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  1. USA
    PR (she looks good in person and she is very friendly and outgoing)
    Venezuela ( I hope she misses the cut as I can sense a diva-ish two-faced persona)

    Iceland ( she looks good on camera)
    Curacao ( why do look tired today?)
    Jamaica ( stunning!)
    Brazil ( great comm skills and personality but she looks like Steven Tyler )
    Vietnam ( looks amazing in person)
    South Africa ( one great speaker so she could get a spot in the top 5, I hope not )

    • Doc, sa tatlo – USA, South Africa, & Brazil – sino’ng pinaka…? Kasi, baka kailanganin ni Mdme.AJKN ng pantapat sa mga balitaktakan.

      ‘Yun’g mega-ganda, pang-MU DRINKING WATER. 🙂

      (Did Lala Guedes also look like Stephen Tyler? Na-mention mo…)

  2. DR is surprisingly not very good at Q&A
    This gives an opening for a USA win

  3. As much as I would like to delude myself into believing that this edition’s Miss Universe winner will be like no other as promised by the new owner, it would never happen.

    For the past ten days, while the beauty delegates were converging in New Orleans, there was never any mention of transformational leadership nor were there any press conferences where some of the girls can be asked to talk on certain world issues like pollution or misogyny and the like. I get it that this is not a United Nations educational conference but organizers should have at least made an effort to showcase it as a gathering of overachieving inspirational leaders who will use their voices to support a cause or advocacy. Instead, countless hours were spent on make up, heels, sartorial choices and prediction lists. No time was allotted for inspirational talks and healthy incisive discussions.

    If this the case, then the organizers should stop this silly charade. In this age of highly accomplished women, why are we still stuck on the narrow concepts of beauty and accomplishment?

    At the end of the day, why not admit that it is still a pageant and they might as well stick to it. Just pick the most gorgeous vampy vixens and crown the girl who ticks off all the boxes. No more armchair debates and overthinking or overanalyzing. why this or that girl won and why a certain girl did not make it.

    So just give us a good show, perhaps a viral moment in Q & A so we can just plop down on our bean bags, eat, drink, lose or win moolah as we make bets on who will win. In other words, let’s just get back to the reason for staging pageants; to celebrate the universal grace & beauty of womanhood and get entertained by the spectacle of pageantry even for just a fleeting couple of hours.

    • @Cool Brew, I fully understand your cynicism, friend. I just stand by the new owner’s pronouncements about the branding directions of MU, which are totally consistent with business pragmatism in this dire pageantry market landscape. I just give it the benefit of the doubt that the necessary “walk the talk” initiatives you have mentioned may not have been incorporated in this edition because of the timing. The new ownership was officially transferred a few months back when MUO has started preparing for the 71st crowning event in almost a year ago. Also, in brand evolution one does not abruptly and radically change its elements, the brand being the emotional connection with a product’s current consumer base. Account it to the centuries-old ideology and myths on beauty that still persists to this day in beauty pageantry.

      • But just like all things in this world, change has to start somewhere. In business, it starts with consumer demand. I’d like to think this is MU’s way of upending everyone in the one-upmanship game of advocacy marketing by all the major pageants. We’ll all see from tonite’s result if the new queen will be the personification of “beautifully confident” MU trumpets about or still the business-as-usual “confidently beautiful”.

      • Speaking of this ‘consumer demand’ which obviously is of this ‘Z’ generation (indeed, why sell to the older/elder demographic when most consumption is by the young, even in the natural world it’s like that!), why hasn’t ANYONE at MUO made any statement on FITNESS? Kasi, kung cringe-y para sa inyo ang ‘… perfect body’ (at galing ‘yan du’n sa rival alpha pageant), why hasn’t the Swim (for that matter, is a day at the beach the best way to emphasize this still, a’ la a-walk-down-the-coastal-lanes-to-be-checked-out-by-the-home-boys?) modified~adapted instead towards something leaning more to the sporty image?… Recall ‘yun’g vlog nina Pia with her BB sisters (Guidotti & forgot-her-name-pero-parang-Lizardo-ang-surname), where she said that what the MU judges are truly looking for/at is the level of physical fitness – not ‘sexiness’ per se – kasi nga physically demanding ang pagiging beauty queen. In that perspective, are ‘fitness’ pageants on to something?

      • @Edible Flower, that’s why I think the use of that cape that MU allowed each contestant to put on their customized/ personalized design, and made the focal point in the SS segment, was purposely to eclipse the chief commodifying element in beauty contests. Instead of the pasarela, the focus of visual interest became the direct and subliminal messages in the graphic designs. The issue of bikinis in beauty pageants have become a cringey issue in pageantry such that the marketing spin has become physical fitness and resort wear elegance.

    • Yup ,it’s unfair to put these young girls into an icky cringy situation unnecessarily . Why not just do it and be done with it .

  4. Destiny beckons the candidate and the crown will be bestowed upon her head 2nite …

    I think I must have posted my final 25 favorites here at least three times … in other words, my final final final 25 favorites

    I still have that sinking feeling that I missed one or two , or worse, I missed the candidate who has an appointment with destiny. Below are what I think I must’ve missed

    Asia : Cambodia ( she fell out of my top 25 after prelims ; MU2023 in Phnom Penh ? )
    South Asia : India ( a repeat ? but chances are there will be none )
    Africa : Angola ( honestly, better than So Africa who has a big sash factor )
    Americas : Honduras ( big fan posse at the theater and she speaks English fluently )
    South America : Chile ( one of my original favorites but fell and fell out of favor )
    Europe : Poland ( she is really pretty and her aura is so wholesome )
    Island : Malta ( I really wanted her to be in my top 25 but there just isn’t enough room )

    Who are your misses who will be giving you nice shocking moments on Finale night ?

    • I’d be pleasantly surprised if non- sash countries Curacao, Aruba, Germany, Mauritius, Bolivia and Portugal make the firs cut

    • MU 2023, a full month in duration (redundant of me, my apologies), kung sa BKK ang base ay next-door neighbor lang ang Phnom Penh at may connections naman, ‘ata, from Suvarnabhumi… Kahit sa Vientiane at maganda ‘yun’g ka-batch ni Rabiya (dati)! My point : easy to use up a full month by exploring adjacent countries. 🙂

      Bhutan mo? LOVE TO VISIT THE DRAGON KINGDOM. Tama ba? 5000 USD ang tourist visa? Pero, naman… Carbon-neutral sila. Ta’s, they sell surplus energy to neighbor India. ❤

      Malta. She looked mannish at the Prelims… Or, baka severe lang ang make-up. If she would require training in that aspect of cosmetics, will a Philippines camp be open to taking her under its wings?

      Poland & Honduras, the way you describe them baka puwede'ng pang-Mutya International kung hindi papalarin… I'm with you on our precious Swelia (Angola). Uncle Norman needs to come up with a comprehensive marketing-&-promotional blitz on this new pageant brand after all this alpha pageant madness has subsided. WordPress, PRESS! Hindi lang sa MU ang source of revenue niyo, my goodness gracious. 😦

  5. As much as I would like to delude myself into believing that this edition’s Miss Universe winner will be like no other , it would never happen. While the girls were converging in NOLA, there was never any mention of transformational leadership, huddles and chit chat on pressing world issues and the like. Instead, countless hours were spent on make up, heels, sartorial choices and none on inspirational talks and healthy incisive discussions.

    At the end of the day, it is still a pageant and might as well stick to it. Just pick the most gorgeous vampy vixens and crown the girl with the best prepared answers. No more armchair debates and overthinking or overanalyzing. So just give us a good show, perhaps a viral moment in Q & A so we can just plop down on our bean bags, eat, drink, predict who will get the El Tocuyo. In short, we will celebrate femininity and the spectacle of pageantry

      • @yna
        Yes. Inasmuch as pageantry tries to convince and justify itself as relevant toward the empowerment of women, which to a degree has, the mass in North America and Western Europe are no longer buying it.

        Ratings continue to plummet. Sad really.

      • i still remember the licensed medical doctor from Poland who competed in Catriona’s time and if achievements should be the basis for making the first cut, why didn’t she make it? also, these so- called achievements are sometimes embellished. take for instance Cynthia Zamora from Venezuela who candidly mentioned that she was asked by MVO to focus and give a big deal on being a firefighter even if she was just a volunteer and not really a full- fledged one.

    • Also, in Catriona’s year, Canada’s rep claimed she studied or was a Biomedical Engineer when in reality she was a student to become a Bio-Med Engineering “technician.”
      Big difference.

  6. I release ko na yung giwn tutsl day na ng MU. Eto yung napag desisyunan nila. Para sa akin lang pang matanda. Ayaw nila yung sobrang sexy kasi hindi pwede sa TV at hundi pang Universe. But if I have to argue bakit yung iba ganun din na man. Sabi nila kailangan may Maria Clara effect daw. Oh may basbas naman ni OT ito upload ko na. Comment kayo kung approve ba. Illalabas ko na para ma pag usapan at baka mabago pa nila.

  7. I believe in Celeste and pray that the Universe aligns for her and crowns her their newest queen star.

    Spoilers to your top 16, in my humble opinion, are Iceland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ukraine, Viet Nam, Germany just to name a few. More than one spoiler gets in and someone(s) becomes El Tocuyo unfortunately…

    I think Korea is beautiful but is so stiff on strange. That said, she would be my long shot…

  8. I think Tito Norman said the quiet part out loud: Anne will decide who will be the next MU.

    And I agree that this is going to be an important decision on Anne’s part because the new queen will set the standard for the new era of Miss Universe, her empire’s crown jewel.

    As a businesswoman, she will be rational but also shrewd. So I don’t think that fairness will be the name of the game tonight.

    • One of us said before (kung hindi si @ Renato, si @ Really) that “… the news coming out of NOLA is that (Mdme.AJKN) already has a short list”. Of course, she does. That’s the way of Bosses.

      Now, just for the sake of argument, the Last 2 Standing are separated by a thousandth of a point, & the numerical second placer happened to get the Boss’ stamp of approval, will such an injustice as crowning her be such a huge crime?

      This, also, happens to be much like a job opening. The shortlisted applicants will pass through the final hurdle; the Boss will advise HR whom to get/hire. Will the bypassed hopefuls protest or insist on why they were not chosen?

      Kasi, we agree with you when you use words like ‘important’, ‘set(ting) the standard’, ‘rational’, & ‘shrewd’. ‘Tas, you undo everything by saying ‘unfair’. Why don’t you just say straight up that you don’t like/trust her?

      • I didn’t say she will be unfair. “Fairness” or “the tallied scores” will not be the most important factor in the decision.

      • Well, she’s the boss. And bosses take full responsibility for their decisions. Anyway, she will bankroll~finance the year-long reign. If it turned out she made the wrong choice, it will be a learning curve & like everyone else she will transform for the better.

        (A few hours to go… Myself & the sleepy-still-if-adorable-pooch await the action.)

  9. Miss U Org has issued a sincere public apology to the nation of Kyrgyzstan for announcing the name of their country during the prelims as ‘Kazakhstan’ repeatedly , no awareness

    We all heard and know who the responsible party is and so, I believe that Harnazz on FInale night should look into the camera and give a sincere personal public apology for this

    • I think you are being too hard on Harnaaz. No need to rub salt into the wound if the org had already apologized.

  10. I have carefully assessed the format and come up with the analyses how the new organization wants its winner gonna be.

    From the top 16, the judges will select the best look and performance in swimsuit and evening gown. I am sure Celeste will bring her A-game this time because this is the real deal. The Top 5 will then face the judges in QnA, but the score in this round will be added to the girls’ score in the swimsuit and evening gown round. Their consolidated scores will determine who shall be the best three. These Top 3 ladies will give their last statement on what their characteristics as transformational leader are so they deserve the title, Miss Universe 2022.

    VENEZUELA – I know she can speak in English but I don’t feel her authenticity.
    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – this girl can also walk the talk, but she she has less charm while answering.
    PUERTO RICO – she is a fighter and has that caliber below USA and the PHILIPPINES.
    USA – she can outtalk but definitely cannot outwit Celeste, so it’s up to her if she can outdo Celeste’s authenticity and impeccable charm.
    PHILIPPINES – my gut-feel speaks high that the org and the judges will choose Celeste as the new Miss Universe, considering the transformational leadership skills she possesses and how beautifully confident she is.

    Celeste Rabimbi Costesi, MISS UNIVERSE!!!

    That’s all.

  11. Good luck Celeste!!! Laban for the Philippines!!! ❤🇵🇭
    Wish ko papasukin si Portugal sa top 5!!! ❤

    • Facially, Telma is undeniable.

      As SPARKLING as when she competed back at ME in 2018. ❤

      (Kung 'di papalarin'g maka-Top 5, sabi ko kasi sa Atlantic Rim manggagaling ang ganadora, at pasok pa ang edad mag-Charm para sabay sila nina Annabelle McDonnell at Bianca Tirsin!)

      • Pakiramdam ko nga Miss Flor na mas malakas ang laban ni Portugal compared to Italy. Portugal is Miss Universe Europe 2022. ❤

    • Twenty (20) ‘yun’g nauna’ng Pick ni Mr. Blogger. Ngayon, sixteen (16). So, apat (4) ang nalagas – Vietnam, Portugal, Iceland, & Spain.

      Italy is his lone European.

      Ako lang, I’d retain either Portugal or Iceland. I’d let go of Mexico. Anyway, they just won.

      Brazil, he said was “… such an excellent speaker”. Baka ito ang equivalent sa Palestine ng nakaraan’g ME (won by Choi Minasue) – the ONE to ‘mess up’ the top tier favorites. But I really think Julia Gama was prettier.

  12. I think I’ve finally figured out why I love and I hate Venezuela … some days I like her, others I despise her look …

    It is because she has a face of a 15-year old girl and a body of a 29-year old woman … the two do not align… she is definitely no Barbara Palacios Teyde, the best from Venez

  13. I am taking the new MU owner’s words literally. She is looking for somebody with transformational leadership quality to be the next MU. Somebody who is self-made and whose life has created significant impact to the society. I think USA has the edge over any candidate. Here is my fearless prediction:

    MU- USA
    First runner up: Curaçao
    2nd runner up: Philippines
    3rd runner up: Venezuela
    4th runner up: Italy


    My Top 15+1 fan vote

    Bahrain ♥️
    Curacao ♥️
    Philippines ♥️
    South Africa
    Ukraine ♥️
    USA ♥️

    I love Celeste but I think hanggang Top 5 or Top 3 “lang” siya. ♥️

    I think the winner will be either Curacao or Bahrain. 😀

    • I will be very very very happy if the top 5 are Bahrain, Curacao, Italy, Philippines, USA

      …. Colombia (alternate for Italy or USA)

      • Hi Miss Janet! For some reason, hindi ko masyadong gusto sina Venezuela, Dominican Rep, Colombia at Puerto Rico. Ewan ko ba. Kung Top 20 siguro isasama ko sila. 😀

  15. This is true… prior to 2003 , if you are one of 15 or 12 or 10 semifinalists , you compete in both swim and gown and then, a top 5 is chosen

    The 2003 pageant started the trend of first cutting down to 10 and then to 5 ( and then to 3 in more succeeding years )

    There are pros and cons in either of these two ways but more likely they will go back to the other way in a future edition , and then go back again , back and forth , … changes do happen BUT the one change I canNOT stand is the SASH , why why why ??? !!!

  16. When Ms Anne J, new owner of MUO, announced a few days ago what they are looking for in an MU queen, there should have been a reality check on each contestant’s competitiveness based on the announced parameter. Instead, the turf war continued unabated as to who has a better pasarela, awesome gown, vavavoom body, and killer looks. While the fans agonize over outer beauty, the selection panel are busy scrutinizing the candidates’ inner attributes— through panel interviews, social media releases, and participation in pre-pageant activities. In the context of the transformational leadership quality that they are looking for, I’m sure the overriding quality that they looked for during the Preliminary Competition was not the visual imagery of SS and EG but the optics of unmistakable confidence that glows in motion. In the absence of a visible reality check conducted by anyone, we may brace for some surprises come Finals Night.

    • My personal take on pageantry business, as unfolding events at MU reveal, is that, yes, beauty sells but in today’s global market dominated by Millennials and GenZ, it is inner beauty that sells absolutely. In the one-upmanship game by major pageant organizations in the area of branding and advocacy marketing, MU’s transition from the outer-oriented “confidently beautiful” to the inner-oriented “beautifully confident” tagline represents a clear paradigm shift on the concept of beauty. Will tomorrow’s chosen queen prove this?

  17. (Kalokah si Admin. I was playing a YouTube video while reading this, but was clearly streaming something else in the background. Someone on the blog is trading content with this ‘creature’…)

    Talaga’ng si Aristizabal, Mr. Blogger? Why not Rovegno?… Janick was (still) better?

    Kung Colombia ang MW, OK lang ba’ng hindi Colombia for MU? For MW, I’m considering France, Cote D’Ivoire, South Africa, Czech Republic, & Colombia… Wala pa ba sila’ng pahiwatig? May nagparamdam sa ‘kin dito; si Fourniol, naglabas ng Short (video).

    We’ll just let Mdme. AJKN choose the blonde~Teutonic Latina she prefers! 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      NOW, I know kung sino’ng nawala sa 16-Pick ni Mr. Blogger from his earlier Pre-Prelims.


      I saw finally her turns in the Prelims. SWEET face, very. How I wish nag-MI na lang siya!

      (As per a pageant vlog, her Nationals Runner-up was the one who won Intercontinental.)

      Vietnam, I strongly feel will win either the Blue or Long Beach BEFORE the Force for Good (or whichever crown Mouawad unveils, if ever). Keep at it, guys!

  18. Supra – winner is from Africa
    Earth – winner is from Asia
    International – winner is from Europe

    World -TBD ( either Americas or Oceania )
    Universe -it’s looking like Oceania or Americas ; ( Pinas or Curacao is my bet )

  19. I hope Philippines win but it’s looking like it’s a battle between USA and Curacao. Colombia is good but there’s something off. She seems bitchy and spurious.

  20. My TOP 15:

    USA/Puerto Rico

    Curacao/Italy/Thailand/South Africa
    Mexico/Dominican Republic


    Top 25:


  21. This is not a prediction or hula-hula because I’m not good at it. This is a wish because of my full support to her. I’ll go for the PHILIPPINES! 🇵🇭 Laban Celeste!

  22. My TOP 16:

    Philippines/USA/Puerto Rico

    Curacao/Italy/Thailand/South Africa
    Mexico/Dominican Republic

  23. If not Philippines or USA , I want Curaçao to win However , DR is a big threat .
    Pls no to Thailand PR Colombia or Venezuela !!

  24. With the so many unknowns in this year’s trailblazing contest, spawned by new ownership and new branding direction, it is very hard to predict the top 16. For a beauty contest to be looking for a transformational leader, a quality that delves on the inner beauty, even the winner would be everybody’s guess. She may possibly come from an unheralded outside-of-the-pageant-circuit country– we don’t know. But this is what we know so far: there are a number of young achievers in this batch, so credentialed that a young proactive businesswoman like the new MU owner would not miss tapping as valuable global human resource pool for her business’ Force for Good agenda. Good luck to everyone.

  25. With a new owner, it’s almost eerie to see the power three in pageantry Colombia, Venezuela and Philippines garnering numerous top 3 predictions but a nagging feeling that a Bahrain, Curacao, Italy, Ukraine or Nigeria will surprise.

    Still, its Philippines or USA until further notice at the finals.

    • @Really, if the new MUO will have to choose a pageant non-powerhouse country, political economy dictates it could be Bahrain or Nigeria. The optics it will create worldwide, specially on stock trading floors, if the winner is from an oil-rich Arab sheikdom Bahrain. A Nigeria win will certainly create ripples in Africa’s largest and oil-rich economy.

      • Economy uli te, sige ipilit natin ang Nigeria mo kahit mukhang mahihirapang ipasok sa Top 5 kung sa BB. Pilipinas man lang dahil sa average pasarela nya maliban sa higpit ng labanan pagdating sa paseksihan.😅😂.

  26. The new owner is a tricky one to figure out.

    From psychological standpoint, I’m not sure if she’s looking for someone with the same personality and fight as she does in terms of being an inspirational speaker Ala Ted Talk levels. Or will be choose someone with personality who is not as attention grabber as she is.

    One thing is for sure, she’s looking for someone who can speak with coherence and direction to further the brand globally.

    Here’s my case with Celeste- she has proven that she has matured and is professional to work with. I feel like she has the work ethics of Pia with the Charisma of Catriona when she speaks but with more calmness while staying powerful in her messages. She does exude a bit of Princess Diana aura for me, which is very endearing.

    I think that Celestes personality really compliments Anne’s in a sense that Cheleste does not pose a threat to Anne’s outgoing and personal brand. I think they’ll get along really well. In short, hindi sila magsasapawan ng exposure. Economically speaking, Celeste is also good for the business. Hers is a global beauty with that porcelain skin and gorgeous face that Asians love seeing in comestic brands and the new MU water. She looks foreign enough to Asians and that’s a plus.

    If Anne goes with another powerhouse, USA is close second. However, I feel like Rbonney lost some spark. There’s something missing which I can’t figure out.

    If Anne really wants to gamble and pick a different country, it’s a big risky business that she’s taking. Not sure if she’s willing to take such a big risk given how much she paid for the MU brand.

    My top 5: PH, USA, Vene, Puerto Rico, Italy

    Spoiler: Mexico, Colombia, DR, Curacao

    • Excuse me , who are you trying to convince abt Celeste , yourself ? Hahaha
      Excuse me

      • Despite my short and silly responses most of the time here, I am confident with my ability to analyze things, including pageants, in a more serious lens, aka, the business and psychological lens.

  27. Ang Wala masyado silicon at plastic surgery ang dapat manalo, this embodies the slogan beautifully confident… Aruba,Curacao. Time na underdog et deserving ang manalo since this is the a testimony of the start of transformational leadership

  28. If you want to get support for the blog , you have to have more PR . Look at those small time pageant bloggers who make hundreds of dollars from their YouTube shows especially when they do live.
    PR is key


    I have a STRONG FEELING na ang mananalo ay either COLOMBIA or PHILIPPINES. At binabase ko ito sa isang pattern na tatawagin kong 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runners up.

    noong 2018 ay 1st runner up ang South Africa and a year after, kahit pa people were rooting s mga gaya nina Iceland, Puerto Rico, and even Thailand and USA after ng prelims… South Africa won.

    2nd runner up naman noong 2019 ang Mexico and even if people doubted Andrea noong 2020, she still won.

    Then, 3rd runner up noong 2020 ang India. Paraguay was the winner ng halos lahat ng humuhula noong 2021 pageant pero still… India won.

    so ang TANONG… SINO BA ANG 4TH RUNNER UP NOONG 2021? Was it Colombia or Philippines?

    Pero parang ung pattern na ito ay mas aayon sa Colombia because
    South Africa- 3rd crown in 2019
    Mexico- 3rd crown in 2020
    India- 3rd crown also in 2021

  30. I think Celeste should try walking or doing the Jennifer Hawkins 2004 MU walk in the swimsuit round ; this energetic style walk will suit Celeste

    • I think Celeste can also channel Irene Esser’s (Miss Venezuela 2012) joyful energy. She could’ve won over Culpo if not for that silly surfing answer.

  31. 💋Hindi kaya naloko ni Mouawad c JKN about the crown price🫣
    💋C Snake Princess gusto pa yatang masuot Ang crown 😊
    💋Sa wakas ay matapos na Ang pagtitimpi Ng MUO na mabastos c reigning queen dahil sa pagiging losyang na Ina😱
    💋Ang mga press after pictorial ay pinapalabas na na parang mga animal ngunit matigas pa Rin Ang mga ulo Ng press people 🤫
    💋C Thailand laging papansin habang nakakairita na Rin Yung sigaw Ng sigaw Ng Philippines 😊

  32. After prelims it’s clear the powerhouse countries will dominate as per usual. They deserve their placements.

    I am feeling Bahrain too. Mauritius as well.

    I have to say no to Brazil and Guatemala and Cambodia. Indonesia will sit this one out too.

    I have Celeste at Top 16 unless she can grab the camera’s attention, which she has only been doing for her Insta reels.

    The crown is between USA and Colombia to lose. I don’t think either of them are going down without a fight given their struggles to get to the Universe stage. Celeste isn’t the only one who’s had to transform in that regard.

  33. This edition shall go down in history as the one having so many beautiful women achievers, with sterling accomplishments already eloquent proofs of their capability for transformational leadership. The selection panel must be having a hard time choosing who among them would be deserving of the Force for Good crown. And under a new proactive ownership that vows to immediately attain an upward business trajectory, I’m sure the selection panel would choose the candidate who best personifies the essence of MU’s new battlecry– beautifully confident. To be confident is to have the feeling and the conviction that you are capable of translating thoughts into action. More than the looks, more than the walk, more than the talk, this requires brainpower and willpower– to paraphrase what the new owner told the candidates. Who is she who could be MU’s rallying point in this forward thrust?

    • But they all have bad gowns lol.

      Colombia with her pink candy yum yum serving aura gown.

      USA with her slutty colors of the red light district Rian.

      Venezuela with her M&M highlighter green number.

      PR with her collar.

      Thailand with her soda tabs.

      Philippines with her ode to the Cumbia Barraza days.

      South Africa with her copper foil head wrap.

      Peru is the only frontrunner with a strong albeit safe red gown, which unfortunately for Celeste, was hard to ignore.

      I’m sure they’ll be changes for finals, but this batch’s styling choices are as wild as NOLA.

  34. @Norm’s predictions 👍🏼👍🏼.

    If I recall, MU before Trump, chose 15 semi-finalists in the early years then as time progressed decreased the numver to ten or twelve.
    However, all the semi finalists competed in both swimsuit and evening gown rounds. From there, 5 were chosen with only one q&a round. Thus, the winner and four runners-up were revealed.

    Very similar to the projected format at MU22. The more things change the more things stay the same.

    Let’s do this, Ms Cortesi.


    • This is true… prior to 2003 , if you are one of 15 or 12 or 10 semifinalists , you compete in both swim and gown and then, a top 5 is chosen

      The 2003 pageant started the trend of first cutting down to 10 and then to 5 ( and then to 3 in more succeeding years )

      There are pros and cons in either of these two ways but more likely they will go back to the other way in a future edition , and then go back again , back and forth , … changes do happen BUT the one change I canNOT stand is the SASH , why why why ??? !!!

  35. I just hope that Celeste didn’t answer the preliminary questions facing her imaginary friends in the other side of the table which she usually does during press interviews.
    But I’m still convinced that she’ll make it in the semifinals 😊
    Legs crossed tomorrow 🫣😀

    • dunno but I feel something different with Miss Curacao, watch out for her! Good luck Celeste, go Philippines! 🇵🇭

  36. The long-fast cut to the Final Five , I have two scenarios:

    Scenario 1: MU(Philippines) 2nd(Curacao) 3rd(Italy) 4th(USA) 5th(Colombia)

    Scenario 2: MU(Curacao) 2nd(USA) 3rd(Philippines) 4th(Italy) 5th(Germany)

    Every year, I say, if the winner is not Philippines , I want it to be nation that has NOT YET won Miss Universe. This year my bet is on Curacao ( or by miracle, Italy )

    If we look at the major pageants for 2022 , Supra has So Africa while Earth has Korea and International has Germany. World is not yet decided… who will MU crown ? …

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