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  1. I have just watched the Miss Universe 2022 recap done very well by Shandi Finnesey , MUSA 2004 and MU 1st runner up . I invite you to watch this , just search on youtube …

  2. I feel for Celeste.

    On one hand, MUO’s exclusion of Ind-Phils-Thai was clearly a strong message to these countries that the IMG era of expected inclusions is OVAH. France got shut out too. Mexico as well.

    On the other hand, I was criticized for saying Celeste had the Gazini non-energy factor, but it’s undeniable too. Typical biased Pinoys: “she’s saving her energy.” LOL. Miss Universe na, save energy pa? Tumahimik na kayo.

    All the other ladies mentioned above, save for Anna, were lackluster and generic. Anna deserved Top 16 but she was unfortunately a sacrificial lamb.

    Celeste transformed to be the best she could possibly be, but in the end she wasn’t the transformational leader that MUO was looking for. There is no doubt she is beautiful and humble and the future is still looking bright for her. Maraming salamat Celeste!

  3. Having the semifinals streak broken happens to the best of the so-called powerhouses: Venezuela, USA, South Africa, Puerto Rico… It was bound to happen to us sooner or later. It is a sign that the strategies that were working then may no longer be effective. Like the organization itself, our approach to winning must also evolve.

    I think we all agree that Celeste’s prelim performance should have been good enough to get her into the Top 16. She is our most “MU material” delegate since Catriona. Unfortunately, there were other factors that MUO was looking for that they found in the other candidates.

    From what I observed, we should send someone with a good profile or background (apart, of course, from the good visuals, presentation skills, energy, and comm skills). An engaging back story is a plus. It is not enough anymore to just send a pretty girl who works in an industry for pretty girls. They are looking for substance and conviction, someone who can be an inspiration with or without the crown.

    • No offense, but lately Pinay reps have been robots. Chelsea Fernandez comes to mind. Overcalculated and rehearsed. We’re not relatable or inspiring anymore.

      Think of ladies like Venus, Janine, and course Pia & Cat. You want to root for them.

      If we’re being honest, since 2020 all of our reps have been on autopilot. Safe and underwhelming, even Bea. Low social media presence, low engagement from arrivals hiding out to sit with Team B Asian countries in the background, low wow factor during competition with safe but forgettable presentations.

      It was a joy and honor to witness the Golden Decade. But like Venezuela and India, te game changes and so must the mold and templates. Besides, Pinoy fans could use some humble pie and something else to focus on in life. Magbasa ng libro muna.

  4. The pageant would’ve been far more exciting if Celeste had been part of the 16 and watch her battle it out with the other pageant powerhouses in SS and EG rounds.

    Next year, it might be a better strategy to not hold anything back during the prelims and come out with everything you’ve got with all guns blazing, give it your best shot, as if it were the finals.

    • Iwasan na rin ang mga manibalang na character with Rabiya, Shamcey and Celeste looks. No tatoos please. Sino ba ang pumayag dyan? And also be careful of pictures with boyfriends candidates. Andaming loopholes.

      Suggestion ko lang. Kayo naman may ari ng franchise.

      • What is the viral story na iniwanan na lang daw ng MUP org si CC na umiiyak with family instead of being consoled.

  5. I like Celeste but the truth is, the Philippines’ placement streak was fated to end. It’s impossible to place every year forever. I’m sad cos I like Celeste since her Miss Earth days. Though I don’t mind Philippines not placing each year, I wanted her to place.

  6. Note that RBonney should not expect USA to give her a victory parade any time soon , no sir , … this pageant no longer has the huge following it used to have … however , her own town of Houston, TX just might give her a celebratory welcome

  7. I am happy that Miss USA won the MU 2022, as she feels vindicated by the backstory that haunted her when she wins the Miss USA title.

  8. Masuwerte talaga ang may mga tattoo kaya sa susunod tadtarin ang tattoo ang katawan para maiuwi ulit korona sa Pilipinas. Mabuhay Philippines!

  9. Felt vindicated. Celeste is just another Gazini 2.0. come on guys why are you focus solely sa evening gown and ss? Kinamusta nyo ba communication skills ni ateng? Yung mga napatunayan nya na sa Buhay? Wala kasi superficial kayong lahat na pageant fan kuno. Let’s be honest to ourselves Celeste is just like a classmate na maganda, yun lang Ganda.

      • And beautiful. Yung may ginagawa outside pageants, may it be a practicing nurse, a teacher, a medical doctor? I’m tired of this models representing us.

    • Hindi sila magka level. At least si Gazini naging finalist and 12th overall. Si Celeste … ?

  10. Ibalik na ninyo sa BPCI ang Miss Universe kasi puro suwerte ang ipinapadala ni Jonas.

    • JUSME yung mga queens nila los valdes din. Just accept the fact that it’s just a cycle. Maybe next generation again.

  11. I can just imagine the WELCOME BACK HOME banderas when RBonney visits Pinas … she will be received as a native homegrown MU winner !

    • … And I said earlier that it was advantageous for MUO to have a ‘rimmer’ from the Asia-Pacific in the Top 3 in case there are engagements at short notice, makaka-dispatch agad.

      (So, would R’Bonney bank on her supporters here to accompany her as she plays out her reign in Bangkok?… At least if she wants to visit relatives, it’s just a three-hour flight away*.)

      * – Manila ~ Suvarnabhumi; & only a single hour time zone difference!

      • Note that RBonney should not expect USA to give her a victory parade any time soon , no sir , … this pageant no longer has the huge following it used to have … however , her own town of Houston, TX just might give her a celebratory welcome

  12. So.. let me go back to what I said in this forum:
    “USA could win it all” na inulan ng thumbs down
    “We need to pray for Celeste” after the prelims na inulan din ng thumbs down
    We Filipino pageant fans and b/vloggera as well should really learn to get rid of biases when judging.
    Thank you.

    • Filipinos need to clap a bit more again. Lumaki na ang ulo.

      Your observations were noted by 99% of the pageant world, except the Philippines.

  13. I am right, mga teh. USA did win. When I saw her win Miss Texas, I just have a feeling that she will be the next MU.

  14. Pauline Amelynx is vindicated.

    She should be the MUPh winner , its her time this year, hope she still pursue it.
    The age limit should also be changed, hoping that this is what the R’bonney also advocates, she can influence the organization to change it.

    • Pauline A would have gave it a good fight to the finish!
      Enough of Tatooed ladies(inch away from her Puday) joining MUP.

    • It’s a no for me. A big, fat no.
      PA is just another mestiza who’s fair skinned but nothing more.
      Her beauty is bland, forgettable and just not a MU material.
      Just like that lass from Borongan.

    • Pauline’s Q&A performance was very impressive regardless if the concept was “pageant patty.” And their disregard to such performance should serve as a teachable moment.

      On the other hand, the inclusion of less aesthetically impressive delegates but with very commendable socioeconomic involvement and outstanding public speaking skills should encourage the likes Julia Saubier to MUPh a try.

    • Pauline Amelyx is an ordinary girl period. Wag nang i push sa kankungan din ang lagpak.

  15. In the end, a Filipina still won! Congratulations, Miss USA – R’Bonney, our new Miss Universe! To Celeste, you are beautiful and made us so proud to have you represent us Filipinas/os around the world! Different judges, different results… and it is just someone else’s time.

    • She’s an American…with part Filipino. So don’t just claim her being Filipino, it’s rude to disregard her other heritage!

  16. We really do not know what happened during the closed door interviews … the one known unknown … maybe they should reconsider semi-transparency

  17. USA has the winning glow from the start. I thought Curacao will come close and stand next to her in the final two but her answer in the QnA wasn’t strong enough. Congrats to USA! My heart bleeds for the Philippines. Hope this is not the start of the dark age again.

    • she needs to do that so she has engagements, organic engagements at that, is needed for Dominican Republic since she has few followers there.

      She already has bg base in the USA, its an influencers life.

  18. When I saw Celeste for the first time .. just an arm away from me . My first question was …. Is that Celeste? Go figure

  19. The inclusion of the usual suspects (USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico) on the final five and the inclusion of those way under the radar delegates as semifinalist raise considerable question: how well Celeste did with her close door interview?


    So the new change in this year’s Miss U pageant is the non- inclusion of Miss Philippines. After 12 consecutive years of placements, the streak has been broken. The new owner is sending a message to young impressionable women that superficial physical beauty alone isn’t enough. All the finalists have impressive academic credentials and solid community projects that have been rooted for years. So what is the point of the swimsuit and evening gown rounds? Even if Celeste didn’t have the requisite credentials, she should have at least made the top 16. But then, if they let her in, there is no way she wouldn’t sneak in all the way to the final round.

    On the other hand, after all the drumbeating and heightened buzz, it’s still the same old same old countries that made the final three. Dominican Republic, USA and Venezuela. It would have been refreshing to see Bahrain, Portugal, Curacao or even Aruba to take one of those three spots.


    • Yes, indeed a BEAUTY PARADIGM SHIFT! As I’ve been commenting all along, which always receive an avalanche of thumbs down in this blog, this is no longer a surprise from the business viewpoint. The global pageantry industry has to survive. It has to be relevant to the Millenial and GenZ markets, the world’s biggest in demographics and disposable income. It has to recapture the First World economies who have for decades now been disinterested in beauty contests. The advocacy marketing by the top pageant brands seem perfunctory and unable to re-energize lost markets and crack open frontier markets. It takes a new blood to arrest pageantry’s downward slide to bankruptcy and take the industry to a stable place in the business mainstream.

  21. My pick based from thei Top 3 answers:

    MU 2022 – USA
    1st RU – Dominican Republic
    2nd RU – Venezuela

  22. R’bonney’s way of answering is so refreshing. Calm and collected. Out of the box and different from Venezuela’s and DR’s answers. I hope she wins MU. She deserves it.

  23. I knew it the moment that the Thai transsexual new owner took over MUO that she will be the new Nawat Itsaragrisil! And if Celeste’s inexplicable exclusion is not proof enough, I don’t know what is! Ginawa na lang collateral damage si Miss Thailand to soften the blow to Pinoy pageant fans all over — as if naman we won’t see through their manipulation of this once most revered of all pageants! 😡

    And for crying out loud, that cringeworthy self-aggrandizing speech in the middle of the grand coronation night speaks volumes more than what was actually said. That MUO can now be manipulated to pander to the owner’s whims! Not even Trump had the temerity to do that during his time!

    • It is notable JKN excluded Mexico in the Top 16. It was reported she was disgusted that her win is allegedly “rigged” by a latino media partner.

      It seems her grudges lingers.

    • Come on. 50 Percent of the scoring goes to close door interview. Alam naman natin lahat Celeste’s Waterloo come on. Being eloquent can’t be learned. It’s either you are or not. Stop that nonsense

  24. Miss Universe 2022 is MISS USA
    I don’t mind who will be the 1st and 2nd runner

  25. They will give the crown to USA. They are thirsty for it after 10 years of drought.

  26. Makes me think the issue the owner had with Clint and how Filipinos reacted to it could have affected the outcome of MU. Or maybe Celeste having too much tattoo? 🤔

    • AGREE! Those Tattoos on her clavicle, arm, hand and the most disgusting one on her Singit(was very visible during SS comp). I thought she covered them. But looks like she doesn’t care.
      I thought those were her downfall. Someone must have leaked her Photos from way back with those Tattoos to the judges.
      Imagine how would a Transformational woman(?) who have those tattoos an Inch away from her Pekpek Be a good representative ???

  27. I have guessed 2 out 5 in the actual Top 5: Curacao and USA.

    This is clearly the year of The Americas and Carribean.

    USA for the win!

  28. Yes USA … that answer to extend the age in MU. She is deserving to be in Top 3!!!

  29. Pauline and Annabelle … or possibly Michelle would have been a better rep . MUP needs to know we need someone outgoing and articulate

    • Those two will get drowned in the sea of really outstanding girls.
      They’re fair skinned, but bland pretty much in everything. It’s a
      big NO for me. We need to find something new, with better
      trainings, preparations, wardrobes, and stop that “peak at
      the right moment” approach. The oversized, padded outfits,
      the disastrous preliminary gown, the lackluster communication
      skills, just didn’t favor our delegate. Unfortunately, CC will be remembered
      for breaking the winning streaks, and let’s hope this is not going to be
      pattern of what’s gonna happen this year in Philippine pageantry.

      • We want a woman na graduate ng up medicine, Ateneo medicine or an engineering graduate from maoua na maganda. Stop with these girls na ginawang past time Ang pageantry. Umay na umay na Ako.

  30. Venezuela 🇻🇪
    USA 🇺🇸
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
    Curaçao 🇨🇼
    Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

    Very strong and competitive Top 5

    • Yup , I am ok with anybody winning except Venezuela and PR
      I love PR but but they have won too many MUs already
      I just don’t like Venezuela I think she is 2- faced
      I am ok with R’bonney winning because she is Pinay .. or Curacao ( someone new)

  31. I saw this coming a mile away. Thai pageant fans must be celebrating even if it meant throwing their own candidate under the bus.

  32. Did Curacao wear a gold Catrionaesque gown ?
    And DR a darker gold Bea-esque gown ?

  33. When MUO wants to send a message, it gives the El Tucuyo award.

    It’s no coincidence that they interjected an anti-bullying segment immediately after announcing the top 16.

    I believe it is also no coincidence that, in addition to the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia did not make the cut.

    Venezuela, Colombia, and South Africa have already learned their lesson.

    Now it’s time for the Philippines to learn hers the hard way.

    • ?!!!

      May mga Pi(*)noy na nagpamalas ng lason? H-A-Y-S-T. 😦

      When will we learn to just behave? Was it @ Really who said kaya, daw, hindi pinaabot si Hannah sa Speech Round ay dahil sa mga unruly fans at the venue (& presumably online)? Did something similar happen?… Oh, my goodness.

      No one but ourselves to blame if that is the case. Karma. You reap what you sow.

  34. It is what it is. For sure , nasa top 35 si Celeste.
    Let’s wait for another era to surpass the MU placement streak. It will be given if we deserve it.

  35. This is not the Miss Universe I used to love. TBH, I am still puzzled about the Top 16 semi-finalist when we all knew that Celeste delivered well. I think the new MU owner’s caprice played well. And that will be the start of the ultimate downtrend of the once most prestigious pageant on earth.

    Celeste was not my bet during MUPh. It was Pauline Amelinckx. But Celeste has grown in me because she has worked hard on her journey and proved to us that she is deserving of the title. Thus, as an avid pageant fan, I consider Celeste’s non-placement in the Top 16 of the 71st MU edition as my biggest heartbreak in pageantry.

    With that, I wish that the Philippines won’t send a rep in MU until the parameters in choosing the girls to make in the first cut are fair and square. I mean, I can’t imagine that a beauty pageant like MU chooses a girl with a not-so-stunning face and powerful pasarela, and yet she’s got it. C’mon!

    Goodbye, NormanNorman.com! What a wonderful journey it has been in this blog. Thanks, Tito Norms.

    Goodbye, Miss Universe. Goodbye, pageantry.

    This has been your co-commenter, Ms. Ana Winter-Lund. Now signing off.

    And… for the last time.


  36. Anne declared that she’s already procured “host countries” for the next few editions of Miss Universe. I wonder how many of these countries won semifinalist placements tonight?

  37. I will not be surprised if Paula Shugart and Anne EMmerich resign after tonight

  38. JKN making a speech in the middle of competition? I doubt this will bid good tidings in US viewership if the “Oscars et al” is any indication.

  39. Ang sisihin Dyan ay Yung nakahiga sa Pera at druga na Wala Ng ginawa kundi umarte lng at feeling nagawa na Ang lahat Kasi Sila lang Ang may alam pero mga bobo Pala Sila🤫
    Cge, simula bukas ay magtrabaho agad habang maaga pa. Isolve nyo na Ang solutions Ng formula para lalabas Ang tamang sagot. Hindi Yung dinadaan lang sa “we’re the best among the shit”😱😀😆

  40. Each Pinoy must have spent $2000-4000 to watch the show
    Hotel here is > $250 a night and there is really nothing to do in this city
    Very old ugly and dirty …

  41. Kaya siguro sa 2 instances na sumali si Pauline Amelinckx sa MUPh eh siya lagi ang sinusuportahan ko kasi darating ang time na may bagong hahanaping queen ang MU. Wow, now naiintindihan ko na.

    • Tanggap2 bakla. Celeste is not intelligent smart as in sabaw. Hindi lang naman rampahan mu Gaga ka ba?

  42. Ann has just slapped us with the idea ‘Philippines is not a pageant powerhouse’

  43. Cooking show in the making people?

    I commented my dislike for Princess Anne in previous threads.

    I dreadfully anticipated this.


  44. Remember there was a clip of mayAri saying “no more Philippines”… when it was announced she was the owner I knew she wil make that happen… it’s also not helping muph seems cramming, idk what goes behind Pero parang unprepared cla this time. Parang mas prepared sila last year. Oh well… though my sense tell me Thailand will win either next year or the year after, feel ko para wala masyado maingay collateral damage si Thai this time… also Celeste doesn’t have obvious “transformational story “

  45. portugal, curacao, spain, usa, peru -I want top 5

    After this pageant , I will think twice of this MUorg , recapitulate …

    • … Late na, me, nag-check ng updates… I (actually) thought Alicia Faubel would not meet with favor. Wow.

  46. Philippines and Thailand are out though they deserved to be in.
    Just goes to show the pageant org’s toying with the emotions of the pageant fans.

  47. Someone with really good comm skills needed
    I knew Ann was gonna do it
    The first time I heard she had bought the MUO , I got extremely nervous

  48. I cannot for the life of me understand why the current MUO would dare to go against popular expert opinion among the global pageant community. All female judges be damned.

    I already lost interest watching. Signing off for now.

    And when they start including married women and mothers along with transsexuals in the near future, I will unfollow this pageant. I will not tolerate much less support any bastardization of this institution of a pageant.

  49. So Celeste ended the Philippines Streak in Miss Universe

    MUPH must be scratching their heads

    Thank you Celeste for representing us

    JKN era is Brutal. Sash Factor is No More


  50. And the country’s winning streak is tolled. Kung kelan tayo nag-send ng pinakamaganda, saka na-El Tocuyo.

    Ayaw ko na mag-follow ng pageant. Nakaka-bad trip! Ang pangit na ng Miss Universe talaga. Parang yung inggit ng Thailand sa pageant success ng Pinas ay umabot kay Trans Anne.


  51. Canada, Australia, Laos and Haiti were under the radar. Glad they made it.

    All the sash-factors made it. Philippines, India, S.Africa, Colombia, Venezuela and USA.

    They waited for the end to create suspense.

  52. Tigilan na kasi yang, “Know when to peak” na yan ng MUPh Org… so paano pa iiscoran yang gown ni CC?…dapat prelims pa lang binibigay na lahat. Maraming salamat pa din CC, goodluck on your next journey!!! ❤

  53. Prediction pa more… It’s time to embrace transformational leadership, and no formula for this one. Congrats to all delegates that worked so hard for the competition

    • the best formula for it is : Geniune platform & work project , it has to be real , something that the candidate works on and belives in ; Authenticity , no rehearsed answers ; likeability and relatability ; ambassador type , great interview skills , speaking skills ; & importantly and never should be overlooked , both physical beauty and beauty of character that everyone should be able to see and appreciate …

  54. Condolence. Now the energy goes down and never goes up. Philippines knows how to peak ekek 😊
    But it’s not the end Celeste. You have a good future. Still , congratulations 🎉👏👏👏

  55. OMG! El Tocuyos are Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam!

    Nakakainis. What went wrong?


    • The selection committtee of Miss Universe Philippines, thats what is wrong. I just found out that even the national costume was only done 10 days before competition, there was even no fitting done by Celeste in the Philippines (check the CNN interview).

      My point is, if the national costume is even done last minute, Celeste and the team of MUPh are actually not ready, I guess there were better speakers and leaders.

      This new Miss Universe era will be smilar to how a Miss World is chosen, with emphasis on advocacy and leadership, not just beauty.

      What breaks my heart is even Thailand and Vietnam didnt make it to Top16.

  56. Those who prepared for it should be given placement
    Some of them did not even train for it

  57. Ten of the 16 in and I’m like shaking…..im also thinking, does Celeste have a strong transformative story????

    I have no problems with any of the unexpected girls making it- you can sense the audience suddenly feeling the implications of what they’re witnessing- but did Celeste’s team have an inkling that the selection was going to go this way?

  58. Parang ayaw ko ng manood, hindi magaganda ang nakapasok so far. Kaka-disappoint.

    That’s all.

  59. Hahahaha nagiging miss world na Ang MU. AWoman with a substance. Hindi fake. Malaki Ang impact da scoring Yung intro video Ng mga contestants. Dahil nireview Yan Ng judges👍👏👏👏

    • May point, din, si @ Cool Brew. Dapat, man, lang nagkaroon ng fora… Anyway, they were practically holed up at the hotel… ‘Di naman, ‘ata, sila naglibot ng New Orleans, right? Kasi nga, sinabi na before, hindi tataon~aabot ng Mardi Gras.

      You think now MU should have Head2Head? World, Supra, even (The)Globe have it!

      Recall how Tracy Perez extolled the virtues of the Puerto Rican hosts when she spoke at the Town Hall segment of the Prelims? How she was helped by the locals at the airport upon arrival, so making her want to stay even longer? She didn’t win (& I didn’t hear Karolina Bielawska’s turn), but we didn’t feel too bad about her loss, & it didn’t feel as though we came out empty-handed. 🙂

      But, I digressed.

      WE LOVE CELESTE. Period. Hurry home, dear! Let’s celebrate all that brought us joy. ‘Sabay mo na, rin, si Virginia… Ilibot natin sa ‘Pinas. In return, we can get some more brushing up on Italian. ❤

  60. Scary ,
    Australia Laos and Haiti , who (m) did they replace among the top picks? ???
    Maraming maeel tocuyo

    • At this point they’ve started to weed out… placing weaker delegates among the favored stronger delegates.

  61. It is significant that the crowning of the queen of the world’s leading pageant in on the first month of the Year of the New Normal. Since it is a Sunday in the Philippines at least), I can’t help but be reminded of the biblical Esther in the first ever recorded beauty contest in the world. She was a transformational leader! When she ascended to the throne, she used her position for good and did not tear down but worked with the people. Whoever takes the Force for Good Crown will hopefully be a modern-day “Beautifully Confident” Esther.

  62. Break a leg, Celeste! Laban till the end, Philippines🇵🇭 We’re all behind you!

  63. The link is not working. Wala din sa Lazada app. Saan po pwede mapanood? Thanks.

  64. DR not good at Q & A. Also she is wearing something similar to Bea’s red MU prelim gown but only in dark gold
    So this may be a USA win
    PR amazing but she’s too fierce To be MU . Plus she is not USA calibre in terms of comm skills
    I donot like the look of Curacao today with her Catrionaesque gown in gold
    Cambodia has a very beautiful face. So she may surprise along with Aruba and Iceland .
    Venezuela , pls go away .

  65. All the best, Philippines, show your smooth spaghetti walk.
    Go underdogs, Curacao, Aruba and Cambodia

  66. Dominican Republic vs USA vs Philippines

    Highest placement for Celeste may be top 5/ top 3 depending on her answer in the Q&A

    completing my top 5 are Puerto Rico, Venezuela/Colombia

    Possible dark horses: Curacao, Aruba

  67. Focus on improving upon last year’s Top 5. Finish Top 3 at least ! but whatever happens Celeste is a pride of Pinas and Pinas is so very well represented! It’s almost curtain time

    • I have guessed 2 out 5 in the actual Top 5: Curacao and USA.

      This is clearly the year of The Americas and Carribean.

      • so , I hope we have a chance of winning at Miss World 2022 if it is the year of Americas & Carribean at MU 2022 …

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