18 comments on “Celeste during the 71st Miss Universe Presscon

  1. So I assume that Miss Ukraine will not be the new MU but imagine the headlines it will make all around the universe the morning after Jan 14th … any kind of publicity is good publicity for the new owner ( much like what happened in 2015 with Harvey’s big mess , it was also the first year of the new owner back then , and MU was a 72-hour news story and talked about all around and all over …

    BUT I would bet we will have the following :
    Miss National Costume award = Miss Ukraine
    Miss Internet award = Miss Vietnam
    Miss Photogenic award = NOT Miss Venezuela , NOT Miss Colombia , NOT Miss PR
    Miss Congeniality award = ?who knows, we’ll learn the name soon?

  2. Celeste looks so queenly and high-end in this outfit. Would have been better though if she opted for a glittery or ruffled inner blouse to soften the masculine lines of her look. Also an updo like a high ponytail will highlight how her face grabs one’s attention even with varying hairstyles.

  3. The monotonous oversized coats, jackets, shoulder pads and pants becoming passé, bland and just not making impact as they should be. She gets drowned by her team’s choice of outfits.

  4. I have yet to see a photo of Celeste and Miss Portugal together. Both competed in Miss Earth 2018 and both landed Top 8 placements.

    • there have been a lot already … just keep on searching

      I would not mind Philippines and Portugal to be the last two standing …
      Actually for the final 5, I wish that it is composed of Philippines + 4 other nations that have not yet won MU , one of them is Portugal for example …

  5. with the girls’ extreme and busy schedules , very early call time and very late evening finish every day , I am just wondering how many of the girls do no get to shower every single morning when they wake up or evening before they go to bed …

  6. Looking at the video if Miss Trinidad and Tobago is 5′ 7″, Miss Findland is 6′ 0″ amd Miss Malaysia is 5′ 5″. I am just wondering how tall is Miss Philippines? Some people say she is 5′ 9″. Anyway, Miss Philippines is absolutely gorgeous with that white outfit.

  7. Eto nanaman yung style ni Jonas oversized coat. Nakaka inis na tignan. Sino ba Yung stylist ni Manang?😂

  8. I’m not sure why Pinoys are so obsessed with “Thriller-like” extra large and long shoulder pads?!

  9. The Powers denied me access to the videos. So, just basing on the screenshots…

    1. THAT’S your Equatorial Guinea na ipinaglalaban niyo?! Typical willowy black African or Caribbean candidate of either Supra or Grand. I’m sticking with my Swelia! ❤

    2. If we could be granted by said Powers a photo of Cambodia, Chile, & Malaysia together, makakatulong…

    3. Similarly, of Colombia, Peru, & Finland.

    • Grabe ‘yung pagkakadaupang-palad nina Celeste at R’bonney, very powerful! Ang lakas ng star power nilang dalawa, as if they have created a beautiful tension together. I wonder kung sila ang ginawang roomie, siguro mas masaya. Sila na nga ba talaga ang Miss Universe at First Runner-up?

      Celeste remains the woman to beat as at this moment. Ka-vogue ang mga outfit n’yang talaga, although medyo nabu-bored ako sa hair n’ya, once lang kasi naiba.

      Excited na ako sa mga susunod na event, especially preliminaries. I believe Celeste will be voted Most Photogenic and best in Evening Gown. Best in Swimsuit naman si R’bonney.

      That’s all.

      • I can tell you that Potent Forces are encircling Celeste; recall my comment during the Send-Off at that mall in NCR that since daybreak flocks of black birds were flying in formation over the venue?… A pair at least, & a dozen or so at most. Various species!

        Well, JUST NOW nagparamdam sa ‘kin… May lumabas na Tab, as though a reminder of that protection. And disappeared just as quickly.

        I just want for our bet to NOT adopt a strategy that will prematurely wear her out. The moment she slips in this regard & betrays exhaustion~impatience, the judges will pick it up immediately. As I said before, kung ayaw natin kay Anna S, hahanapan nila ng butas si CC. So, don’t provide an opening. Be calm all the time. Serenity will reveal any hidden demons, so you can react appropriately. 🙂

        R’Bonney, nakakainis kasi ANG COOL. Parang wala lang sa kaya ang lahat. Talk about unperturbed. 😦

        Beautiful tension? That’s OK kung CREATIVE ang endeavor ng MUO. IMG didn’t seem to be; essentially, ginawa’ng cash cow lang sina Mdme. Paula S. So, as @ scorg said, we’ll see what kind of Boss Mdme. AJKN will be.

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