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  1. Mdme. Paula said she looks forward to someone whom she could be surprised with (in a good way).

    How I understand it…

    Mdme. Anne emphasized the SOUL. Be it ever so humble, it needs to make a lasting footprint.

    (Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g dinosaur fossilized footprints… Simple lang, pero FASCINATING.)

    Came to mind (mine) ‘yun’g pambato ng isa’ng Central American country sa rival pageant (ka-batch ni Tracy Perez). VERY CLEAR ang mission niya sa buhay – to give dressage lessons. It was borne of her childhood love of horses. Later, it became a way for her to weather upheaval… If MU can have a similar Head2Head so we can get to know the ladies more intimately, great idea! Pero, yes. Too late now. For the 72nd edition na lang. Paz!

  2. To be honest, all I really want is a Miss Universe pageant that is exciting, thrilling and glamorous, a great stage with excellent production values, that is well paced with less talk, no WTF placements, and a well deserved winner at its conclusion. Beauty with smarts, fine — but really, I just want to be entertained! Call me old fashioned, but I don’t need all this transformational leadership BS clutter.

    • So your concept of beauty pageants are only entertainment? Is it an intrams for you? The mission of this org now is meaningful as it should be. Their aim is also to promote various advocacies and help charities all over the world. And they need to hire a candidate who can lead them not just ramp flawlessly. They are not selling girlies there to only look beautiful tho.

  3. The unfolding paradigm shift on beauty just came out of the mouth of the new MU owner. To paraphrase her concept of beauty: it’s not just the look, not just the walk, not just the talk, but the brains that turns thoughts into action for the benefit of humankind! She just described the multi-dimensional concept of beauty! That is the very concept that debunks the centuries-old ideologies and myths on beauty that unfortunately pageantry is still anchored on today. The same concept is seen as the root of the declining interest on beauty pageants by First World countries and the Millennials and GenZs, resulting in serious financial difficulties and solvency issues for pageantry’s business.

    • Today’s generation, the Millennials and GenZs, the world’s largest in demographics and disposable income, supports businesses and organizations that shares the same values they believe in. As a response, pageantry went into brand marketing initiatives incorporating the the new generation’s ideas of diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, environmental justice, gender equality, etc. But it seems that paeans on social responsibility is not enough. Pageantry business is still in the red and headed to bankruptcy. I hope that the new owners of MUO can soon put the pageant industry’s top player on an upward trajectory, the way she has zoomed her businesses to unparalled heights. The world economy is waiting!

  4. nothing new here … Paula has been searching for the same kind of winner every year

    The one new thing is that the owner is a sole owner and is a LGBTQ+
    The Universe will explode if the aim of the new owner is to crown a LGBTQ+ winner in the very very near future …. Now That Is Going To Be Really New !!!!!

  5. In otherwords, pageant power and sash factor countries; Philippines, India, South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and maybe USA, best not think they are shoo-ins and not to be shocked if
    MU23 is a woman from a non-sash factor country.

    If Anne plays her cards right, keep the power pageant countries in the mix.

    If not, Princess Anne should think of writing a “cook book” for the Universe.

    Brand or no brand as the saying goes, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

    At the end of the day remember “it’s all about the people and fans, Imelda.”


  6. If they are looking for a transformational leader, then the clear choice is R’Bonney Gabriel.

    Or it is entirely possible that someone other than the front-runners will be crowned.

  7. If they are looking for a transformational leader, then the clear choice is R’Bonney Gabriel.

    Or it is entirely possible that someone other than the front-runners will be crowned.

  8. Is verywellmind.com connected to MUO or to the new MUO owner? Why should their definition of transformational leadership be used?

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