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  1. In this MU edition talaga, I would say na madaming magagandang evening gown. Pero may mga gown na hindi maganda ang cut dahil nasisira ang figure ng girl. Here are my notes:

    *Miss Thailand – her torso looks compressed because of the nude illusion on both sides. But of course, I salute her team for making a highly sustainable gown made of soda can brooch pin.

    *Miss Curacao – I love her gown, however, the upper extension to the neck is very unnecessary.

    *Miss Aruba – I love the design concept of the gown but its multicolors look meh: black, pink and white? Ugh!

    *Miss Cambodia – I know the evening gown’s designer is a Filipino, but sorry to say, it’s less impacting because of the seemingly coat style in the upper section.

    *Miss Canada, more is more. It’s overdone!

    *Miss Equitorial Guinea – what’s the cape for?

    *Miss Great Britain – the gown is exquisite and I’d love to wear it, but the dark pink does not complement her skin tone.

    *Miss Nicaragua – also one of the most beautiful gowns, but, heck, the gown carried her.

    *Miss Nigeria – I sooo love the gown, but she failed to give justice on it because of her weak pasarela.

    *Miss South Africa – the gown, as well as the accessory on her head, is perfect. But, it’s not her day because, for mama’s sake, it resembles the LED background!!!

    *Miss Seychelles – for me, it’s the most beautiful gown I’d love to wear. I also love the girl’s styling. But, the real issue on the gown is the wearer herself. Ang tanda na ni ante! With that said, mas gugustuhin ko pa na walang wow factor ang gown pero ang ganda ng nagsuot, kesa sobrang ganda ng gown kesa hindi maganda ang nagsuot.

    That’s all.

    • Continuation…

      Last year’s MU edition, Miss USA had an impeccable evening gown courtesy of Michael Cinco. Ang ganda ng kulay, malinis ang yari dahil s’yempre gawang Cinco, pero Miss USA fade in the dark. Una, hindi bagay sa skin tone n’ya ang color ng gown, ganun din ang cut nito. Pangalawa, she did not perform well in it. Thus, she did not carry the gown well. Michael Cinco pa ‘yan ha, although admittedly hindi daw beauty pageant couturier si Cinco. Pero naman kase, kung from off the racks ang ipapasuot sa kandidata, hindi talaga makukuha o maipa-pattern kung ano ang nababagay sa kanya.


      In both swimsuit and evening gown, these five ladies have stood out in style, pasarela, and presentation:

      1. Philippines
      2. Venezuela
      3. USA
      4. Puerto Rico
      5. Dominican Republic

      I’d also say that they are my Top 5. And so, if I go down the list of winners, here they are:

      2nd Runner-up… Miss Puerto Rico
      1st Runner-up… Miss USA
      MISS UNIVERSE 2022… Miss Philippines

      I remember, ‘yan din ang forecast ko last year bago pa man magsimula ang MU season.

      That’s all.

  2. Top 5:
    Who is the fifth one?
    Venezuela Colombia Philippines Jamaica Brazil Aruba Mexico Germany Guatemala South Africa Thailand Vietnam

  3. Celeste’s walk has changed
    What was the need for it ? Her swimsuit walk ( and casual walk) was excellent ? It was full of energy and confidence
    It was something that none of the candidates showed last night
    I hope Celeste wins the fan vote

  4. Celeste is on fire! That beautiful face! And one of the best bodies to grace the MU stage this year. She will make it to the top.

    Here’s hoping 👑 Celesti Cortesi will be Philippines’ 5th Miss Universe this Sunday, Jan 14th!

  5. If there was one loser last night, it would be Harnaaz . The audience made her feel like she was not welcome there
    It didn’t help that her performance as a host was super terrible . She did not jibe with either host . Very painful

    • Actually, the biggest loser was Russia. Except for a couple of loud fans, hardly anyone else cheered for her. The silence was awkward especially after all the cheers for Puerto Rico.

      • My group cheered for Russia
        It’s not her fault .
        As for Harnaaz , the audience almost wanted to boo her off the stage

  6. @AWL, now ko lang ulit nabasa ang word na “merese” very late 90s ito! 😊

  7. Based on the group of judges , it is likely a Carribean girl will win
    Because Wendy is among the judges , it is possible that DR is top on their list being a black lawyer herself .
    But if they will continue the trend of choosing youthful and very feminine winners , then Curaçao will be the winner
    However , If not Celeste, I hope They choose R’bonney . She was among the best perfromers last night . And in terms of comm skills , I think she is the best . Her beauty really shines when she talks
    I just donot know if Ximena’s presence will prevent either Celeste or. R’bonney from advancing as she is super anti-Filipino
    As for Colombia , I am prob one of the few who think she is overhyped . She can’t find the right hair style and she looks square in person .

  8. Calm down people!

    If you’re a boxing fan then Celeste’s performance is likened to a couple of right jabs. Strong but challenger looks weak..

    Anticipating a knockout punch come finals night.


  9. Ok. Napanood ko lahat Ng contestants sa SS and EG. May laban parin c CC. I just hope ay naipasa Rin Nya Ang prelim interview and she’s confident enough na sabihin na ok lng Yung interview.
    I repeat again, kapag pumasok cya sa semifinals ay cguradong pasok sa top 10 and top 5 Kasi Wala nmang interview sa top 10.
    Legs crossed sa Top 5 QandA.
    Yun lungs😊 cherette 🤫🙂

  10. The international experts of Missosology justifiably placed Celeste in THIRD PLACE in their list of the Top 15 in the swimsuit preliminaries and, take note, SECOND PLACE in evening gown.

  11. In fairness to Miss Thailand, she wore a truly sustainable gown! It was dedicated to honor her garbage collector father and street sweeper mother. It was made out of soda cans pull tabs! Just for that she’s now in my Top 5. I love it.

  12. Celeste definitely nailed the SS round. It was better than her EG round.

    I have the same sentiments regarding the prelim performances of our more recent delegates: with Rabiya and Beatrice too, their SS were good, but their preliminary EG was underwhelming. Rabiya and Bea’s styling were dated and their gowns lacked impact (my exact thought was “Hindi ito pang-Miss U”). Good thing Celeste’s styling was not bad.

    • It’s heartwarming to know that Rian Fernandez designed the preliminaries gown of R’Bonney Gabriel — as well as her coronation gown in Miss USA — while Patrick Isorena did her costume. Hats off to our very own!

    • Yes. She has charisma, showmanship and drive.
      She really kicked it in high gear in the semi finals.

      Looking forward to the finals.
      We’ll see

  13. The raising of the leg was iconic. That was Celeste’s signature pasarela. It was enthralling

    • That is how Miss USA walked during the 2000s

      Watch Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA, in Miss Universe 2005


  14. No doubt, Celeste topped the swimsuit round. Came second was Venezuela. So, below are the candidates who I thought rocked the preliminaries:

    1. Philippines
    2. Venezuela
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. USA
    5. Dominican Republic

    6. Mexico
    7. Curacao
    8. Germany
    9. Vietnam
    10. Thailand

    11. Italy
    12. Colombia
    13. South Africa
    14. Peru
    15. Jamaica
    16. Trinidad & Tobago

    Mukhang El Tocuyo na naman si Spain.

    That’s all.

    • Salamat AWL!
      Grabe di ko gets ung hanash ng iba. Sa EG, di nila maappreciate si CC.
      She may not have the best gown but she has the best EG presentation earlier.

      Pinoy talangka talaga!

      • Be objective. Number 1 si Celeste sa inyo because pinoy kayo. 🙄 Definitely not the best in evening gown.

      • Alam mo naman ang mga Pinoy, pinatikman lang ng standard ni Catriona, ayaw ng patinag mereseng simple ngunit eleganteng gown naman, madami ng hanash. Abangan lang nila ang gown ni Celeste sa finals.

        That’s all.

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    • Si Enzo Pineda ba ‘yan’g endorser~ambassador ng UNISILVER?… Time. So, he is the face for their wristwatch line?

      I digressed…

      The Swim pasarela? 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        @ Closer2Fame Wow!!! I was intrigued by its texture. Kaya pala. 🙂

        @ Fabian Reyes I’m with you on Aristizabal. Hindi pa ito ang magpapanalo, ulit, sa kanila. Here’s the thing : I’m unsure if the blonde/Teutonic Colombiana has ever prospered in MU. The ones that come to mind have dark(er) hair – Carolina Gomez, Laura Gonzales, & Paola Betancourt, to name a few. Of course, Paulina Vega.

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