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  1. Lol trending parin si Celeste.. all over the world including China?!!!!! Kung nag Darna costume pala si Janine noon as I suggested edi sana sya winner LOL..
    Now that is good marketing! Kudos to TEAM CELESTE!!! .. So kung mag-reticulated python inspired Filipiniana ala Valentina(Medusa) & Galema(Naga) next year … lam nyo na!…😁😉😉😉😉

    I can’t wait for the final gown!?!?!


  2. Ang Rami nyong talk about the evening gown, swimsuit eh sa q and a lang din naman yan magkakatalo² which is Celeste’s Waterloo

  3. My current Top20

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Dominican Republic



  4. The RADIANCE is proof positive she was very well-raised. I wanted this as a reply to an earlier comment, but the photos in this post are more than enough.

    (I don’t understand all that mystery behind the entire episode with MPE. But we agreed that since both parties opted to keep the peace on the matter, they realized a much greater plan ahead…)

    I’m just happy Celeste gave the Nationals another try. Happy trails, wherever it may lead! And here we are.

  5. I’ve always said that Catriona is the rare unicorn among our pageant queens, bar none.

    Now I think Celeste is not far behind. She is a complete package as well. This girl finally sold me when she started giving out interviews. I was mistaken to think that she was just another beautiful face and body.

    Her articulateness and sincerity:
    (Latin interviewer: Do you and Ms. Italy speak Italian?
    Celeste: No because I dont want to lose my English. And so does Ms. Italy since she wants to speak in English as well. We support each other)

    Spontaneity, humor and wit :
    (Dian Castillejo: Are you nervous?
    Celeste: We all are. But we just hide it)

    This girl can think on her feet. I know, I know Pia and Megan and Kyle and all the runner ups of MUP won already and it is useless to praise Celeste by making bad comments about the other girls. But all the girls mentioned above sounded “rehearsed”, giving template answers. (Except maybe for Rachel Peters. We got a glimpse of her sincerity as well during her time).

    Winning the MU crown is half hard work and half luck and destiny (aligning of the stars). But for me, win or lose, you are already among my top Philippine Queens.

    World Peace.

  6. Out of the 84 candidates, One girl has about 5% chance of making it through the initial Top 16 cut.

    After her strong prelims performance, I think Celeste will have at least a 50% chance of making the Top 16. (Remember, we don’t know how she did in the closed-door interview.)

    If the next cut is Top 5, it will be difficult for Celeste or any of the 16 girls to advance. (Only about a 30% chance of their name being called if the girls performed equally well, but even less if some girls outperformed.)

    Such a severe cut also means that the MUO or Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip will have more power to influence the outcome, because they will ensure that their preferred girls reach the Top 5 or prevent potential rivals from advancing.

    Therefore, it will be an uphill climb for Celeste to place in the Top 5.

    However, If Celeste manages to place in the Top 5, she has a strong chance of winning if she impresses the judges with a heart-felt answer, as she did in the nationals.

    This edition is extremely difficult and unpredictable. So I guess we should just enjoy the show and not let our expectations get in the way.

  7. I am so excited for Celeste on the final’s night. Accordingly, she’ll sport a different look, walk, strut, and posing. Since it is already sealed that she makes it in the first cut, her total look and performance in the swimsuit and evening gown on the finals will make her land in Top 5, and I am confident she can make it. She will be our 5th Miss Universe. It is manifesting. ❤️🙏

    That’s all.

  8. Even the Thais na notorious sa pag-bash or pag-counter bash sa Philippine candidates were generally praising Celeste for her performance in the preliminaries as well as the details of her gown. And we know how intricate and meticulous the Thais can be with their art forms. Celeste was the No. 1 trending topic in Thai Twitter with their very own candidate relegated to No. 2. And yet maraming mga accla ang todo pintas pa rin sa evening gown niya no thanks to the Pinoy talangka mentality as in sobrang nakakalerki lang. Search nyo na lang sa YouTube kasi bawal sa page ni Tito Norms ang pag-post ng links.

  9. Top 5.
    1. Paraguay
    2. Peru
    3. Thailand – 2nd RU
    4. USA – 1st RU
    5. Philippines – Winner

  10. Missossology ranked CC 3rd in SS and 2nd in EG, making her the best performer overall.

  11. Celeste is very humble and this will resonate well with the judges
    But PR and US are also very endearing
    I am not sure abt Curaçao
    Venezuela’s and Colombia’s ‘pushy ‘ attitude and DR’s diva-ishnrss .I donot think the judges will like but the owner may have an opposite take to this

  12. Moms always bring the very best of luck ! good for her

    After watching the replay of the preliminaries , I have two scenarios for the final 3 :

    Scenario 1: MU -Philippines
    1st ru -Curacao
    2nd ru -Italy

    Scenario 2: MU -Curacao
    1st ru -USA
    2nd ru -Philippines

    My favorites for the top 15 are:
    Aruba, Bahrain, Colombia, Curacao, Dom Rep, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Philippines, Portugal, P Rico, Spain, Thailand, USA, Venezuela

    For the 16th spot, I have these choices, any one of them :
    Belize, Brazil, Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, Mauritius, Peru, So Africa (8)

    Miss Internet : Vietnam Miss Costume : Ukraine (these two can steal one of the 15)

  13. Hindi ba puedeng classic Hollywood ang style sa SS tapos may gumamela
    At sa EG , walang question , dapat pusod!

  14. Nasatisfy naman ako sa performance nya. Sana naman for the 5th crown. I have this vibe that I felt in 2018. Amen.

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