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  1. At first glance, one might think that cheleste’s wardbrobe is a bit too big for her frame but when you think about the overall thought behind it, I appreciate the gender-bending appeal especially in an all-women panel. There’s no reason for women to wear fitted suit and pantsuit just because the society says so. She successfully created a balance of what’s it like to be a lady boss without sacrificing her femininity while exerting power as a transformational leader. Brava Cheleste!!!

    If only I can afford jewelmer items…hihihihihi

  2. Are we screwing ourselves for overlooking these names and causing us to have our jaws drop to the floor, mouth wide open during semifinals announcement on Jan 14th ?

    Albania, Armenia, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Mauritius, Poland, Switzerland

  3. Congrats to the handlers! We can feel that apart from the very first outfit, that pinag aralan talaga ang bawa’t look nya. It is awesome when handlers exude more wisdom.

  4. Sino etech na mapalad na maisusuot ang kanyang ginawang gown? Naaawa ako dun sa isa na akala nya gagamitin yung ginawa nyang gown. May I talk nga kay O baka may tsismis chAR.

  5. Let the face and the “B” between her ears do the talking. With her simplicity and the not so flashy fab attire, she is making a statement: “in this competition let anything neck up carry the dress, and NOT the other way around!” This is Miss Universe 2022!

  6. Perfect styling!

    I think the MUPh Team picked the right outfit for Celeste in the prelim interview. She looks highly fashionable but not intimidating. If I were one of the prelim judges sitting, I would definitely add another score on Celeste only because of her stunning look. I believe Celeste delivered well in this round. Her latest interviews proved that she came to NOLA to win and she is not Celeste for nothing.

    Oh well, anyways… Celeste lost weight while in LA, hence she perfectly hit the right body proportion. Accordingly, her gowns were adjusted to fit in to her 23″ waistline. Can you imagine the discipline and determination? In short, hindi s’ya kumain ng kumain sa LA. Good job, girl. I can see the crown on your head.

    That’s all.

  7. I love how she was styled for the panel interview. Wholly appropriate – classy and understated. Let her mind do the talking, not the clothes.

  8. Brava !
    My wish , my want is that the top 5 will be Celeste + 4 other nations who have not yet won MU

    Choices for the 4 :

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