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  1. R’Bonney’s getting a lot of hate from Latino pageant fans who can’t seem to get over the fact that she beat the likes of Venezuela, Dominican Republic, etc.

    What most people don’t realize is the sheer determination of R’Bonney in reaching this pinnacle of pageantry, despite the odds and the challenges she faced to get to this point — imagine placing as first runner-up three times in a row just to win her Miss Texas title. Then when she finally won Miss USA, the accusations of “rigging” flew about from disgruntled quarters to diminish her victory.

    Throughout her pageant journey, R’Bonney has always declared proudly her Filipino roots at every opportunity.

    Congratulations R’Bonney! Your strength, dignity, hard work and determination are truly inspiring, especially to us Filipino Americans. We are so proud of you!

  2. The first Asian-American to win the Miss USA pageant was a Filipino-American Beauty, Macel Wilson from Hawaii. She represented USA in Miss Universe 1962 and secured a TOP 16 placement in Miami, Florida.

    • 😂 macel is not Filipino. Confirmed it through fil-am orgs. She’s Polynesian and European mixed.

  3. incidentally, R’Bonney’s hairstyle is almost similar to Culpo’s when she won.

  4. With a new Thai owner on board and a pageant with American roots, I think they should again show the prelim scores of the candidates in the three areas just like what they started to do during the 1991 MU edition … for the sake of some transparency

  5. R’Bonney deserved her win.

    After the scandal around her crowning, this girl did not fold or give up. She went full force into her vision. Hunger. Defeating an equally hungry Venezuela. It was their year, and the fact that two powerhouse fashion designers were going back to back against each other and reached Top 2 speaks to their hunger. They didn’t cancel each other out, they made each other stand out. USA has been working for this from Day 1.
    No stone unturned.

    Her ode to her Filipino culture has been a pleasant consolation prize. She’s not riding her father’ origin for clicks or likes the way many do the pageant world. I am proud to be a Filipina-American like her.

    Congrats also to Rian Fernandez. Four winning gowns at USA and Universe for her.

    Congtrats also to Patrick Isorena for his remarkable national costume.

    Filipinos representing we can contribute more to the pageant world that petty social media drama.

  6. As I wrote before, this MU edition will be fought in the arena of intellect and core values. Just like my take on the evolution from “confidently beautiful” to “beautifully confident” as a shift in focus from physical to inner beauty, it met an avalanche of thumbs down. Well, if there is a lesson to be learned by the pageantry community in this MU journey, it is the fact that just like everything else in this world, the universal concept of beauty is changing. And the Millenials and GenZs, who tend to support brands and businesses that champion the same values they embrace, have been challenging the way the world looks at beauty. Is it any wonder why pageantry transformed into a platform for issues on diversity, inclusivity, gender equality, sustainability, and environmental justice? And why the lofty branding taglines? That is pageantry industry’s response to the demand-pull by the market– to sustain its financial health and its lifeline to corporate sponsors.

    • In this particular MU edition, we witnessed a paradigm shift in the concept of beauty: from purely physical to the cerebral and core values, from the outer to the inner dimensions. That inner glow is outwardly manifested in confidence. That quality, the feeling that one can translate thoughts to action, is very evident in the performance of the Top 5 in this year’s contest.

  7. We are still proud of you Cheleste!!!

    Congrats to Miss USA Philippines RBonney!!! You did it for us!!!

    I’m going to keep my comment short and sweet, the MUP org has a lot of soul searching to do strategy wise in the next edition.

  8. MUP Org now under fire for allegedly leaving CC behind, on her own. Hayyyy the scoop never ends haaaa.

  9. Nasan na kaya si Ana Winter-Lund who really believed that Celeste could be the Transformational Leader that the new MU is looking for lol

    • Heck, let’s face it. I’m still smarting from that snub. The Phils., not even making it to the top 16. Such a Shame, I’m actually mad. I don’t even want to rationalize, justify, find reasons. I just want to vent out! Waaah!!! Screw the judges! Screw the handlers, screw whoever! This is unacceptable!!!

      Whew, that’s not even enough to placate our feelings. For we will remember this for years as a low point! No matter how much we say that it’s bound to happen, it would be better next year, blah blah, it still hurts. I thought we had a superior candidate – somebody who could give us a 2nd runner up at the very least. And then none! WTF!!!!

      And now that it’s over but the bitter finger pointing and blame analysis, I feel sorry for Celeste. I hope she does not take this to heart too much. She prepared so hard, and gave what she thought was proper in the game. And it all went for naught. It is good that she kept saying it is a matter of destiny, and if she does not win, it is not her destiny. I hope she goes home with this thought and that we are not gonna pin her down.

      Still it hurts, still. Huhuhu. We invested so much hope, expectations, prayers. I hope this feeling goes away soon, and that we, I rather, just move on, lessons learned, heart hopeful for next year. Meantime, allow me the luxury of sulking!!!×))!!!#@+?!!!

  10. It is rather serendipitous that the Philippines snapped its placement streak the same year that another Filipina won the title.

    The Filipino blood (and connection) is strong!

    We should also be proud of Patrick Isorena, Rian Fernandez, and all the talented Filipino designers and artists who have graced the MU stage in the past decade.

    This is sweet vindication for Rian Fernandez, who has experienced abuse from the Miss Universe Canada Organization a couple of years back.

    I believe the Philippines has nothing more to prove as a pageantry powerhouse.

    The streak has ended, but the legacy has been sealed.

    Congratulations to these incredible Filipinas and their teams!

    • She’s an American not just “Filipina” it’s rude for you to just solely claim her as a Filipina when she is half something else! Very rude!

  11. I predicted USA to win! (she’s not my top bet tho haha) I felt it when she walked out in that magenta gown in the prelims. Everything just aligned marvelously for her. Congrats! Deserve!

    She may be half-Filipino but the Philippines cannot claim this as our win. She was representing USA, so let’s have some decency and let them take that W.

    Also, having the semifinals streak broken happens to the best of the so-called pageant powerhouses: Venezuela, USA, South Africa, Puerto Rico… It was bound to happen to us. Let’s be sad, but also move on and come back stronger next year.

  12. Congrats to Ms. USA.
    The color of her gown matches the crown.
    I wish she answered that the scores (both prelims & finals night) be shown on screen, when she was asked what changes she wanted for Ms. Universe.
    Para transparent talaga ang pageant.

    • Awkward na sa kandidata manggaling. We get your point. Pero, more effective kung iba ang magsabi… Tayo, as fans/followers, OK lang. Maybe this is where @ scorg’s ‘market demand’ can kick in! But how we can request for the return of the Prelims Leader board without antagonizing the organization, any ideas?

      (Tulad nu’ng Supra. When they debuted in 2016, ‘yown. Live stream, pa, ‘yun’g Finale sa soc med pages nila… Nakatutuwa panoorin, kasi in real time akyat-baba ‘yun’g scores, lolz!)

      • or maybe that the closed door interviews somehow are not totally closed to the fans , I don’t know how they can do that , but they should try … for the sake of some transparency

    • Hey all, not sure it was already mentioned…isn’t this repeat history? India crowning USA who’s also from Texas (94-95). I could be wrong but just saying

    • I’ve watched videos of old/vintage Ms Universe pageants from the 90s that used to show the scores.
      It revealed which categories the candidates excelled and faltered in.
      It also showed which judges favored which candidate.
      MUO should show the scores for the sake of transparency and respect for the candidates and pageant fans.

  13. Congrats R’Bonney! A well-deserved winner.

    This year’s MU edition felt like a bit of a hot mess in many different ways.

    The filming/hosting was off at times (announcement of judges while revealing all the wrong judges lol).

    Anne’s speech…what was that… far too drawn out, awkward and cringeworthy, and she managed to make it about her while awarding Miss Thailand? Lol.

    The music acts were weird and underwhelming…

    The exclusion of sooo many deserving countries, and such an odd range of diversity.

    Sure, the top 5 were deserving of their places, it was just disappointing to not see anyone outside of America up there.

    Sorry but replacing Canada, Haiti, T&T & Laos for Philippines, Germany, Angola and Italy would’ve made for a much closer and entertaining race. Such a shame…

    I also personally thought Australia was a for sure top 5 after SS and EG (best in swimsuit in my opinion! and top 5 gown performance too).

    Bring back IMG.

  14. If you win Miss Universe, how would you work to demonstrate this is an empowering and progressive organization?

    Miss USA 2022:
    I would use to be a transformational leader. As a very passionate fashion designer been sewing for 13 years. I use fashion as a force for good. In my industry I am cutting down pollution though recycled materials when I make my clothing, I choose sewing classes to women that have been survived from the human trafficking and domestic violence and I say because it is so important to invest in others, invest in our community and use your unique talent to make a difference. We all have something special and we plant those seeds to other people in our life. We transform them and we use that as a vehicle for change

  15. A “SUPER STRONG” TOP 5 na parang nakalaan n sa kanila ung mga spots nila after ng Prelims.

    But this 71st edition reminds me a lot of the 1997 pageant wherein…

    An Asian-American also won and Brook was the oldest titleholder at that time (now… R’Bonney Nola Gabriel is the oldest).
    Pareho silang nagsuot ng mga gowns na mukhang 2-piece (but not) na parehong may shade ng blue.
    They were both crowned by previous titleholders na nagkaroon ng issue regarding weight fluctuation.

    The runner up- a Venezuelan na 23 years old din during the time of the pageant at hazel ang kulay ng mga mata.

    The 3rd placer was also from the Carribean.

    Curacao was also very strong in 1997 but failed to advance in the Final 3 because of a not so convincing answer to the judge’s question.

    So hindi ako magtataka kung biglang iannounce n si CC ang Miss Photogenic.

  16. Remind me pls, was MJ Lastimosa a previous winner in MU? Is she part of MUPH team? kung ma associate ang sarili nya kala mo previous winner eh. She’s starting to be annoying, not funny at all and looks like she’s trying hard to associated with the org.

    Hinde funny ang mga kuda nya actually, nkakababa ng MUPh. If I were Shamcey, I will tell her to act with class.

    • Haha. #mjalltheway ako. Even went to Doral where she broke out Top 6 streak.

      But, yeah, lately her attendance since Rabiya’s days has been bad luck for Phils. Taking that Doral juju with her still.

  17. What was the reason again why Celeste did not crown her sucessor in MEP? Allergies nga ba or ng diva diva?

    Salamat sa sasagot

    • Diva. Nanana diva is a female version of a hustler. Sa 20 years history ng MEP sya lang wala nagpasa ng crown. She burned bridges

      • Oh is it? Sabi nila babalik at babalik sayo ang ginawa mo sa nakalipas directly or indirectly.

      • @justpassingby ang palusot nya nun may allergies or whatever health issues sya pero before² pa sa coronation she’s nowhere to be found na sa carousel

  18. Sali nlang c Celeste sa BbPilipinas Kasi pang MI talaga cya. Yung face, energy, and all ay MI. Gayahin Nya c Madame Stella. Divah mga vecks. Ahihihihihi 😆

    • Alas the authentic persona of Celeste seems to be naturally mild, almost meek. She even looked frail at times. And yes, the performance in the prelims lacked energy.

      Sayang, she was one of the prettiest candidates. But the authentic personality that the judges were looking for is strong, outspoken and energetic. Her quest may have been doomed from the very start, as she kept her persona all the time. As for MUPh, it should really seek contestants that fit the MU bill, not the traditional beauty standards of old. MIBis still in that mold, but not Miss U.

      Just the same, I’m sending All the love for Celeste. Try as I might, I can’t blame her. She still has my admiration as one of the prettiest queens we ever had.

  19. Congratulations, R’Bonney ! A well deserved victory, indeed ! I had you as the future Miss Universe right after winning Miss USA. Down to earth, intelligent and very articulate, you are the epitome of a true beauty queen, Wishing you all the best in your Miss Universe journey. Love love love from Salt Lake City, UT.

  20. I hope everyone will give Celeste her much needed space and privacy … give the ambush interviews a rest … she NEEDS rest and relaxation right now …

  21. Oh ayan na nga yung sinasabi ko. Yung top ten oh top five ay na pag desisyunan nayan sa Prelims kaya next time give it all sa prelims walang hold back kasi Ilalabas nalang sa Finals. Again kahit yung IBA sabihin nila yung gown walang nagagawa meron as in meron😂 anyhow this is the end of the Philippines in pageantry mark my word, Maybe the next geneation kung matutu na yung mga tao how to vote a good President 😂 lol

  22. Miss Universe 2022 Questions and Anwers.Miss Universe recently made an inclusive allowing mothers and married women to compete this year, what’s another changes you’d like to see in a while?

    Miss USA: For me I would like to see an age increase and I think it’s beautiful thing. My favorite qoute is if not now then when. You find us tomorrow it’s not yesterday but it’s now, the time is now.

    • It struck me that R’Bonney’s favorite quote is “if not now, then when?” Shades of the UP activists battlecry in the 70’s– “Kung ‘di kayo kikilos, sinong kikilos? Kung ‘di ngayon, kailan?”. Just curious. Is his PhD dad originally from UP?

      • I’d like to believe that her Dad is an Isko (UP Iskolar). R’Bonney is beauty and brains personified.

    • Sana this year pinag judge si Marian Rivera. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Bea Gomez reached the top 5 because Marian Rivera was one of the judges.

      Mas katangggap tanggap pa lung last year tayo hinde pasok sa finals kasi di naman png MU talaga si Bea, eh ngayon na tick na sana lahat ng boxes, pasok ang pambato kaso ewan nakulangan ng push kaya first cut pa lang out na.

      Kung sasali si Bella Ysmael next year, sige pero mg aral sa public speaking and bilis ng pag iisip. di rin kasi impressive yung Q&A nya nung time na sumali sya.

      • Baby Nica baby, I respect your opinion but Celeste is nothing compared to the charm and power of Bea on stage. Bea has the power to draw you in when she’s on stage. Just the walk and presence alone are enough. Sadly Celeste has no presence on stage. She is this kind that when she performs, mag browse ka muna sa gadget mo ganun.

      • Bea has excellent communication skills so I’m confident she nailed the interviews. She also has a good profile (navy reservist, deployed to assist communities during the pandemic, proud LGBT) and an engaging back story (raised by a single mom) that the MUO seems to be looking for, so she was a shoo-in for the Top 16.

        She may not be spectacular during the prelims (I blame the styling and gown) but she really shone during the finals. The Top 20-10-5 format benefited her because she did well during the SS, and she looked like a Filipina goddess in that gold Francis Libiran gown with her straight hair flowing. She may not be “MU material” because she does not look like the quintessential MU candidate, but her presentation from start to finish brought her to the well-deserved Top 5. Potential is not enough; it’s the actual performance that matters.

      • And what is MU material for Filipinos! Halfies lol funny
        Remember those branded as “non-MU material” by Filipino fans gave us the best placements Janine, Ariella, Mirriam even Venus because of their morena skins

  23. It’s been a fantastic twelve year ride, Miss Universe Philippines pageantry.

    Unfortunately, as in life, all good things come to an end.

    Life goes on. Peace out.

    • Not going to be easy for PH pageantry as a whole to duplicate the same top-tier Big Four pageant success they had in the 2010s here in the 2020s.

  24. We are now licking our wounds, aren’t we? We are definitely this year’s dreaded El Tocuyo awardee, amplified by our own arrogance as a fanbase. To add insult to injury, this very mock award is what we ourselves popularized (since Mariam Habach’s non-placement) and has now bitten us squarely in the arse. The sadder thing is, our supposed unbroken streak for more than a decade at MU is finally cut off. All ASEAN countries with the most vicious online bullies (the central theme of this year’s event as Olivia and Jeannie said) were all dragged down squat (we should have been uplifting each other). Great for Laos though for making history.

    We don’t need to be geniuses to realize that we lost our focus this year by sending a representative who may be physically beautiful and photogenic (maybe a pageant boon in the past) but has projected a weak backstory, is not an engaging conversationalist (it’s not the accent but the awkward mannerisms) and who appeared very tentative on stage at the preliminaries. Talks also have it that she didn’t resonate well with the judges at the very crucial closed-door interview (including the not-so-positive feedback from the MU staff/chaperone as hinted by a Latino vlogger who’s in the venue).

    Time and again, past MU queens and candidates have said that the closed-door interview is the most crucial preliminary event and that even the most beautiful candidates do not make the cut if they falter in that segment. Some past winners may not be fluid in articulating their thoughts in English (it’s not their first language anyway), but they appeared confident, driven and oozing with great personalities on stage all throughout the event (not just in finals). Also, the trite phrase “when to peak” is so early 2010s and Shamcey should put that to rest by now (especially with the new owner). These past few years, consistency is key from the time the representative sets foot in the host country and her energy shouldn’t waiver whenever she’s in the public eye (more so with stolen and candid shots). After all, being Miss Universe is a full-time job of travelling and multi-media appearances (especially now in the post-pandemic era). The MU prefers a girl whose energy is infectious.

    Many Pinoys are so invested in MU that they will be expectedly bitter, nitpicking and blaming anyone in the team – dresses, preparations, etc. Jonas will definitely not hear the end of it (until the next editions if and when our girl makes the cut again). I wonder what media spin will Voltaire say or write to cover this loss. Although in some ways those preparatory aspects do matter when viewed holistically because it projects the local org’s firm resolve to win, at the end of the day, it’s the “girl” who does not conform to the mold of the organization’s new brand (with or without sash factor).

    Much as we would like to console ourselves a bit that Miss USA is part Filipina and she has always been proud of that heritage (plus both her national costume – by Patrick Isorena – and evening gowns – by Rian Fernandez – were made by Filipinos), we cannot technically claim honor for her victory because she wore the USA sash. I remember when Catriona won and some Australian newspapers headlined “Miss Universe is an Aussie – a local Cairns Girl,” Pinoy fans were up and arms saying that she’s Miss Philippines because she wore the Philippine sash.

    Nonetheless, I personally admit that with R’Bonney’s victory, the humble pie is less bitter-tasting (my siblings and cousins in LA are all ecstatic about Pinoy minority representation in the US and I lost a $50 bet). Oh well, as they say, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose (hopefully, not every time) – that’s life.

    • She used Filipino designers both for her National costume and evening gowns because its cheap labor😂 but good quality.

    • So love your post! Totally agree! So funny to ready many posts on here where they over-analyze what has transpired. Hindsight is indeed 20-20, as they say, and no amount of over-analyzing will change anything. Perhaps we can learn something from all this; however, the judging panel will be different next year and who knows what their taste will be. Everyone thinks they are an expert judge and know what the panel is looking but even the judges themselves each have their own favorites. Different judges, different day, different results.

  25. I am happy that Miss USA won the MU 2022, as she feels vindicated by the backstory that haunted her when she wins the Miss USA title.

  26. A BEAUTY PARADIGM SHIFT indeed! As I’ve been commenting all along, which always receive an avalanche of thumbs down in this blog, this development is no longer a surprise from the business viewpoint. The global pageantry industry has to survive. It has to be relevant to the Millenial and GenZ markets, the world’s biggest in demographics and disposable income. It has to recapture the First World economies who have for decades now been disinterested in beauty contests. The advocacy marketing by the top pageant brands seem perfunctory and unable to re-energize lost markets and crack open frontier markets. It takes a new blood to arrest pageantry’s downward slide to bankruptcy and take the industry to a stable place in the business mainstream. And it needs a holistically beautiful spokesperson to add value to the pageant brand she carries. Congratulations MUO! Congratulations R’Bonney!

    • The moment R’Bonney won Miss USA, I knew all along she has what it takes to be Miss Universe. When the new Miss Universe’s “Beautifully Confident” tagline, “Force for Good” crown and “sustainable” sashes were unveiled, it was serendipitous that these MU’s messaging dovetailed with her long-running advocacy. I’ve been watching her interviews and I saw her engaging personality and intellect that can connect with people-on-the-street as well as those in corporate boardrooms and in seats of political powers. When JKN started talking about transformational leadership, I thought that R’Bonney’s win was assured: she is the embodiment of transformational leadership! Excellent choice MUO.

      • It’s looking like a geographical realignment is taking place among the world’s top branded pageants. MS in Africa with Miss South Africa’s win; ME in Asia with Miss Korea, MI in Europe with Miss Germany. I wrote before that the region not yet taken this year is America. MU did not only elect a winner from the Americas– all Top 5 are achievers from this continent. So we have almost all regions in the world taken by pageantry. I hope all of their branding taglines can collectively make a difference in the lives of people in this New Normal.

  27. I would understand if the “crybaby” Rabiya or the “plain jane” Bea ended the streak of the PH in MU. But Celeste is a top calibre lady. One of the most well-rounded representative of PH in MU history. Ang hirap tanggapin! Hoping that the next MUP will change its strategy from being reserved to sure-win. And the gowns please sana paghandaan naman. Yun lang!

    • Let me remind you that those you labelled as “cry baby” and “plain Jane” placed higher than CC.

      The judges saw something in them that merit their respective placements.

      • Dont take my comment out of context. Celeste was pegged by many a strong contender for the crown, unlike those 2 which didnt even reach the top 5 final predictions during their respective stints – which caused my disbelief. Dont tell me you were not shocked/surprised with Celeste’s exclusion?

    • Celeste could never match the power and charm of Bea on stage. She has this energy that draws you in.
      Celeste and Rabiya are of the same level, they even look very similar in some angles.
      When I was watching Celeste during the prelims, I thought of Rabiya.
      To answer your question below, after the prelims I knew that she would not make the first cut and this even caused an argument with some of my friends over there in the Philippines.
      If you go back to my old comments, I was consistent that Celeste gives off an aura of an aging Russian escort in the Middle East and Western Europe. Sorry to say that.

  28. Wow! An ENTIRE month in El Salvador….

    … I know next to nothing about it. 🙂

    This will be a learning experience. Google, humanda ka. Gimme the best you got, dear. ❤

    • (Cont.)

      It’s Siargao’s soul mate – surfing in Pacific waters & when not surfing, unlimited coffee!

      If I were MUP 2023, I’d come out of the experience with surfing prowess. Puhon, lessons will be given. And if El Presidente is any indication, a cutey… 🙂

      Subaybayan, natin, MUES 2023, how they select the host delegate. ❤

  29. What’s common among the top 16?

    1. Strong portfolio
    2. Well-established advocacies
    3. Great communication skills
    4. Relatable/ authentic

    Aside from being beautiful, inside and out, these factors should not be taken for granted.

    I thank you.

  30. Miss USA is very eloquent. Her thought process is very fluid. But I doubt if she will endear herself to pinoy pageant fans. Kaunti lang sa Pilipinas ang maka-relate sa anak ng pinoy na may Phd sa USA. Mas maka-relate ang pinoy sa anak ng domestic helper sa Italy.

    • Checheleste really didn’t have any advocacy before MUP, nor authentically involved to any prior to her pageantry…on top of that, she is truly a weak in communication.

  31. What I really do not agree is the “surprise” thing and the last minute changes. Ang haba haba ng preparation and yet may nakakaligtaan pa rin. Every year there should be lessons learned pero bakit di tayo natututo.
    Yung prelims napaka-importante na dapat doon pa lang may impact na yung presentation, not just playing safe at may reservation pa na sinasabi sa finals. Ano ang kwenta nung pasabog daw kung hindi naman kasali sa finals?
    Look at Catriona, nangibabaw na agad sa prelims with that famous slowmo twirl.
    Sana nga this will not the start of the downfall of Ph in MU. Nakakapanghinayang talaga dahil napakaganda ng ating kandidata.
    Congrats Miss USA kahit papano kasamang magcelebrate ang mga pinoy!

    • Kasi nga over confident si Jonas at Shamcey na kahit nakatsinelas si Miss Philippines sa prelims sigurado pa ring mapapasama sa first cut.
      Ang problema masyado na tayong naging mayabang hindi lang mga fans kundi lahat nga b/vloggers na taon taon na lang pinipredict na Philippines ang mananalo.
      Now balik sa sinabi ng best commenter ever na si Ben, we are now licking our own wound.

  32. So.. let me go back to what I said in this forum:
    “USA could win it all” na inulan ng thumbs down
    “We need to pray for Celeste” after the prelims na inulan din ng thumbs down
    We Filipino pageant fans and b/vloggera as well should really learn to get rid of biases when judging.
    I hope Celeste is ok though. It’s tough.

    • Celeste is strong enough to pull through this “nightmare” if we stop blaming her and her team. The presence of empowered and transformational figures in the top 16 should serve us a lesson, that beauty goes beyond pasarela and rehearsed answers. And our next reps should have authentic advocacies and unique back stories. Back to the drawing boards Mama J. Di umobra rampa mo this time.

  33. I hope Celeste is okay. I know she felt bad for losing the crown moreso, breaking the semis streak record the Philippines has been holding and enjoying for 12 years. Let us not blame her team, the MU Org., and the new Thai owner. As they say “pana-panahon lang talaga yan!” It so happened that this edition of MU is not for the Philippines. Sana lang may natutunan ang team Philippines na laging may reservation para sa mas special na evening gown sa finals. Sabi nga ng isang commenter here, prelims pa lang dapat bigay-todo kasi “it’s now or never”. Bawi na lang next year Pilipinas!

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