drooling idiots, cut the pretty ladies some slack.

    • Well said! Maski ano pang transformational ek ek ang sabihin natin, these are still beauty pageants after all, and not Spelling Bee!

      • agree , there will still be a swim , gown contests … MW is no longer a beauty pageant , we don’t want to end up like that

  26. New MUO needs someone who’s achiever. Kaya hindi masyado dapat pagtuonan yan mga pasarela at mga designer’s gown kasi wala ng masyadong bearing sa standard ni JKN. Sa ibang pageants pwede pa yun like MGI, ME, MS, etc. pero sa MU eh di na oobra yang style ng camps na kelangan may signature walk ek-ek. Na-miss ko tuloy yung MU era under Trump na beauty pageant talaga kasi pa pgandahan talaga ang labanan kasi nga beauty pageant.

  27. So the “Phenomenal Woman” is now to be called “Transformational Filipina”. The name is more distinct and succinct this time, with associated characteristics more identifiable and distinguishable. Can this rare inner beauty be found in the Filipina? I absolutely believe so. But I think we have to extend the deadline of application by a bit. The multi-dimensional beauties that we have in the country or in diaspora may need some real convincing before they jump into a field perceived to be commodifying women.

  28. When the new set of MUP candidates are announced soon, we will see new names , old names , … but I wonder if Shamcey & Co will include names of new brides and/or mommies too … very risky but I guess we’ll have to cross the bridge when we get there

  29. Celeste was a classic beauty during ME
    I wish she had stayed that way
    And she should have tanned a little

  30. I was right next to Celeste …. And R’bonney during rehearsals
    Both of them are lean but R’bonney looks very strong physically if u know what I mean

  31. Excuse me , why are you all blaming the MUPH ORG? . Wasn’t Celeste the clamor among the pageant fans over the more deserving candidates ? The org yielded to your demand and now you are all crying foul ?
    Any of these girls should have won in the first place
    Excuse me !

  32. Try lang, ipaubaya sa mga totoong girls ang handling para sa “authenticity, pakikipag usap at pakikiharap sa tao” tapos ung mga costume at gowns sa mga bakla na. Ung pag awra wag na masyadong baklain kasi di naman nakaka transformational leadership yan. Simplehan lang natin ung awra, ung nakakatotoong babae lang…tapos mag recalibrate ung MUPh Org…baka kasi ung iba jan umaawra lang. Wag na iasa sa pag hype hype o sa mentality ba pageant powerhouse talaga, lakas makafeeling entitled kaya pag di tayo nakapasok, ayun sobrang bigat sa kalooban. More than anything else, iapply ang realistic positivity…bago natin iaim ang 5th crown, iproject muna natin kung paano makakapasok sa first cut ung next rep sa MU 2023. Bakit chumachaka ang performance ng rep natin sa MU compared sa national pageant…di ko ito magets. At sa susunod ng MUPh winner, naku…ready ka na bang magtanga-tangahan for 1 year under the supervision ng mga anjan sa org?..look at what happened kay Cat…anyway good luck sa susunod na dilag na sisigaw ng “Philippines” sa MU2023. ❤️

  33. It will be a while before Philippines finds the transformational leader JKN and MUO want.

    We will be like India after Telemundo brought in glamazon over eloquence. And the Latinas after IMG brought in woke culture over pasarela and aura-aurahan.

    No point in recycling old names whose only accomplishments are being born to the right family and/or tisay. Out with the old and in with the new.

    Change starts at home. Filipinos and MUP need to stop focusing on what works sa Pinas only. To do that, they need to broaden their horizons. Maybe all of MUP’s travels will help them gain Western sensibilities for what an empowered and progressive woman of 2023 and beyond is, hindi lang hashtag ideas and Instagram photo shoots for Team MUP.

    • Sorry why do you have to complicate things ?
      All we need is someone confident outgoing and articulate … with a clean past ? We all know Celeste is none of these .

    • Hindi complicated yan, darling.

      The astute fans all see the writing on the wall.

      Maybe you need time to process your NOLA experience. I’ll leave you to that.

      Take a walk outside and feel that crisp January air.

      It’s a new year, with a new Miss Universe.

      You can do it!

      • Exactly , nothing complicated here
        But you make it so
        What MUO wants has not changed through the yrs . Performance and likability are key

  34. May legitimate advocacy ba si Curacao PR or DR ? Even Venezuela’s advocacy was likely exaggerated and DR’s and PR’s educational achievements were not as amazing as they were made to sound on paper.
    The truth is these 5 girls performed well on stage
    And Celeste did not … Her postprocedural beauty was questionable to many , and her ugly past fired back at her .

    • In fairness, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico were all confident and expressive communicators. Feel mo talage yung levels nila. Just like 2019, the Latinas brought the game that IMG was looking for – articulate, eloquent, and attention-grabbing.
      MUO: “Latinas understood the assignment.”

      Meanwhile, Indonesia was as boring as watching paint dry, Philippines rehearsed authenticity and vulnerability 1,000,000 times, Thailand looked like a walking Belo clinic advert, and Vietnam looked like a pretty flight attendant playing butterfly dress up.
      MUO: “Listen loud ASEAN, transformational LEADERS, not overcalculated robots.”

  35. Some of you are saying that Celeste’s failure is that she really has not undertaken any projects in the past or that her current one is not remarkable enough. This whole pageant is a job interview. In an entry level job interview, yes experience matters but not necessarily a guarantee. If you have experience but you aren’t able to convince the judges, you are out. Conversely, if you don’t have any experience but you are able to charm the judges, then you can convince them that you can contribute to the MUorg mission and become a transformational leader. This is not the javelin competition at the Olympics where you can measure how far you throw. It is personality, authenticity, LUCK…in other words, really nothing new here. No need to overdo and over think. The judging is and will remain subject to the whims of the judges… including the new MUOrg

    The thing that is harder to swallow is that why did it have to be Celeste to break the Pinas semifinals streak at MU. She has so much to offer. If MUPorg were crazy enough to send somebody like, say Kisses Delavin to MU, then I would not be heart broken if the Pinas semi finals streak at MU ended with Kisses Delavin.

    But OK, if I may suggest, MUPOrg should scrutinize closely the background of super model types BUT they definitely should NOT close their doors to super model types. Remember that it is the person herself , not what she does or does not do for a living.

    • Amana accla, sinagasaan mo pa si Kisses di ka naman inaano nung tao…patulugin mo na muna yang ego mo…kung makahanash ka kay Kisses, baka yan pag may napatunayan eh ewan ko na lang…digital pa naman si carmi martin with booster…sweet escape ka bigla sa reality…kaya preno preno…

    • I think the new owner provided a lot of insights in her thought process as part of the overall selection. This is not just an entry level interview anymore where you can speak your way out of it without showing proof of your accomplishments.

      I saw that Anne shared a photo of the bios of the contestants so she is invested about the “meat” of what the contestants are really about.

      I don’t think anyone is blaming Celeste for the non-inclusion. It was just a sad reality and circumstance where we sent a delegate that is approved by everyone only to ignored at the end. That is what hurts the most.

      • It is a good turn of events for the new owner , or perhaps a smart business decision made before the announcement of the winners that the new queen ends up being a huge Pinas favorite as well. Even though Celeste failed to make the semis , the new MUorg did not lose a huge portion of the pageant fan base, the Pinas fan base …

        I can just imagine if Pinas totally boycotts , say MGI , and does not send a candidate anymore , … that pageant will end up in the dead marshes of pageantry. Pinas fan base is still a very large market and will continue to be influential in the world of pageantry regardless of how much the so called globalbeauties think of us, the Pinas pageant fans

    • Celeste has always been low on energy. Gazini 2.0.

      Nothing wrong with that, but we can’t expect her to be at the same placement as these girls who were all super hungry for the crown from the moment they arrived.

      • I did not see Celeste as being the 5th MU from Pinas right from the very beginning , or even landing in the top 5 or 3 was going to be a huge or even impossible challenge for her… but being excluded from the semifinals , that hurts … but then again, as Cat said, we are in the company of Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam .. but it is sad

      • Excuse me , I was just letting u know that 3 of the top 5 were all recycled beauties … during JKN era not IMG . It goes to show that experience is an advantage . Anyway , who will know who are recycled beauties other than the ardent fans .?
        On MU stage , every single one of them is fresh and new .

  36. I know we are still licking our wounds from Miss Universe but a thought comes to mind. With Miss World 2022/23 being right around the corner, Julia Morley should take advantage of this opportunity to endear the Miss World brand to Filipino fans by giving us our 2nd blue crown. I know it’s too early for this discourse and but this was my way of trying to move on from miss universe by preoccupying my thoughts with what’s ahead.

  37. First of all , we have to realize that the MUO owner considers Philippines as a competition. You can jump and down all you want , but she will not give us the MU crown….ever f
    Second of all , if you want a pure-looking Pinay to rep our country , Ghenesis Latugat is not the answer . We need someone sophisticated and articulate with a pleasant beauty . And U r not going to find these qualities in a Philippine-born woman unless she is from a really rich family . Of course, some UP Ateneo or La sale grads may fit the bill but they are usually from rich families anyway.
    Still , if you want a Pinay beauty , I would go for Cindy Obenita , Piczon, Aduana, Omay , Julia Saubier , Michelle D Pauline Amelincks or Bella Ysmael

      • Recycled beauties have the advantage of knowing how to work with the stage and camera .
        Pia Cat Kylie and Bea Santiago are all recycled beauties
        Someone like Shamcey is hard to come by

      • @Fabian, dear, newsflash: MUO wants a transformational leader personna.

        Hindi na 2015 with smize at the right moment strategies ngayon.

        Clean house PH.

      • Excuse me , DR PR and USA are all recycled beauties
        And Pia had more to offer than to smize . You can see why until now she is very very popular among pageant fans and contestants

      • @Fabian Reyes

        I can’t blame you for wanting to be stuck in the IMG era, as it was our Golden Decade.

        But time moves us all forward. Sustainability yes, but say no to recycled PH queens.

        If not now, then when? Let us design dreams. Miss Universe is looking for an ambassador.

  38. i think lara dutta already won miss intercontinental before she represented india in the mu 2000… so i think that cindy obenieta can duplicate that if she will represent PH in MU. her communication skill is excellent, a motivational speaker and an achiever in forcing to do good in the community.. Give it a try Cindy!!

  39. For the sake of understanding what they are looking for Miss Universe 2022. The are looking for women achievers like Miss USA and MIss Venezuela are both fashion designers for many years while Miss Dominican Republic, she is just a model period. Why they did not pick Miss Canada who is also fashion designer and successful businesswoman? I don’t think Miss Universe Organization will not going to last under the leadership of Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. People are not going to support with the changes period.

    • Ha???? Have you even watched the pageant? Miss DR graduated with honors in New York and interned for a US senator. She immigrated from rural DR to NY at the age of 9. She first majored in Psychology then shifted to Political Science. She works in a non profit while being a model. Pinagsasabi mo sa tatlo nga sa top 3 sya talaga pinaka may ginagawa sa community.

    • LOL. Canada is just another rich spoiled vapid Asian brat whose Dad bought her the crown. Girls like her are a dime a dozen in the US and everyone knows the only advocacy they have is to get to Paris and shop Chanel and Hermes. Materialistic and shallow. It was embarrassing to have her be the Asian representation Saturday night.

      Narining mo ba ang DR? The girl could TALK and LOOK like a goddess.

      Filipino fans’ denial is ridiculous.

    • Lol Fabian sobrang hype mo sa Harvard. Majority naman sa admitted students dyan legacy students. Mas marami pang matalino at Magaling SA MIT AND UCLA.

  40. It will be futile to encourage these types of girls to participate unless MUPO changes the way the pageant is run and judges are chosen.

    It will be difficult because it means that MUPO must revamp its current operation, which is based on the whims of sponsors seeking marketable types of beauties.

    If the organization wants to send someone who can compete in the new MU playing field, it must begin screening for girls in the same way that MUO does.

    MUPO should also consider reducing the number of candidates and the duration of the competition. I understand that opening with 100 applicants and dragging the competition for over a month generates more revenue, but it takes too much time and energy away from a few girls who truly deserve to place.

    The pageant camps in the Philippines are more than capable of training the girls. MUPO should consider only playing a supporting role to allow the original teams to train and transform their candidate if she wins the nationals.

    In short, MUPO must reinvent itself in order to re-emerge stronger. And I think it can as long as it keeps an open mind and a renewed focus on the “crown”.

    • Hard to get excited about this next competition. 300+ delegates for 8 months.

      Subscribe for exclusion Empire content of 2 minutes every 2 months!

      The Camp or Aces and Queens darlings win.

      Team A to arrive in LA 2 months before, photoshoots sa backyard ng Airbnb. Pasyal pasyal ring pag may time naman.

      Abangan namanam for finals night El Salvador! Exclusive A-list designer to the titas yung gown!

  41. I was not surprised with the result of Miss Universe 2022. Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip gave everyone an hints what qualities she is looking for the Miss Universe 2022 the moment she took over the MIss Universe Organization. She said she is looking for women empowerment but nobody listens instead everyone are focusing their time in paserala, gown, physical appearance, shoes, make-up. Miss Universe 2022 spend her time in sewing and teaching for 13 years while Miss Philippines 2022 spend her time in her charity works for how long, few months, no wonder we didn’t get the crown. Being tall, skinny and beautiful is not enough to win the crown nowadays. You must have good communication skills, leadership and empowerment qualities. Mabuhay Philippines.

    • Yes….her so called “charity work” was a facade and was forced on her just to show she had participated in a “community activities” compare to Miss USA who had spent over many years teaching and empowering individuals with her sewing workshop! Che-cheleste mainly focused on superficial stuff towards the end and this did not give her justice!


  43. Vanessa Caro, Laksmi lang ang beauty level… We will be clapper again.
    The benchmark is the current Miss U top 5.
    Kailangang pa rin na super beauty plus the credential.
    This will be a huge challenge for MUP. If they cant find a girl like the top 5 , for sure we will clap again in El Salvador

  44. Here is my simple take on this whole transformational leadership aspect of the new era. Look for someone who is not just beautiful but is also accomplished in every sense of definition of a modern woman. A CEO, a founder of a non-profit, a trailblazer in the community, a politician, whatever it is that really breaks the barrier of the old pageant mold of just beauty and brain but beauty, brain with the uncanny ability to speak from the heart about what she is passionate about.

    As I mentioned in my early posts right after RBonney won Miss USA, R’Bonney’s greatest asset is her passion for sustainable fashion and she successfully highlighted that in her social media posts and in her journey to the crown.

    What you’re passionate about should holistically be part of your overall packaging as future Miss Universe.

    In short, let’s see some of these ladies are who holistically and confidently beautiful in the next edition.

  45. Honga pala! Si Vanessa Caro… Class of 2021, right? Sila Kirsten Delavin et al…

    (Lumabas ‘yun’g Intro for M(Ilo)2x 2023! They still hold franchise for MUP, MWP, & BBP?)

    Tagged ‘yun’g MLP(Water Lily Festival)… I guess that means they’ve confirmed as the first official MUP 2023 Accredited Partner. Congratulations! That’s one sash for NCR.

    Mr. Blogger, do provide us indication on the HUCC’S participation this time. Dumami, po?

    • Kisses Delavin LOL.

      5’2 Miracle Baby standing next to a 6’0 US college grad like DR and PR. LOL. Tapos pa-iyak iyak habang yung iba transformational.

      Clean house PH.

    • (Cont.)

      … Lou Dominique Piczon. ❤

      (If ever, would be her 3rd attempt…)

      Oh, well. Who wants to give it another go, let them.

      (Mine eyes will be set on Shindel Atibula. May her participation be ironed out. Auguri, dear!)

      PS. Guys, huwag niyo awayin si Mdme.AJKN. If you fight the boss, what do you expect? 😦

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