18 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2023: The Search is On!

  1. KF magpadala kayo ng mga kandidata nyo please. You fielded many names in BBPlast year but only one in MUPh (and she was only a newbie).

  2. Ann Colis just missed the cutoff age , but we are also looking for you , … , Emma Tiglao

    • Emma already announced on social media that… Le fin.

      Glad you brought this up! You think the two-letter-camp-without-the-ampersand will field anyone this time? Last year, ‘ata, kung ‘di ako nagkakamali si ‘Roxas City, Capiz’ lang ang na-mention dito sa blog na tagaroon.

      Mr. Blogger used to make those Matrices per camp. Of course, only Celeste from TC. Dee went Independent; Llegado became her Mom’s ‘initiative’.

  3. Gabrielle Basiano for me. There is a reason why she didn’t go to International and didn’t place at Intercontinental. She needs to get hungry.

    Chantal Schmidt next.

    Sorry but all the recycled names I am seeing here only appeal to Filipino fans. We need to think bigger. There is a reason Empire & Co have passed on them.

  4. Wow you better walk that fucking duck!!!🦆🦆🦆
    Her pussy is on FAAÀAIIIIIYRRRRR!!!🔥🔥🔥
    Simple..minimall… GORGEOUS!😱😱😱

  5. Hope she does not do a straight hair for her finals
    A classicHollywood for her swimsuit with a flower on one side
    And a bun for EG

  6. Bella Bella this yr
    Chela Chela next yr
    And Gabby Basiano , pls try again . You are what the current owner is looking for

  7. MUPO, ‘andiyan pa ba AP niyo for Biliran (Province)? ‘Yun’g nag-field kay Skelly (Ivy Florida)?

    'Yun'g 'Biliran' nito'ng katatapos lang na Mutya, beke nemen pwede…. 🙂

    • She is Shindell Atibula 6″ tall..ill forward your comment to our Biliran Province blog.

  8. I am really liking this girl.

    That she is beautiful, sexy and classy-looking are already given. But when I heard her speak during her interviews, my admiration grew even more. She is articulate and sincere sounding. Her answers do not sound rehearsed (although she is fond of using the adjective “amazing”. lol). And her grammar is good. She doesn’t stammer.

    It will really be a sad day if she will not land at least in Top Five. If Bea Gomez who got mixed reaction (from fellow Filipinos) during her competition last year managed to land a high placement, what more for a Celeste who has been getting unanimous love both from Filipinos and foreigners alike.

    This batch is really strong. So many countries have already learned how to maneuver the competition similar to the Philippine or Venezuelan or Colombian ways.

    Good luck Celeste! Whatever happens, rest assured that you are doing our country proud by your everyday performance and pasavogues.

    World Peace.

      • @Baby Nica juice colored shut your pie hole already before you seriously hurt yourself. 🤨

      • … And by extension, Haarnaz won because of Urvashi Rautela…?


        The premise is country bias… Kung gayo’n, MUO NOW MUST commission for a judging app using bots. Pero ‘pag ganu’n, purely analytics will determine MU. THE FUTURE OF PAGEANTRY IS VIRTUAL; EXACTLY WHAT MUPO WAS SAYING ALL ALONG! 🙂

  9. Beautiful.
    Parang nangayayat siya while in the U.S.
    Best of luck to our Miss Philippines.

  10. Oh boy … here we go

    MU age limit is now 29 ? I bet Michelle Dee is contemplating …

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