12 comments on “My TV guestings for the 71st Miss Universe and Celeste Cortesi

  1. Three (3) points :

    1. ‘Yown nga! Top 3 will be flown to BKK; it will be practical~sensible for one to be based in/come from the Asia-Pacific Rim, as a ‘runner’ kung may mga trabaho’ng madalian/short notice… Even better if said lady has a well-oiled machinery at her disposal. Guess who that might be. 🙂

    2. (Medyo telling ‘yun’g sinabi’ng may “… remnants” nu’ng dati’ng technique from her earlier/first camp… Should the-two-letter-camp-without-the-ampersand feel slighted?)

    3. So, this ‘transformational (female) leader’… ’empowers her fellow woman’. I saw this film long ago about an all-female baseball team in the USA; some of you, guys, might know it! There were tryouts, of course. Finally, the List of the team was posted. One of the applicants apparently couldn’t read. A fellow teammate saw it, came near, & asked if there was a problem. And she was kind enough to read the name of her ‘sport sister’. She was in! My point : in your experience, guys, are helpful people also likely to be leaders?

  2. Congratulations, Tito Norman! Proud of you. Sana more followers pa since you deserved it more than anyone else here in PH.

  3. Si Norman may vibes din ni Rabea 😂. Baka masali ka sa top 16. I don’t know why palagi nalang nila sinasabi na wag mo munang ipakita yung baraha mo sa prelims pero hindi nila alam na yung result ng prelims eh ayun na yung strong basis nila sa top ten or top 5. So yung final nights binigyan mo lang ng exposure yung from 11 up. Anyhow nakausap ko si Miss O char. Anyways masaya dito sa Venue iba kung nanonood ka lang sa TV or internet. Pero guys She will win this
    Sya lang yung face na maganda talaga walang budol .

  4. Pero dapat inienjoy na ni Celeste yung journey nya sa MU not just rehearsal, hotel, event lang. As they say bahay-school-bahay routine. 10 days lang at tapos na ang MU. She should enjoy the company of fellow sisters-candidates when they hang out. Parang relax mode na lang ang peg! Sabi mga ng mga ex-MUPh candidates, enjoy the moment kasi minsan lang yan.

  5. Congrats Tita N. How I wish I will be like u someday… pageant guru. Celebrity ka na po Tita. 😍😍😍

  6. I noticed so something about Miss Mexico… She copies Ms. Philippine’s looks and rehearsal outfits.. She even hides her sash within her trench coat to make people think that She’s Miss Philippines whenever she tours the area… What’s up with that Mexico?!?🤔 Don’t you know how to be iconic on your own?🙄

  7. My TOP 16:

    Philippines/Puerto Rico/USA
    Curacao/Italy/Colombia/Thailand/South Africa

    Dominican Republic/ Peru/Guatemala,

  8. Congrats Tito Norman!

    Buti naman at bahay-school bahay-school lang si Celeste dahil for sure baka isabotaje sya ng mga kalaban… Ingat sa lahat ng food na kakainin dahil baka me mag lagay ng eyedrops sa drinks and food nya… dapat may dala sya lagi sarili… and check the gowns for pins/needles & pepper spray… & last is the soles of the shoes check kung me oil… naku.. ingats Celeste.. I’m praying for your protection…

    CELESTE RABIMBI CORTESI of the Philippines
    is the NEXT MISS UNIVERSE!!!!

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