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  1. I have seen so many beautiful Philippine National Costume at the Miss Universe beauty pageant and that is the unique creation and innovative national costume by Philippine representative at the Miss Universe beauty pageant. The designer of the national costume deserve an award. Seriously speaking, the national costume of other Asian countries are far more better than the Philippines. They brought the history of their country thru the designs of their national costume. It seems the Filipino creativity are now fading away.

    • What do you think is wrong with the Darna costume?
      If it’s upto you…What costume would you have wanted her to wear?

    • If it’s only logistically possible, the “Tikbalang” should have been showcased. That would be something.

  2. I don’t know how the finals will play out as this is neither the Trump nor the IMG eras anymore. The first winners of every new MU owner became their sort of poster girls. Alicia Machado was for the Trump years – facially attractive, playful with big personality – and was bashed by Trump himself when she gained pounds (a clear message that he wanted his winners to stay popular, thin, sexy and bubbly with few exceptions of course). IMG’s winners were spokespersons with conviction and we saw that first with Pia – can talk sense and rather fierce but restrained. JKN wants its winners to be “transformational leaders” and “authentic” (at least that’s how Ann worded it) which could mean someone with a meaningful back story that ends in triumph that people can somehow emulate or look up to (not just admire). However, JKN is into consumer beauty and entertainment businesses – which could also mean someone with a strong following that could influence and engage (“leadership”) the pageant community and/or widen the JKN’s clientele base. If such is the leaning, then the so-called transformational attribute (not to relegate it on superficial terms) could be defined as someone “commercially” viable – a beauty that sells (both literally and figuratively). MU is not the reason for its own being – it is but a business after all. Now that both MU and MGI have Thai owners, it is expected that they will not directly compete under the same mold but would rather “distance” from each other, unless one is intentionally copying the other to gain clout. In other words, they will be looking for very different types of queens. One clearly prefers an ultra over-the-top “showgirl” with a proverbial “flame on her belly” but does exactly what its owner wants while the other looks for someone confident without being cocky, engaging and sexy without being borderline salacious, and, an independent thinker but not high-strung to be off-putting. Seeing her on social media and after the prelims earlier, Celeste has a great potential to fit one specific mold if she plays her cards right at the finals and do better – be contagiously perky, be “present” on stage (paying attention to camera angles for her armchair audience, the selection committee members, and the live audience), kicking and radiating her energy into high gear, and speaking with clarity, using words that are universally understood but substantive while minding the time limit. Well, I’m hopeful but crossing my fingers as well.

  3. Based on the Prelims here is my New Top 20

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Dominican Republic


  4. With her performance on the Preliminary competition, it is almost certain that Celeste will be make the semifinal list. However, given the fact that they will have the same set of judges on the Final competition, it’s highly doubtful Celeste will go beyond the evening gown competition. Sure, Celeste is pretty. But her overall performance especially on the evening gown portion is far from being a standout. She practically blended in among other beautiful candidates. On the other hand, France, South Africa and definitely USA were impactful and exudes confidence.

    But as they say, it’s not over until it’s over. So go for it Celeste. And definitely don’t forget to smile.

      • Good to hear Norman. In that case, it’s a new ball game. Since making the semifinal cut is almost certain, Celeste should now relax, enjoy the moment and definitely own the stage. And hopefully, with a decent Q&A performance, Celeste could have a fighting chance to wear the crown.

      • I think / I read that there are two prelim judges (Olivia Jordan and another one) who are solely for the prelims , so in other words , there will be two less judges on Finale night but the remaining are the same judges i.e. Quido will be a judge on Finale night …

  5. Her gown is underwhelming.
    Actually, all of the gowns were underwhelming and disappointing.
    No one really shined in the EG segment.

  6. The point is kahit medyo common ang dating ang gown gaya ng sinasabi ng ilang nagmamaganda diyan ay nadala pa rin niya ng maganda. Sa performance at mukha nya naka-focus ang attention ng mga tao at hindi sa gown. Hindi yung gumanda ka lang dahil kesyo maganda ang gown mo. Talagang magaling sya dahil kahit pa basura ang ipasuot mo, napapaganda nya. And that is art in itself!

    Kaya sa mga negative attackers diyan, kahit magsuot pa kayo ng Michael Cinco gown ay hindi nyo maaalis ang katotohanan na ang papangit nyo pa rin lalo na on the inside!

  7. Just saw the Darna costume and celestial power is real. And the FACE- I can think of two instances where just having the face gave a girl the crown; Amelia Vega and Oxana Fedorova.

    If these were the Trump era, Celeste would have been the automatic winner.

    Skipped the rest of the national costumes as I’ve always felt that the real points had already been given during the swim and gown. I did see our RBonney struggling with that big ass replica of the moon and I’m thinking; typical American!

  8. Top Five National Costumes:

    Trinidad Tobago, USA, VIetnam, Malta

    BEST : Ukraine <GIVE IT TO HER !!!

  9. So it’s Darna , it’s kinda fun … and this show has better energy , but not by much , than the prelims show … and Harnazz is not as bad , although, she repeated the same error by calling Kyrgyzstan as Kazakhstan … what’s wrong with you ?

  10. Swimsuit: Irene Esser-Rabiya Mateo cross vibe? Cel3ste aced this segment. Score: 9.9

    Evening Gown: Mukhang may issue sa fitting at tigasin ang fabric. Pero carry na. Maganda Celeste at ang mahalaga nadala nya ng maayos. She still scream elegance. Score: 9.6

  11. Some notes

    1. I think Bahrain is in (just based on prelims); of all the ‘shorter’ girls, she did the best
    2. Cambodia may be let down by her gown and her walk is still so so, but she gave confident face
    3. Peru’s gown looked cheap
    4. Italy is truly the yin to Celeste’s yang, but fiercer one
    5. DID VENEZUELA MAKE HER OWN GOWN??? It looked stupid, but her face is beautiful
    6. USA came and conquered like the superpower that she is, all tanned and sequinned out, but it actually worked. Its a country known for excess so it was simply being true to form
    7. India’s head is too big for her body and that bra top gown just emphasized it
    8. Puerto Rico is the one to beat; everything about her is just right
    9. Thailand’s cosmetically altered face is terrifying and I just can’t look past it
    10. Celeste is CELESTIAL. I’ve never seen anyone so beautifully calm. I actually loved that gown because it fits the persona she has been displaying all week; unbothered, serene and spectacularly beautiful
    11. As expected, a lot of the hyped up frontrunners faltered in the evening gown segment; Guatemala was all washed out, Indonesia’s long sleeves didn’t do anything, Costa Rica earned herself a ticket to MGI with that stunt of letting her hair down

    I’m dreading ‘Anne Jakkapong Jakrajutatip’s PICKS’… it’s going to be someone with that ‘transformative’ story and not necessarily that Miss Universe archetype.

    Harnazz was awful!! Nabudol ang MU!

  12. Yung gown matigas para syang damit ng sundalo nilagyan ng Gawgaw 😂 BUTI nalang maganda yung nagsuot. I dont know yung mga tao nagagandahan kay Miss USA. Yung gown nya pang bakla na nagtratrabaho sa Las Vegas. Yung make up nya parang caricature 😂

  13. OMG I dont know what to say. Cheleste did her best. The hairstyle. Paging JONAS GAFFUD. Stop styling her like Rabiya. I am having nightmares!!!! Buti ang fez is perfection and mas naexecute nya ang walk.

    The gown- NO COMMENT. She deserves better. I am so sorry but she saved the gown with the beautiful and elegant presentation.

    I am scared of….. Italy, and Venezuela. These two. Effortless, magaan tingnan. Italy reminds me of Andrea Tovar- she’s peaking.

    Aruba looks pretty too. Mexico is definitely in and she might make it to top 5 too. Thailand is worthy of a semifinal spot. Asian delegates are weaker this time. Nothing stood out. Maybe Cambodia. Spain- maybe semifinalist. She’s too cute and sweet for me. Peru- really pretty tonight. South Africa- still fierce.

    Ukraine- overhyped. I stand by my original analysis with her face looking like she just went under the knife. Iceland lost her spark.

  14. Aliw din ang ibang badet na nag-expect masyado sa evening gown ni Celeste. We would understand their feeling kasi nga they are still on Catriona’s parameter in terms of evening gown wow factor.

    Kahit ako din naman ay nag-expect ng sobrang wow na gown for Celeste, pero the Oliver Tolentino gown is stunning and napakalinis ng pagkagawa. It fits well on Celeste, and the color is unique and stands out from the rest. Pero ang pinakamahalaga dun ay nadala ni Celeste ng mahusay ang dress. It’s the execution, girls, guys, and gays. Celeste performed well here.

    I remember yung Ibong Adarna orange gown ni Catriona nung prelim ng MU 2018 pageant, hindi masyadong wow na wow, pero in all her performances in the prelims, markado si Catriona. Ditto with Celeste, guys. Kaya walang duda, Celeste is a top contender.

    Pero sana, fingers crossed, mas pasabog ang gown na susuutin ni Celeste sa finals. Tsaka sana mag-smize s’ya ng todo sa camera.

    I’ll post later my observations and those who made in my list.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter-Lund I most definitely agree. It’s not the gown but the wearer that matters to the judges. Not that Celeste’s gown is lacking in that wow factor more so if personally seen up close. Interestingly it’s the same color as Janine Tugonon’s gown in 2012 when she effortlessly owned the stage. Michelle Dee’s gown during MUP was even simpler and didn’t really stand out, but it didn’t stop her from winning Best in Evening Gown. Although admittedly I’m also hoping that Celeste will don a more vibrant color come coronation night for that extra boost in stage presence.

      • Well said, Ken dear. I can sleep well tonight and in the coming nights before finals. Let us all leave to her team the things that shall be done on her.

        That’s all.

    • Catriona’s orange (almost rust) preliminary gown was also very underwhelming. Vloggers and fans were hoping she changed it in the finals – and she did with fire. So, let’s hope Celeste will do that glorious change in the finals (if she makes the first and second cuts).

      • We are indeed on the same page, Beth dahlin’.

        Pero malakas ang kutob ko na ‘yung nagperform ng mabuti at sikat sa fans ang makakapasok sa first cut.

        That’s all.

    • You guys are focusing sa strength ni Cheleste which is ang presentation skills niya. I worry about the Q and A. What if she will be asked a “tough” question? Bea Luigi last year faltered about the covid passport. Is this another miss earth scenario for her? What if the question is not about motherhood and about the impending global economic slowdown? I hope Celeste can answer that kind of question.

      • ‘Eh, ‘di tulungan na natin. SAGOT! 🙂

        (Makakarating sa Team; si Uncle Norman, pa… Kakabitan lang ng security code ng wordpress para ‘di ma-translate ng kalaban.)

        My take : Hindi ito ang una’ng pagkakataon’g babagal ang pag-inog ng mundo. Ngunit nairaraos, naman, kahit paano. Mahalaga, lamang, na tayo’y bigkis-kamay na hanapan ng sagot ang mga pang-araw-araw na suliranin at pagsubok… At huwag mawawala sa atin’g tanawin ang mga tala, dahil ang mga ito ang lagi’ng gabay. Khop khun kah.

        (Admin, bs ba? Ikaw na mag-refine. May Grammarly ka naman, ‘eh.)

  15. So, there are three Pinas sponsors : Quido, Bragais, Lazada …or there might be more…

  16. Okay naman yung may cape na suot kaya lang nawalan ang candidates ng chance na ipakita yung pasarela skills na pinaghirapan ng mahabang panahon ng training. Masyadong naging conscious sila na ipakita yung design sa cape. Maigsi na nga lang yung oras allotted for SS for each candidate tapos kailangan pa nila mag-pause at pose para lang sa design ng cape. Sayang talaga yung pasarela nila, naubos ang short time to showcase it. Sana next year wala ng design ek-ek na yan!

  17. Colombia and Curaçao looked too severe with their hair up
    PR is a lot prettier in person and she’s very personable
    Guatemala looks like a real doll . Flawless white skin

  18. Aruba, Belize, Colombia, Curacao, Dom Rep, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Portugal, PRico, Thailand, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam

    16th spot: Iceland, SO Africa, Peru, India, Brazil, Guatemala, Jamaica, Cambodia (8)

  19. I think Bahrain gave the best EG presentation.

    Now I can really say that it is R’Bonney’s crown to lose.

  20. Celeste is elegantly ethereal in her exquisite sky blue evening gown! The pasavogue factor is there in spades further highlighted during the group walk! She is definitely making it to the Top 20 and beyond!

  21. Celeste’s walk reminds me of Oxana’s, especially the effortless swaying of her hips. Celestial goddess indeed.

    That’s all.

  22. nobody messed up among my favorites but nobody really stood out either … however, my eyes caught Germany and Belize … I’ll watch out for their gowns now

  23. Harnazz is horrible … sorry if offended , being honest with my opinion

  24. I saw R’bonney’s swimsuit rehearsal for the prelims, grabe pasabog ‘yung naka-crossarms s’ya tapos biglang haharap.

    Celeste, puhleaaaase, girl. Galingan mo mag-smize, i-aura mo sa camera ng eight seconds. Huwag magmadaling umikot. Team MUPh, calling…

    That’s all.

    • R’Bonney Gabriel’s swimsuit catwalk left a lasting impression. The kind that made me think what if Celeste had the same stage presence — not that she didn’t stand out herself.

  25. Celeste has the most number of excited Pinoy and foreign pageant fans since Catriona. You can read in most of the pageant sites that fans are rallying behind Celeste. We just hope that the judges give proper score on Celeste’s performance. Otherwise, warla ang mga badet.

    TBH, ngayon lang ulit tayo nagkaroon ng super beauty MU rep. ‘Yung gandang hindi nambubudol and no thesis defense needed. Kaya excited maging ang mga tao sa likod ni Celeste. They give their best to come up with a winning candidate. Mga ka-vogue na outfit lang naman ang ipinapasuot sa kan’ya. Kaya I am expecting the most pasa-vogue evening gown for Celeste. Kung gaano s’ya kaganda, dapat mas angat pa ang kanyang evening gown. Iba din kasi kapag nakasuot ka ng pinakaangat na gown sa lahat, gaya nung gown na sinuot ni Zozibini Tunzi. Nung bumulaga s’ya with her beautiful gown, halos tinapos na n’ya ang laban, just like our very own Catriona.

    We just have to pray na mag-constellate lahat ng stars for Celeste, kasi deserve n’ya ang fifth crown for the Philippines. Please, Lord. 🙏

    That’s all.

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