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  1. El Salvador’s population living below the poverty line is 36% and its public debt is 90% of its GDP. The country has critically high crime and violence rate, and there is a worldwide travel warning. The country faces plummeting economic growth and a high deficit, and its decision last year to make bitcoin legal tender and its investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency has pushed its economy further in a very precarious spot. It has one of the worst human rights records in the region with 2% of its population detained including reports of torture and criminalizing people in poverty. President Bukele’s administration has also been accused of widespread corruption including misappropriation of public funds intended to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

    And President Bukele makes this big announcement that El Salvador will be investing in and hosting Miss Universe! Wow.

    • Just to add that El Salvador hosted the pageant previously, in 1975.

      The political backdrop to the 1975 Miss Universe pageant was not a happy one, however. According to the New York Times, August 5, “while a worldwide television audience saw El Salvador’s sunny beaches before the “Miss Universe” finals July 19, off-camera heavily armed troops were called out to halt demonstrations by students protesting the Government’s expenditure of $1-million on the contest”. Protests took place in Santa Ana and San Salvador. Again, from the NY Times: “According to the military Government, which contended that the march was part of a “Communist plot”, one person was killed, five wounded, and 11 arrested. But according to the students, at least 12 persons were killed, 20 wounded, and 40 arrested”.

  2. Hmmm.. Let’s give what Miss Universe wants…
    let us send Julia Saubier… Who would have thought that stars are actually alligning for her?!.. She’s born and raised in the Philippines.. Baised on Jus Soli & Jus Sanguinis, she is more Filipina than Pia & Catriona…. She is Multi-lingual( Tagalog, Bicolano, English, French, Mandarin, etc.), a Magna cum laude & a Martial artist.. She’s descended from from a long line of strong Filipina women. This future diplomat & polyglot has the heart to serve and passion to inspire people… As a Miss Philippines, she will definitely be bashed for her looks, but I think that would make her very impactful. If MUPh org could transform her into the ideal Filipina beauty without being invasive then she could become the epitome of a transformational leader Miss Universe is now looking for.

    • @Close2Fame: I’d be more than happy to see Julia represent the Philippines. She certainly is an extraordinary woman and an absolute gem.

      Julia self-funded her education through hard work and scholarships. She holds a BA in Film and New Media Production and Political Science from New York University, Abu Dhabi, and a Masters degree from the Yenching Academy of Peking University in Beijing.

      She speaks English, Tagalog, French, Chinese, and Spanish. In short, not only is she a Filipina, she’s truly a woman of the world (universe rather!)

      She’s highly intelligent and has worked extensively in Europe as both an actress and a stuntwoman, Julia even has spent time in a Chinese monastery to perfect her skills in martial arts.

      Julia has consistently projected Asian women like herself as the image of strength and leadership. She is also an exponent and advocate of Filipino martial arts, in pekiti-tersia kali, an indigenous Filipino martial art, alongside a group that trains women and girls for self-defense purposes in their local communities. This is not just some fly by night advocacy — Julia’s passion is real and proven. Her creative work in these areas are both tangible and practical — geared toward making an impact on communities with whom she works.

      Pageant wise, work on improving her styling and pasarela are just icing on the cake for Julia — her real strength is in the interview, her authentic advocacies which speak to her passion of empowering and leading women in local communities, her natural intelligence and her eloquent ability to communicate ideas in as many as 5 languages, and her proven track record of being a self-made woman makes Julia a force to reckon with. I hope she joins again.

      • @Casper

        I agree… and if she wins MUPh now.. She could focus on improving her advocacy by making it more holistic & sustainable while showcasing Filipino history & culture like our pre-colonial society in relation to the world- starting with ex. the flora & fauna mentioned in the Bible that’s only found in our islands, the untold pre-colonial structures(Binuangan Walls) & artifacts(Lusong Jars) and forgoten traditional medicine. She could be instrumental in creating Economic balance for our country by educating everyone of the benefits of legalizing Medicinal Marijuana which includes utilizing it as the cheapest source of biodiesel. If she could level up what Pia and Catriona did to win the crown while making it uniquely her own then she could be our next Miss Universe.

  3. what is this thing that I heard and saw … Miss Laos defeated Miss Phlippines for the Miss Fan Vote/Internet slot in the Top 16 ? … ( she also defeated Miss Vietnam )
    Is this real or fake news ? ///

    • Laos is heavily connected to Thailand with respect to culture.

      Laos was a political pick by Anne herself.

      Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam were all snubbed because they weren’t A-level and their fans need some humble pie. Masyadong entitled.

  4. The frequent use of sunglasses was a major major red flag
    It sent a negative message to to the MUO and fans in general

  5. Bella Ysmael, born and raised in the Philippines and very fluent in English and Tagalog

  6. Would be nice to see Bella’s ballet pics and videos on MU stage
    Should be refreshing not to talk abt poverty

  7. The problem with solely focus sa comm skills, baka this year the mayARI, will then say “this time I’m looking for a marketable woman that would be the ambassador for the brand… in the end it’s a business…” ngek! I think we should be focus on both. Don’t let go of the idea na beauty pageant pa rin. Muph should be hungry enough! U can tell VZ team is hungry to win. Muph def is resting and complacent that the clamor of fans will do itself… that’s not happening anymore so unless muph is that hungry we will continue this dark age, possible back to back el tocoyo… I see Thailand getting the crown soon, na collateral talaga cya…

    • Wishful thinking na yan kung Thailand owner papaboran pH. We all know we have this rivalry. Ang technique dyan sumipsip ang mup Kay Anne JKN.

  8. Many downvote me when I said we are lucky to be in top 16. My Thai friend who works in pageantry told me that Ann jk gave judges folders to read on a candidate advocacy

    • Agree, Celeste is one of the strongest candidates we have sent overall. She also did well in the prelims–maybe not as pasabog as fans expexted, but in any other year it should have been enough to get into the Top 16. Things just did not line up: the change in ownership, focus, and preferences of the organization.

  9. Re- pasarela .
    Why did they have to change it ?
    Ang lakas lakas na ng dating , binago pa

    • Ginawang boring with horse stomp.

      I cringed when I saw her come out because she was so lackluster, especially after Peru, it was disastrous.

      Eh kasi, saving to peak at the right time.

  10. the fear right now is that this break in Pinas semis streak is going to prolong ; I myself is hoping that this is just a hiccup … or else , I cannot watch MU anymore …

    I don’t think JKN will make changes to MU to make it so unrecognizable… the difference between JKN and the owner of MGI is that JKN did not start her own pageant ; she bought a well established well loved and universally admired pageant ; she better weigh the risks of alienating its fan base ; and if as a young gay lad, she loved watching MU , then she will only aim to make it better , not to transform it into garbage like MGI …///

  11. I heard something from the grapevine…
    Celeste’s Finale gown.. is not Oliver Tolentino’s nor Michael Laeva’s… It’s suppose to be the blue gown made by Francis Libiran.. and it is Gorgeous! I guess they never wanted to reveal it now kasi at least another queen could wear it.

    • USA’s gown and costume were made by designer from Pinas .. how come that style of gown , so exquisite and unique and outstanding in every way, cannot be made for our own Pinas delegate ? … we end up with boring styles with the exception of Cat’s gown

  12. I’m just thankful Venezuela did not get the crown
    This and R’bonney’s winning serve as a saving grace for us Pinoy fans

    • and I love that she said ensaymada is her favorite snack … we belong to the same club

  13. With due respects, I encourage everyone to now accept the fact of a beauty paradigm shift at MU. The shift turned the focus from purely physical to the cerebral and core values, from outer to inner beauty. We were forewarned months ago with the change in brand tagline. No, the change from “confidently beautiful” to “beautifully confident” was not just a play of words. It was a significant change in focus—from physical beauty to confidence, an inner beauty engendered by intellect and core values. Then came the unveiling of the new crown that was nicknamed “Force for Good Crown”. All the subsequent pronouncements by the new owner pointed to a big change looming in the horizon, and we stayed fixated in our focus on physical beauty. The handlers and fans agonized over pasarela, styling, the gown, the hair, etcetera, and ignored the implications of the new rules of the game.

    • Came the contest proper. We were busy extolling, and even quarrelling with dissenting opinions, on our bet’s superb pasarela, vavavoom body, and ethereal face, while the selection panel was busy sleuthing for outward manifestation of candidates’ inner qualities. When the results came staring us in the face—that the new rules that demanded the possession of transformational leadership qualities yielded a Top 16 of articulate exceptional young achievers– we questioned the decision on the basis of our own now-seemingly-passe parameters of beauty.

    • What I think we should do now is accept the fact that change has taken place in beauty pageantry. It is no longer a one-off show of beauty gladiators. It is now transforming into a platform for meaningful change in society. Accept it or not, that’s the strategic direction of the industry to stay financially afloat, survive the volatile economic landscape, and be of service to humanity. I believe there are many R’Bonneys in our midst, waiting to be discovered. And let the training and development be comprehensive: less on pasarela, styling, body aesthetics intervention (read: manufactured bust, nose, eyes, chin, jawline) but more on communication skills, social intelligence quotient, awareness of socio-political-economic issues, and immersion in some community development initiatives.

    • Everything is subjective . How much you howl and weep with regards to the new norms in Miss Universe still is the judges power to x you or to y u. Miss Venezuelas bio is not that impressive at all. Likewise the bio of the top 16 . Candidly speaking Celeste desrve to be in the top 16 no less. May mga candidate tayo na cum laude pero pag salitain mo ng English nakuh ewan. We feel all the ugh and eek and all that. Again yung mga selection committee lang yung makakasagot ng mga tanong natin. Yung si Olivia Quido makakasagot ng tanong natin kasi after ng interview at prelims may deliberation sila. Pero dahil sa confidentiality clause ayaw magsalita ni Miss O. Pero sa aking insider mababa daw yung binigay nya sa kalahi nya char lang.

      • Hello, Ivan. I just caught the Top 16 announcement on MU’s YouTube channel. I was unable to catch the action yesterday…

        Si Amanda, ba, ‘yun’g awareness on water scarcity ang advocacy? Or, was it Ma. Fernanda (Colombia)?

        It’s good you FINALLY brought up the magic word – DELIBERATION. This means factors beyond what fans see/watch are taken into consideration, whether said factors are organization- or candidate- based… Kahit, nga, sa BBP, nangyayari. Anyway, thanks again!


      • (Cont.)

        Thanks to @ Gul Panag! Honga, pala… Amanda first made sketches & put these up online para wala’ng wasted fabric making prototypes that wouldn’t sell. I saw a similar problem in another industry, but I will digress again.

        I’m not belittling Colombia’s efforts. I share her conviction on the matter. I just got confused, kasi I commented well after seeing the Introduction video segment, so I got mixed up na. 😦

        Four (4) years si Celeste sa Pilipinas, that’s good enough for Residency, isn’t it? She waited until she complied with MUP’s minimum Residency requirements, I suppose… But what of Dimaranan?…

        This brings to mind the ‘Fil-Comm’ sash & that other national contest which annoys (my) Admin whenever I mention it. One of us asked/said, “… I don’t understand the purpose of this pageant”. Precisely, it is to accommodate & recognize this aspect of Philippines contemporary life! I called it a ‘solvent nationality’ that may become a future direction wherein ‘you represent only yourself & not any specific part of the world anymore’. Which I think will be worth trying out; at the very least, maiiwasan ‘yun’g sashes na ‘Province’ ta’s may ‘City’ & ‘Town’… Ayaw niyo, naman, ng ‘candidate #’ lang. 🙂

      • (Cont.1)

        Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m shooting myself in the foot. 😦

        I answered my own question : Katrina was born & grew up in the country & emigrated later. Nag-Tagalog nga pala siya sa Introduction video niya nu’ng MUP, no?

    • I beg to disagree Scorg. I think it was more of a realignment in political and business interests with a dash of advocacy just to make sure they weren’t called out. If it was a true paradigm shift from beauty to cerebral, core values and inner achuchuchus, probably just one or two of the predictable front-runners (including our own candidate), would have made it to the top 5, though I would still think Miss USA would have taken the crown.

      It just didn’t make sense when you’re making scores (prelims plus closed-door) that didn’t add up when you finally saw all the 16 semi-finalists; there was no way in hell that Celeste had dropped that low.

  14. The Pinas fan base should be more realistic with setting expectations. Although I personally is kind of intrigued as to why Celeste broke our semifinals streak , I did not see her clearly winning the crown like Pia and Cat from the get go.

    There is a known unknown : what happened during the closed door Q&A. Though Celeste’s outfit for the Q&A was superb, the meat of the Q&A session remains a secret. Come to think of it, now that the Finale is done, Celeste is so very similar to Miss Spain 2021. Exceptional beauty, favorite of almost everybody, but still unsuccessful …why? the logical answer is what transpired during the closed door Q&A

    Back in 2017, when the major favorite Miss Indonesia failed to enter the semis, the Indonesian fans were bashing Miss China for stealing the spot from their delegate. Why would you bash the delegate ? … it only implies that China did much better in Q&A even though Indonesia performed quite well during the prelim swim & gown. The prelim swim & gown is something we all see but we are denied the knowledge of the prelim Q&A result. Now, does the new owner want to be slightly transparent ? Maybe partly bring the 1991 format back and allow the audience to see just the prelim Q&A scores ///

    • We know she did decent at closed door interview
      It’s what she has or has not done in the past that alerted the MUO JKN did not have to dig deeper . It was all served on a golden platter by our enemies from Indonesia Vietnam and Thailand .

    • It all boils down to what’s the percentage of “close-door interview” to the total preliminary competition score.

      We all witnessed Celeste’s MUPh preliminary competition interview performance. Celeste’s public speaking skill has a lot to be desired of.

      But then again, there were a lot of drop dead gorgeous and highly expected delegates that failed to make the semifinal cut. C’est la vie.

  15. What I was fearing to happen, did happen, but didn’t quite believe that even if the organisation was looking for something different, it’s still implausible to believe that if you combined prelims performance and the closed-door interview, Celeste was still trumped by the likes of Canada, Laos, Haiti, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and Australia???

    So what you had was a Top 16 with fillers- same group above- who had virtually no chance against the usual suspects who did make it as predicted, so I’m thinking, the whole story is more than what everyone is currently talking about it.

    Nothing against Miss USA who did superbly, if not a tad too technical over the heavy favourite Ms Venezuela, but I can’t help but suspect that the Philippines was knee-capped; and to not make this obvious, to sacrifice Miss Thailand.

    So don’t go blaming pageant fans and say it’s their fault because hello, the Latinos are even worse when it comes to bullying; we just don’t hear much of it because they do it in Spanish lol (the gall of them nitpicking on the final answers when they can’t even barely speak English).

    Sure, much could have been done and all the questions about preparation are legitimate. That finals gown Celeste wore wouldn’t have made the cut even if she had made it to the top 16- DR’s gown was commanding; Venezuela’s was stupid, but it was totally her; USA’s though it was done by something, fit her aesthetic to a T. It’s mind-boggling that after Catriona’s Lava moment, we seem to be the only country who does not see that as a bar to always live up to or even surpass.

    And unfortunately, the blame is going to fall on Jonas and friends and rightly so- THEY HAVE JUST ONE JOB!!!

    A loss is heart-breaking, but losing is a natural part of life (even if I suspect that ours wasn’t completely natural) and it had to happen sometime.

    But take heart- we did accomplish something bigger than a streak that no other country can claim- we have and continue to redefine and influence pageantry outside the stage with our creaitve professionals…

  16. I find that Filipinos need to be more empathetic. After a devastatingly surprising snub, the best we should do is keep quiet and show appreciation of our candidate esp with her heavily favored status going into the finals.

    But, all you do is come up with new names to succeed her. How about give some time to rest, appreciate her efforts and recuperate before moving on the 2023 edition.

    It’s very unkind and cold. The fans also need to learn how to live the values that these beauty pageants are pushing too, you know. It’s not just some fake messaging that they’re pushing to win. They are actually genuine messages to make our world a better place.

    Be empathetic. Thank you.

    • 4m na po
      The next edition is starting in 2 weeks na po
      We need someone articulate and outgoing with no checkered past

      • That is not a valid reason to not show empathy. These people are just us, human beings who are more hurt that you and me. We are just fans and keyboard warriors who’s investment is time and saliva with our opinions.

        How about spend some time showing some love and appreciation instead of just treating Celeste as if she’s another disposable object that is of no use now.

        But then, it is probably too hard of a concept to be a good human being to some people here.

      • Talking about potential candidates for this yr’s edition does not disrespect Celeste
        What do you want the fans to do
        Previous posts have been spent on sending thanks and appreciation for Celeste
        Do you want the fans to spend 1 month just to mourn over this ??

      • ‘Censya na po…. Over-age. Sub-par height. Yeah, articulate & outgoing. But a past not exactly worth gloating of. Feelingera lang me. 🙂

        And oh, yeah! AWFUL skin, I shared before. 😦

    • Hello. ‘Censya na; I couldn’t resist… (Thanks to @ Fabian Reyes for taking first blood.)

      One of us, I don’t recall who, said in an earlier post that (… si @ jonalynhernandez, ‘ata, my gosh hirap ng utak senior) Celeste needs privacy now. Yes, we are immensely grateful for all she has done & we see no reason why a BRIGHT(ER) future should not be in the offing (for her), but the sustained excitement generated by this post (on the announcement of the host venue for the 72nd edition) could also help to redirect some of the unproductive talk & energy towards a goal/objective. Puhon, Celeste will not take it to mean we have forgotten her so soon after. Quite the contrary! Don’t we look forward to seeing her on the MUP stage once more? That’s something, too… But that’s FUTURE.

      PS. Belated wedding greets! Hubby is a SCUBA diver, no? ❤

  17. So tinawagan ko si TIta O sabi nya secret daw char.Again and again lesson learned. Prelims ay napaka halaga dito sila pumipili ng top yung finals night ay formality nalang to subject the top para kung sino talag yung karaoatdapat. Kaya yung strategy na hold ur horses sa prelim at ilabas sa finals walang kwenta yun. Tapos yung gown dapat wala nang suprise effect pati yung national costume dapat ilatag na para yung mga reactions ng mga tao eh dapat i consider then dibah Jonas? Yung mga accla na humahawak jusme tignan nyo nalang yung ayus nila baduy so how much more na ano yung ipapasuot nila sa candidate. Wag munang asikasuhin yung mga hombre.
    Please wag natin sabihin na yung Miss USA eh half filipino. She represented her country USa .

  18. Nicole e was dethroned
    I thought JKN was setting up for Nicole e to be the next MU

  19. Bella

    These girls are the only ones with the MU calibre comm skills

  20. MUPorg should be asked and they should answer the question whether the MUorg has provided them clear criteria as to ho prelim judging is done. I heard it is 50% interviews. Is this true ? they should confirm this : i.e. 50% interview , 25% swim 25% gown
    I guess we can say the 50% interview includes the MUorg observation of the candidate

    • Aye naku, Jonas and Empire BFF Shawn and Esther and Paula know what the criteria is. Ayan, blame game ng mga accla.

      Maybe they should go back to basics and train winning candidates instead of the side business and team vacations. Hard to find sponsors when your delegates are clappers.

    • Too much playing safe with MUP.

      Michelle Dee is only revered by poor Filipinos who are blinded by her privileged background.

      Did anyone outside of the “anak ng mayaman” crowd outside of the PH root for her at Miss World or MUP?


  21. Kung c Michelle Dee sana, I’m sure she can sell her advocacy, her story and her worth as a woman to be MU2022.
    Cherette lungs 🫁

  22. Bella has a way with words like no other
    She should have won in 2020
    She should win this yr

    • What has she done? Rich girl born of priveledge is not what new miss org is looking for . It’s a new era . Get over your old fashioned choices .

      • Bella has a true inspiring story and she will say it in a way that is believable because it’s true . She is educated and a true ballet dancer
        She will resonate to the MUO and the fans
        She will be the only MU with another MU in the family

  23. MUP Org now under fire for allegedly leaving CC behind, on her own. Hayyyy the scoop never ends haaaa.

  24. congratulations to celeste for representing the Phils very well. wla ako nakitang mali, wla akong nakitang pagkukulang. pak na pak ang inyong OOTDs, pak na pak ang napili mong gown sa prelims and most of all- vavavoom ang inyong performance sa prelims SS round. goosebumps. it reminded me of Oxana. . wla rin ako nakitang issue sa pagiging reserved mu kuno, on the other hand, totally agree ako sa strategy mu to reserve energy. which makes me really wonder why you were eliminated from the top 16..when everywhere you were consistently predicted to be in the top5, if not top 3…ang bato mu kaya bilang darna ang malaking balakid sa kagustuhan nila na maibalik ang korona sa USA para kuno maibalik ang ning ning at sigla sa home base nito? biktima ka kaya ng tinatawag na business pivot? watever it is, celeste, you have our respect and admiration for the transformation you tirelessly carried on in pursuit of your dream..nonethless, never lose sight of your purpose. this is just the beginning good luck.


    • I was going to say Duterte levels almost… and despite what he said in his digitized video bit for last night, El Salvador is dangerous AF.

      There are many Salvadoraneans in CA and they will be the first to tell you it is overrun by gangs. Without anything to do. Their Pacific coastline has small rocky beaches and they have a nice national park, but it really is not a place for most tourists.

      I was planning a trip to BKK in December too. Looks like it will have to wait until 2024 or 2025.

  25. Guwapo naman ni El Salvadorian president 🥰
    Excited for Miss Universe Philippines 2023.
    Curious of the new faces and beauties joining MUP 2023.

  26. Basta sana klaro na sa lahat, paglapag ng pambato natin sa El Salvador dapat consistent na best foot forward agad. Tapos na ung era ng pa-surprise effect or better know as, “know when to peak”. Kasi hindi mo na mararating yang peak na yan kung first cut pa lang eh ligwak na agad. Para kasing “authenticity” talaga ang hinahanap ng bagong MUO, given na kasi na lahat sila ay mga national winners at mag kanya-kanyang ganda. 1st day pa lang ng bagong winner ng MUPhilippines 2023 inoobserbahan na yan ng MUOrg + basbas ni Miss Ann…yan ang realidad. Kaya sana naman ung nangyari eh humbling experience sa pamunuan ng MUPh Org. Magrecalibrate na tayo mga bakla. Makinig din sa mga netizens dahil di din naman kayo mga perfect. Yung formula nga ni Osmel nagexpire pero lasted for many decades…reflect reflect din MUP Org!!! Thank you so much pa din Celeste!!! Ineng, may Miss Supranational pa…laban!!! ❤

  27. Aside from Thailand, who are the special awardees for Ms.Congeniality, Ms. Photogenic and Best Natcos?

  28. I think the last winner of MU who was wearing a black gown on Finale night was Miss Canada Karen Diane Baldwin 40 years ago in 1982 … very rare , winner in black gown

  29. I bet on Julia Saubier twice and would not hesitate to bet on her again!

    She is turning 28 this year. I pray that she’d consider.

    • Do you think facially Julia can stand up to the level of the top 5 tonight? Whoever we send still has to be beautiful with a strong back story too. Vvv or genesis Latugat . No to the likes of konteseras. Hope for the best for Celeste . She is a genuinely beautiful girl inside and out , just the org wanted someone of a different mold.

      • With the right makeup and styling, she definitely could.

        Just look at R’Bonney.

      • I’ll bet on Julia over VVV. But regardless who represents the Philippines next MU, MUP org should know better. All the past 3 reps performed better in the national than in the MU itself.

      • Julia Saubier and Victoria Vincent both have the profile MUO seems to be looking for, while Genesis Latugat has an engaging back story. With proper styling and sufficient training, I think they can represent the Philippines well in the MU stage (altho I want VVV for Miss World or Miss International).

        Pauline Amelinckx seems to start making her presence known again, but I also think Miss World suits her beauty and appeal more.

        Anyway, we may be sad today, but we are also entering the local pageant season again in the PH so I think the excitement and anticipation will trump our frustrations 🙂

      • What’s the point of aiming the top 5 if making the first cut is not even possible. Ergo, the splendid semifinal-streak is broken.

        We all see Celeste’s stage performance which was very impressive. What we’re not privy of was her performance during the close door interview.

        Celeste’s failure to make the semifinal list is unfathomable. Unless the new MUOrg this time made the preliminary close-door interview worth 50% or greater. And we all know that Celeste’s public speaking skill has a lot to be desired.

        Then again, some good things were not meant to last. With her stunning face and well-proportioned figure, it’s just unfortunate that Celeste will bear the notoriety of “the one-who-broke-the-streak.”

      • YAAASSS.

        The W-A-I-S-T-L-I-N-E.


        (Puwede, rin, si Mirjan… My gosh. Si Abalos na rin, might as well. Marunong pa mag-Spanish!)

    • Speaking of VVV, ‘asan na ‘yun’g bata’ng ‘yun?… Bigla’ng nag-incognito.

      (‘Di, kaya, naging issue kay Mdme.AJKN ‘yun’g nationality? Alam, naman, natin sa Thailand. Kahit ano pa’ng genetic profile mo, BE THAI FLUENT.)

      Since a Latin American country will host, we should re-aim for a Teresita Ssen approach. Latugat na lang.

      Or if they like tall, ‘Biliran’ beckons… ❤

      • (Cont.)

        Munti’ng paalala, lamang, all. 5 FEB ANG DEADLINE NG APPLICATIONS, por favor.

        (Also, to MUPO, PLEASE NO MORE POLL to propel the 100~75~50~30 attrition scheme just to ostensibly make revenue… May AP scheme, naman, kayo. Kayo-kayo, na, magkasunduan. Just release the Roster of Official Candidates, sans voting drama. Arigatou!)

      • Oo nga po, at sana mapanood ng malinaw at libre and mga activities, prelims at finals.

      • (Cont.1)

        I hope the New Ownership is reading the blog. Btw, we are excited to see all ES can offer!

        El Salvador, that is.

        It may be a worthwhile gesture to put together a ‘ND’s-&-Licensee’s Summit’ soon. At the very least, it can serve as a show of unity across the MU pageant network. At best, it could give Mdme.AJKN an opportunity to personally meet with everyone if she finds value in doing so. No offense meant, but I got the impression that only now visible in the pageant spotlight, I wonder if the ‘inner circles’ consider her an outsider, therefore trust issues…? I don’t think something like this has been done before. ME, ‘ata. Pero, pa-Dinner (lang) sa mga ND prior sa Finale. 🙂

  30. El Salvador’s govt almost collapsed when the cryptocurrency boom became a bust…
    I wish the host country chosen was either Costa Rica or Guatemala or Belize or Honduras ( but never Nicaragua , this country is a dictatorship )

    When El Salvador hosted in 1975 , Miss Finland won with Haiti as 1st ru , and… Philippines as 4t ru …

  31. I hope Herlene Nicole Budol will join MUP 2023. She is the only hope that we will going the bring home the crown. She is beautiful, articulate and talentended

  32. I am glad that craziness it is over and it is time to move on. Mabuhay Philippines!

  33. What’s common among the top 16?

    1. Strong portfolio
    2. Well-established advocacies
    3. Great communication skills
    4. Relatable/ authentic

    Aside from being beautiful, inside and out, these factors should not be taken for granted.

    I thank you.

    • Agree. These should be considered by MUPH in choosing the next Philippine representative in MU.
      I am excited about El Salvador as the host country for the next edition of MU . Chiqui Brosas will certainly have nostalgia as El Salvador was the host country when she placed 4th runner up during the 1975 MU.

    • Korek on the strong portfolio. Mga bakla g hamog bash especially miss Canada considering she’s a CEO for that age???? Divita Rai being an architect and so on. Yung candidate natin? Ano ginagawa? Aside the pageant?

      • We cannot actually blame Celeste and MUPH team for breaking the country’s 12-year placement streak. It was barely 3 months ago that Anne assumed MU ownership and it was barely few days ago that the new MU owner told the candidates that she is looking for a candidate who has transformational leadership qualities to be the next winner. Everybody was surprised and caught unaware with her pronouncement.

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