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  1. Even the Thais na notorious sa pag-bash or pag-counter bash sa Philippine candidates were generally praising Celeste for her performance in the preliminaries as well as the details of her gown. Her name was the No. 1 trending topic in Thai Twitter with their very own candidate relegated to No. 2. And yet maraming mga accla ang todo pintas pa rin sa evening gown niya no thanks to the Pinoy talangka mentality as in sobrang nakakalerki lang. Search nyo na lang sa YouTube kasi bawal sa page ni Tito Norms ang pag-post ng links.

  2. O diba.. Trending yung Darna costume.. LOL.. ano ba sabi ni Madame Ana.. ” a Miss Universe should be impactful”… Hindi pa ba impactful yan when you are trending in all platforms?!

    MUPhOrg… Gusto nyo uli magtrending next year?
    Valentina costume naman.. a villainess whos often misunderstood… The medusa-inspired anti-hero wearing a green modernized Filipiniana which is a Serpentina gown with small butterfly sleeves and arm length gloves… Whole gown would be laser printed with the hide pattern of the reticulated python( the longest snake in the world) then fully encrusted w/ swarovski crystals… plus indigenous tribal fabrics used as accents… subtly deconstructed and ruffled on some of the edges to create an illusion of peeling snake skin revealing the tribal fabric… ganda diba?
    Just like Valentina, the native reticulated python is often misunderstood… often portrayed as the villain but in truth, it is vital to the ecological balance of our native forrest ecosystems..

    • Manong, isn’t the ‘Valentina’ of Pinoy pop culture the Greek ‘Medusa’ archetype in ‘Aliwan’ comics’ ‘Zuma’ series?… Or, hiwalay pa’ng narrative ‘yun?

      ‘Ay. Si Galema, ‘ata, ‘yun’g naisip ko… How about replacing Cary Santiago’s eagle chicks with a pair of ‘naga’?

      Your Costume sounds good to go! But let’s make it more streamlined by doing away with the ruffles. The shedding to reveal the tribal (—) fabric sounds brilliant. Kudos. 🙂

      (Let’s see which local fashion designer can pull that effect off.)

      • @edible

        Wag ka na kumontra.. Sabi ko SUBTLY deconstructed and (subtly) ruffled in SOME edges… to create an illusion of peeling snakes skin revealing the tribal fabric… it will make it look more interesting. Boring yung streamlined..🙄

  3. Harnazz should never ever wear a gown with no sleeves from this day forward , especially on Finale night … a gown similar to what she wore during the national costume show will be most welcome

  4. That unfortunate gown. Bustline looks like paint by numbers, and the sequins on her puson looked glued on cardboard, lumalaban sa movement ng wearer. The legs were covered by mosquito net. Walang discernible story or concept ang gown, buti na lang her face made up for it.

  5. My top 16

    Italy – she reminds me Andrea Tovar
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico

    We need to pray for Celeste.
    What the heck is that gown. Anlayo dun sa gown nya nung MUP
    Parang galing sa isang designer na ang shop eh nasa wet market ang pwesto. Pangit
    Naka focus lang ako sa face ni Celeste kanina ayokong tingnan yung gown baka magka nightmare ako. Sino pumili nun?

    Bakit daming gusto kay Thailand? Parang 1/2 face lang ang face nya.
    At si China gosh! Daming magaganda sa bansa nila nagkalat sa Shanghai pero bakit every year na lang papangit. Yung batch ni Shamcey dapat mga ganun.
    At si Singapore susme, sya pa talaga napili. Dapat stick sila sa Indian at Malay na candidate nila pati Malaysia. Hwag mga chinese descent na chaka.

  6. Cheleste deserves our support and prayers… She will need it if Team MUP cannot do its job right. Puro self sabotage ang strategy at the most crucial points of the competition. My gosh!!! Kakahighblood,…. hihihihi

    Also- MUP is turning into BBP old days in terms of NOT HAVING the freedom in bringing their own styling team and designers….

    Hoy Jonas wag kang dictator.. Let creative ideas flow. You are not the only one with good ideas. This is what happens when you cut the creative freedom- we are stuck with a singular idea na nagiging parepareho every year.

    I hope Cheleste does not turn into Rabiya 2.0


    • In fairness, I agree. Cumbia Barraza vibes from Celeste’s styling last night. Even the fit was off, like the Barraza days. We can support while being objective.

      Buti nalang talaga maganda and confident si Celeste. She looked happy to be there last night and that’s undeniable.

      Sabi daw “abangan”… ay naku. Turn on daw for prelims. Ngayon finals. Abangan na lang for next edition (likely in BKK), and then the one after that, and after that.

      For Saturday, enjoy the journey with Celeste nalang.

      • sinabi mo pa. Now we now that Evil Mama J really just wants to imprison future MUPs for Empire… How sad, we are going back full circle in the past where the restrictions have made our candidates just one-dimensional. Just because you have proven yourself does not make you the end-all be-all type.

        Sometimes, new perspectives help drive new ideas and concepts para hindi na lang lagi the same ang execution.

        I have set my expections for our dear Cheleste from winner- top 3 to top 10-top 5 at best.

        I hope they prove me wrong!!!! #FreeCheleste

      • I don’t know about Jonas but it does seem budget goes to Teams A-Z working vacations lol.

        In fairness, what is the necessity of bringing the whole team for final prep two weeks before departure?

        Maybe they volunteer year round and MUP needs to ensure they don’t suffer a walkout?

        3 years now under their franchiseship and I’m resigned to think they just want to enjoy the journey.

        These were the same minds that brought us Pia and Cat and Megan and Kylie. More is definitely possible.

        But ABANGAN Ollie Tolentino 2.0 finals night. LOL.


      • justgrc, Nako I dont want to speculate but I don’t like the direction the MUP is being ran currently. Cheleste winning the 5th crown isn’t due to training by MUP, it is because Cheleste is destined to win the crown in the first place. All they do is self destruct and self sabotage our dear candidate’s campaign!!!!

        Pray for Cheleste

    • @4M Aye naku, manage your expectations na lang.

      I have Celeste in Top 10. Unpopular opinion but she has Gazini energy and Rabiya handling. Top 10 would be a success in that regard as the other two only reached Tuff 20.

      Colombia and USA are last two standing for me. They’ve been delivering since Day 1 and walang ABANGAN after prelims. I couldn’t stop staring at both of them.

      • The format has changed. It’ll be top 16 doing both SS and EG, then top 5 then top 3!!! Kashokot! At least we’ll see Cheleste in evening gown….hihihi

      • Aye naku. Abangan sa finals gown ni Sir Ollie. Bet tayo, netizens will not approve. Even Tito Norms hasn’t posted a gown feature LOL.

        Buti pa si Rian Fernandez. For sure featured in Top 5 with USA, joining the ranks of Albert Andrada, Mak Tuman, Francis Libiran, and Alfredo Barraza for BPCI!!!

  7. It’s heartwarming to know that Rian Fernandez designed the preliminaries gown of R’Bonney Gabriel — as well as her coronation gown in Miss USA — while Patrick Isorena did her costume. Hats off to our very own!

    • If you look, USA and Philippines gowns had similar features like the dual transparent slits. USA’s had impact. Philippines, well the consensus is Celeste pulled it off despite the gown being forgettable and washed out.

      Perhaps MUP can consider up and coming local designers next year. Name value is nice, but not everything.

  8. I had a headache picking my top five.

    Come coronation night on Saturday, I’ll have a full-blown migraine.

  9. Missosology justifiably placed Celeste in SECOND PLACE in their list of the Top 15 in the evening gown preliminaries and THIRD PLACE in swimsuit.

    Kaya juice colored amanaccayo mga accla sa pagiging mga feeling expert negatrons nyo.

  10. Nadala talaga ni Ateng Celeste ang EG performance. Good thing she knows how to work a gown onstage. Maganda naman yung gown kaso na-wash out talaga ng lighting and the gold background. It looked bland on camera. I feel like if you saw it live or under different circumstances, kabog naman yung gown kasi maganda yung details and may pagka-ethnic yung pattern. Pero with this setup, the gown just looked blah.

    Anyways, relax lang tayo mga accla kasi Celeste’s performance was more than enough to get her into the semifinals. Sana lang talaga the finals gown will look better with the stage production para pasok ulit tayo sa Top 5.

  11. Sana noong sinabi ng male host yung description na “she transforms from an ordinary woman with the help of a white stone”, may isinubong Mentos si Celeste, sabay pose. ❤️

  12. I am confident Celeste will make it to semifinals. Her movements were classy which complimented her pretty face and gorgeous body.

  13. The gown was average looking, to say at least but she’s lucky her stunning face and movements was able to carry the performance. The swimsuit performance was safe, but that NatCos was amazing. It’s exciting to finally see the super popular “Darna” represented in a beauty pageant stage. The energy she had during the NatCos is the one I’m looking for during swimsuit.

    It’s a good performance overall, def not one of the top but more than enough to put her in the semifinals IMO. Swerte lang talaga at sobrang ganda ng face nya, kaya kahit average yung suot naeelevate

    After the prelims, I think Curacao will take it but I think Celeste still has a chance to get to the top three and possibly get our anticipated 2nd RU if she performs her best on finals

  14. Curacao, Thailand ,USA are surely in top 6. We are lucky to be in top 16. Di ganda ang batayan ng mga hurado. Indonesia might even get the fan vote

  15. One question that must be asked is for the new owner ” when you were a very young gay lad cheering for MissU, did you ever dream of being the owner of Miss Universe” ?
    We all need to hear her answer and I myself am very very interested in what she says.
    if she answers yes, that may be an indication that she will maintain the prestige, the dignity, the elegance and the integrity of the MU Pageant, a tradition in many many distant countries , and a lifelong dream for many many women around the world …

  16. I like the COLOR of the gown. Like an industrial grey with just a hint of blue. Pa-intellectual ang dating.

    But I wonder, had the skirt portion just been SIMPLE-if-basic… I get the loincloth feel, too (@ Ivan, below). And the use of sheer/see-through fabric is getting tired.

    @ THOMAS is right, too. Kahit simple cut at lines! If you look like a clown, you’ll be treated like one/as such.

    Smooth & classy performance, naman. Should be good for the First Penetration. Brava!

    • (Cont.)

      To the organizer of the 72nd edition, may we request for an upbeat ‘electro’ tune for the Swim? Para medyo UPBEAT. Puhon.

      We can keep the ‘slow drama’ for the Evening Dress.

  17. The ethereal, quintessential beauty.

    Silvia Celeste Rabimbi Cortesi, 25, from the land of beautiful women abound, Philippines!

  18. My possible TOP5 combos:

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Italy/South Africa

  19. With a face and body like Celeste’s, we don’t need a vavavoom gown that might steal thunder from her. An elegant, finely crafted one will do. Remember that a true queen wears the gown and not the gown wearing the queen. Lol. For that alone, Top 10 easily. The loudness and the noise of the fans (mostly Filipinos?) from the audience supplements what the gown lacks in shine, glitter, slit, plunge, and wow factor.

    Having said that, yes it is kinda overwhelming. Yan kasi problema pag may mga pa-asa statements sina Voltaire, Shamcey at MJ “hanger” Lastimosa (hanger dahil bakit lagi syang naka sabit?). Lol.

    As to the National Costume. I am glad “darna “ is over and done with. So many in the past have been clamoring this look. Di lang tayo sana’y sa costume na pang Semana Santa (may buhat buhat na mabigat sa likod ala Catriona. Duguan ala Rabiya at may pakpak papunta ng langit ala Gazini). Lol. For goodness sake, give the award either to Ukraine or that other candidate na may dalang higante sa likod. Have you seen how awkward and struggling Ms. USA was in her national costume?

    Daming maganda this year. Curaçao, Peru, Venezuela, Philippines…. Pero ang dami ring….Ha? Eto talaga pinadala ng bansa nila? (Indonesia [ivy violas, statue?], Japan, Paraguay, Singapore [bangs kung bangs!] at pangit make up ni Thailand (kung si Celeste ay si Darna, pwede na syang Valentina)

    World Peace.

  20. Wow..just wow..goosebumps when she appeared on stage for both SS and EG round. And yes, she could have done the iconic darna pose. 9.5/10. Chrz.

  21. This gown will haunt her ( and her team) is she doesnt or barely make the cut. It is not jaw dropping, mesmerizing, raving to say the least. Was she able to fit and practice/perfect her walk wearing the gown? I understand the gown was fitted a few weeks ago and picked from the designer a few weeks ago when Celeste arrived in California? Also why was a gown design not finalized or picked all this time prior to Celeste’s and her team’s US departure? Hindi talaga natuto itong MUPH . May Fashion Guru sort of pa sila in the person of Albert Andrada and then ganon walang impact ang gown? Buti pa gowns ni Barraza c/o Bb PIlipinas era.

  22. Finaly somebody wore a Darna costume at Miss U…
    I’ve been saying/requesting this since 2011 when Shamcey competed… Finaly, somebody listened and I absolutely love it! She’s the epitomé of a modern Filipina… Dun sa mga nagsasabi na mas ok yung traditional Filipiniana are trapped in the mentality of the patriarchal society who perpetuates an image of a demure submissive and subservient pinay who would always be inferior to men… Darna completely defies that mentality thus she is a symbol of hope to all.

  23. I wish to restate that Celeste’s swimsuit and evening gown performances met my expectation. She indeed rocked the MU stage.

    As regards her Darna national costume, we saw how Catriona enjoyed walking in the Pinoy superheroine’s costume on stage. That is sufficient enough for Pinoy pageant fans’ satisfaction, especially on gays who, for years, have been dreaming that one day a Filipina rep in MU would wear Darna costume. Happy ang mga betla.


    We shall not expect that the Darna costume will win. It’s not that impactful. Ukraine’s national costume is.

    That’s all.

  24. JawzKuh. Magnovena ako Ng 100x a day para makapasok man lng sa semifinals. Wala pa ring nabago. Hindi pa ba Nya nasuso Ang kanyang bf. Parang walang karanasan sa masakit at madugong lavanan.
    Ang daming magaganda ha at palaban. Yung transformation leader na hinahanap ni JKN ay nasaan. Di man lang ako nasarapan at walang ungol at halinghing akong narinig.
    Reserve ba Ang energy sa finals. That’s bullshit. Puedeng pakisampal kahit Isang beses lang baka matauhan at maging palaban😊
    Cherette lungs 🫁 . Nakaka HB talaga 😱😆

  25. How many times na Sinabi ko na ang prelim eh dun na sila kumukuha ng top ten. What happened sa Gown Bakit Ganito nalang every year . Mga accla na sa likod ng MUP puro lalaki ang inaasikaso 😂 madaming magagaling na gumagawa ng gown. In fairness naman kay Oliver yung gown eh hindi pang pageantry . Parang bahag yung gown nya. Hay mga accla sasabunutan ko kayo . Swerte kayo na yung mukha ni Celeste yung talagang maganda. Nakuh makukurot ko kayo sa sing it nyan.

  26. And those sashes , I really really hate hate hate those sashes … why change a style which is classy , classic , makes the ladies look elegant and really really practical because the old ones were very easy to read … now I have to squint in order to read the sashes of the contestants … ughhhh

  27. I agree … but Curacao looked very determined too and facially lovely … if you review her Q & A at her local pageant , she aced it… I think she will be eloquent as well here at MU if / when she gets to the Q & A… getting covid makes you work even smarter

    I would put her in top 5 instead of Venezuela ( she is trying too much to be noticed ; I mean she is already noticed enough , no need to over do it )

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