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  1. A lot are not used to the voice of Celeste but Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe 2016 has a similar voice and she won. Celeste, instead of adapting to another form of speaking, should instead articulate her style more.

    Good luck, Celeste.

  2. Well at least there’s a gay male in the selection committee.

    Big Freedia’s statement when asked about his preferred gender:

    “I was born male and remain male—physically, hormonally and mentally. But I am a gay male. Some folks insist I have to be trans, but I don’t agree. I’m gender nonconforming, fluid, nonbinary.”

    The Root.com interview
    September 2020

  3. @Scorg

    Sir, as the old proverb goes, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    This is an example of double standard in the flesh.

    ✌out, Scorg. All the best.


  4. On @Lymaraina’s comment below on “it takes a woman to know a woman who is just faking it… men do not have that radar”: I truly believe so. Woman’s intuition, remember? Especially now that the selection panel’s agenda is to look for a woman’s inner confidence that will take her to be a beautiful transformational leader. Men tend to look for “confidently beautiful”; women for “beautifully confident”. In other words, men are experts on outer beauty; women on inner beauty.

    • So, Scorg, given your conviction, should then the entire panel of judges at Mr. World and Mr. International all be men?


      • @Really, your reasoning is a non sequitur— with due respects to my co-commenter that I share the same views most times. MU has a clear advocacy to advance the interest of women. The advocacy is more pronounced in this edition, and it happens to dwell on the woman’s inner beauty. I’d like to think that MU management saw the wisdom in having an all-female team to discern such intangible quality. Mr World and other male pageants do not have advocacies, let alone any social issue that are being advanced, except projection of masculinity. that said, any gender would be okay to sit in the selection panel. I am not sure what advocacy is being advanced by the furry animals you are talking about, or even their owners, that would require a specific qualification for its jury.

      • Oh, interesting that you raise that point. At Supranational, the task of selecting the year’s King is given to the queens…Former & reigning Misses Supranational.

        Guys (former candidates) have sat in the Prelims, if not as Judge then as segment host. Para masala agad, & only the elite move on to the all-female panel.

      • I believe having an all-female selection panel for beauty pageants is part of the evolution of pageantry. From purely a competition of physical beauty according to centuries-old ideology and myths on beauty, it has now become a platform to advance women’s interests that is jockeying for a place in the mainstream. While vestiges of the past showcasing women’s physical assets still remain– despite the marketing spin as physical fitness, tasteful carriage, superior styling (read: manufactured or innate western archetype)– significant strides are now taking place in the industry. The political economy of beauty pageants compel such evolution in the face of high operating costs and changing market demands. Advocacy marketing has become pageantry’s strategic tool to recapture lost First World economies and energize the huge Millenial and GenZ markets, let alone to survive in this changed market landscape.

    • BTW
      The Furry Community, growing in numbers, are humans who identify as furry animals.

      Should humans, who identify as canines, one day be exclusive judges at the Philippine Circuit?


      • You really want dirty old men judging? Remember the once infamous Bush guy who used to host my way back and the Hollywood leak tapes? Imagine having a guy in the show who thinks that way. Que horror

  5. I agree with those who think that the panel of judges should be diversified. I get the notion that it takes a woman know a woman. Clear.

    However, The Philippine Circuit holds the biggest dog show in Asia showcasing the talent, poise and beauty of beautiful four legged mammals thus determining the winnwr or winners.

    So, shall we eliminate all the human judges and assign a distinguished panel of canines?

    I’m all for it. The problem is the transition from a human panel to a canine panel may not be smooth but perhaps be a little “ruff ruff”.


  6. Ang daming haka haka at kuro kuro sa mga hurado. Kahit pa sina Pia at Catriona ang ilagay mo sa selection committee kung hindi suwerte ng Pilipinas na manalo. Hindi sa selection committee ang nakasalalay ang pagkapanalo depende yan sa kalahok sa patimpalak. Nakita naman natin noong 2018 kahit isang Filipino ang isa sa mga hurado pero pinakita naman ni Catriona na siya talaga ang karapat dapat na manalo. Huwag po tayong mag-alala dahil palaging kasama Top 20 ang Pilipinas. Hindi mabubuhay ang patimpalak kung wala ang mga taong sumisigaw ng P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S.

  7. Kahit sino pa ang uupong judges sa MU, we have to trust the Org kasi nga they value integrity. That what separates them from other pageants. Ayaw din ng Org na malagay sa uncompromising situation dahil lang sa pagpabor ng judges sa isang candidate. For sure, they will brief the judges that they are looking for the most deserving candidate, who will perform well or ace every round during the final’s night. Sa dinami-dami ng judges na ‘yan, siguro naman majority of them have similar eyes for who really is the best among the candidates.

    Sana huwag na tayo mag-dwell on judges’ biases. Tayo lang ang nagki-create ng issue. Kung may mga puna tayo sa mga choices nila in the past, that is because the judges in the past had different taste from ours. Kung ang issue, eh, dahil this or that judge is from the country similar to the heavy favorite, o, pwes, maghanap kayo ng judge from a country na walang representative sa pageant. Sige nga?

    Tapos kapag nanalo ang bet natin in Miss U, which one of the judges ay kababayan natin or may dugong Pinoy, con todo defend tayo sa mga shupitbalur na nagsasabing lutong macao, etc.

    Sabi nga ni Vilma, damaged you do, damaged you don’t. Qiqil n’yo ‘ko.

    Qiqil din ako sa mga badet na may issue kay Oliver Tolentino. Kesyo old style daw mga creations ng Hollywood fashion designer. Daming keme. Hindi na lang muna hintayin kung ano talaga ang mga isusuot ni Cheleste. Kung chaka, saka mang-hanash, hindi ‘yung inuunahan ninyo. Kakaloka.

    That’s all.

  8. Nandyan Ang dalawang Olivia na puedeng tumulong Kay Celeste. Sure semifinalist na ba. I’m sure may ibang judge na imbyerna Kay Celeste by giving low score due to the tone of her voice na kinakabahan, walang leadership etc etc.
    We’ll see. Kasi kapag pumasok sa semifinal c Celeste ay sure top 10 na Yan. If there’s no QandA sa Top 10 ay sure top 5 na Yan. Legs crossed for the win😊 ahihihihihi

  9. The composition of the selection committee is favorable for Celeste but more favorable for R’Bonney.

    Some noteworthy observations:

    1. MUO wishes to maintain its strong market position in Latin America.
    2. MUO recognizes the Philippine market and sponsorships.
    3. MUO is concerned about optics, hence it excludes judges from or affiliated with Thailand?

    If not R’Bonney, I believe they will crown someone from the Caribbean but will sill give a solid placement for Celeste who will for sure deliver come prelims and finals.

  10. questions needing answers in everybody’s mind…

    1) Is the reigning MU queen carrying a baby ?
    2) Will a ‘baldy’ ( Ghana and/or Nigeria ) make it to the first cut ?

      • No, you’re the idiot. Big Freedia identifies as a nonbinary nonconforming gay man, he is not trans and although he embraces his feminine side, he does not identify as female. Look it up fool.

    • Tigilan na ang all women judges…maganda kung may diversity sa judging panel…yung may lalaki or lgbt

  11. Ximena absolutely spells trouble for Celeste
    It’s like having Natalie among the panel of judges
    And the presence of Wendy and 2 other black women means the MUO is favoring a Caribbean to win :
    Venezuela Colombia
    USA May squeak in

  12. Not a fan of all-women members of jury. There should be some sort of few accomplished men or gays in the field of modelling/fashion designing or entertainment like Perez Hilton who saw Pia’s winning strenght. But if this women would see the Celeste’s other side (her strength) which would catapult her to winning the crown , well who am I to question them!

    • agreed … should be at least semi-diversified , meaning , half is all women but the other half are diversified ( the hosts , they’re all-female , that is just fine )

  13. My pre-preliminaries favorites ( & post-preliminaries too since I do not think anyone on this list will mess up tomorrow, fingers-crossed ; There will be much movement if we were privvy to the closed door interviews as they happened, but we are not, so we wait)

    Chile, Colombia, Peru, Philippines, P Rico, So Africa, Spain, Thailand, USA, Venezuela ( 10 nations who have already won MU previously )

    Iceland, Aruba, Curacao, Portugal, Guatemala
    Ukraine, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bahrain ( 10 nations who have NOT YET won MU )

    BIG SPOILERS: India, Brazil
    Watching closely stage performance tomorrow: Germany, Dom Rep, Honduras

  14. Based on these Judges here are my TOP 20
    (in random order):





    I wonder who will be the El-tocuyo Awardees…

  15. I hope the Olivias will save Cheleste after hearing that Oliver Tolentino will dress Cheleste both for prelims and finals. Yikes!!!!

    Anyare sa Team ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP ng MUP hihihihihih

    Cramming at its best!!!

  16. I still think there should be separate groups of selection and finals judges. It would wipe the slate clean and give the final candidates a chance to make a fresh impression.

  17. If you ask these accomplished ladies how will they like to be known: for their looks or for their ideas. I’m sure the overwhelming answer is the latter. Given this, I know what they are looking for in someone worthy to wear the Force for Good crown. The strategic posture of MU, and pageantry in general, lies in their hands today.

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