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  1. Philippines vs Venezuela or whatever. MUO this time is looking for a “transformational woman” as it pronounced. Relevant comparison should be demonstrated ability to be, and track record as, an inspirational speaker and community leader.

  2. Both have merits.

    Philippines peaks here and there. Teaser strategy.

    Venezuela is always on. In your face strategy.

    An all female panel, without knowing who the judges are specifically, will probably get annoyed by Venezuela’s approach (especially if they competed in the Trump/Telemundo area). Hindi genuine.

    Puerto Rico has an approach more consistent with Phils and already placed under MUO. She’s the biggest Latina powerhouse threat if you ask me.

    • … But the PR ballgame of late seems to be ladies who are practically American. Not the native girl Dayanara was… In other words, well, OK ba ‘yun with the Latin American audience-at-large?

      Or Denise or Zuleyka.

  3. Celeste for me over Amanda. Celeste’s closest competitors are USA, Itay, Spain, and Curacao

    • Well, as it stands, it’s possible Celeste has more fans in the Americas than USA, even though R’Bonney could easily trounce her performance-wise… But, we shouldn’t be too eager; baka maunsiyami. 🙂

      If Venezuela doesn’t get it now, I feel they’ll get it again before too long. Abangan.

      (PS. CUTE ni Italy sa Cafe! Runner-up. Costa Rica won, btw.)

  4. naaliw ako kay venezuela. catriona ang game plan ni ateng. gumawa rin sya ng sarili nyang jacket with venezuela printed on it, etc. diy #aliw #saya

  5. Given the new branding thrust and business trajectory of MU under this new governing board, there are yet a lot of unknowns in the final selection of its spokesperson. Is it really Philippines vs Venezuela? In the context of the new MU brand tagline “Beautifully Confident” and the label of ts new crown “Force for Good”, is the hype justified? Confidence is the inner conviction of one’s ability to translate ideas into action. If that will be the final yardstick in the selection, aren’t we “sweating the small stuff” on facial beauty, body proportions, styling, pasarela, etc? In this edition, I am not discounting the possibility of a winner coming from an unheralded pageant non-powerhouse.

    • Pretty much sums up what we’re thinking but afraid to say out loud. How does a crown become a ‘force for good’ really??? And in the context of a pageant that historically, has predominantly crowned the truly fairest of them all, it is an attribute that can hardly be said to have been used effectively for (good) social causes (MW is still DESPERATELY trying to disprove this).

      If this is the case, then expect the winner from a country NOT from your usual suspects. There will be an uproar of course, but the new owner will try to smooth things out- she after all, has already been transparent about strange observatory tactics- opaque glass screens where she would be observing the girls unseen, like some voyeur making her picks. We’ve left the IMG era where the owner was just a business entity operating under a vague company ethos that promised female empowerment. Now we’re back to an individual owner like Trump was- a transwoman at that- whose motives and agendas will only be clearly known if the winner turns out to be someone nobody expected…( Nigeria? Bahrain? Cambodia? Guatemala?). At this point, I suspect Anne already has a short-list. All they have to do really, is not bomb too terribly on finals night.

      Or…it could be business as usual which means the Philippines, Venezuela, Italy, Aruba etc which is even better if not downright justified; the talk coming out of New Orleans is how unearthly Celeste’s (I hate it when people pronounce it as ‘che-leste) beauty is and how earthly and warm her personality is. The last time I saw someone this comfortable in her own skin was back in 2018 with Cat…

      Good luck CHE-leste!!!

      • @Frankie Deleo, am I correct in paraphrasing what you wrote: that whoever the winner is will determine if MU branding direction is still “Confidently Beautiful” or is really shifting to “Beautifully Confident”. The former is a fight between pageant powerhouses; the latter between mostly less-hyped sashes represented by cerebral beauties.

      • You are absolutely right @scorg we’ll know which one is going to be the new status quo on finals night

  6. Sa totoo lang hindi lang si Miss Venezuela, marami pa ang malalakas na talagang panlaban ang ibang mga katunggali ni Philippines. Marami rin nanahimik na kalahok diyan pero nakikita natin ang mga maraming sumusuporta sa kanila. Ngayon tanggap ko naman na maluwag ang kalalabasan ng patimpalak.

  7. I will have to watch out for the pasarela of Korea on prelims night. If she is very good and with her picture above very pretty , Miss Korea might be able to sneak in to Top 20 with a great performance in the judges’ closed door interviews …

  8. Hindi proportional yung face ni Vene. Mala-airport ang noo. But she is sweet and tall. Not being bias but still Ph for me.

    I would love to see more Asian countries in the top 20.

    • due to the Covid resurgence , I think Miss China was not allowed to enter the US per a recent protocol from the State Dept that affects travelers coming from China

  9. Ph yey, Vene, ney….hihihih I think Vene is better at MI. She has the sweet aura and youth that radiates.

    Celeste is on course to a top 3 finish for me. It will take major major error in judgment from her, or judges or Anne-ti or some competitor to stop her…. Praying that the Celestial will align in her favor this Saturday.

  10. Oh please huwag na ang Venezuela. Nakakasawa palagi na lang sila. I hope the new MUO owner will crown a country who has not won MU yet.

    Our very own Celeste will surely be in Top 5 tho Im not a fan. She’s truly beautiful and proportionate body. Sana kahit 2nd RU man lang.

  11. On the first hand, Venezuela’s sash factor automatically makes Amanda in pageant experts’ radar, but there are Latin girls who are worthy of anybody’s attention, such as Dominican Republic, Peru, Puerto Rico, and (of late) Curacao.

    On the other hand, Celeste’s star power and supermodel aura make her the woman to beat in this edition of the most prestigious pageant in the universe. Celeste has been consistent since her arrival. Her outfits scream Vogue. She looks alta, expensive, and Hollywoodish. There came a point that I couldn’t wait for her pasa-Vogue outfit. And I am sure fashion experts do the same.

    Kudos to Team MUPh for the job well done. Wala talagang maipipintas kay Celeste. Even her communication skills has improved. Her interview with the Latino vlogger Javier seals the deal. She is in it to win it!

    That’s all.

  12. Celeste’s edge is her “effortlessly beautiful stance”. From day 1 up to the rehearsals she is consistently serving faces. No need to wear kadang kadang 10 ft heels to be assured that height matters, unlike some of d girls in this pic & the “P” grp. The latino dominated crowd eagerly wants to get her attention and chants her name rather than FILIPINAS, making the other girls seem to be OP (out of place). The sovereign is correct Celeste is the GOLIATH of Miss U’22. She came prepared and has a palpable game plan similar with PIA’s “know when to peak” mantra.

  13. Manita Hang is serving Megan Young x Graciella Lehmann frequency! ❤

    (… With a tad of Clenci. I'm quite confident the-two-letter-camp-without-the-ampersand will place another ward at MU.)

    As for Venezuela, she may wish to consider refraining from head-to-toe red hereon. Combining it with other colors may help… I got a hint from Powers! Let's see if her handlers can spot it. Clue : it's right in their backyard, quite literally. No, not the 'bandeira'.

    • Just to add.

      As per the Brief, the 72nd edition will be for a whole month. The only way to efficiently pull such a hosting job off is if Thailand will… Again. So, whoever wins will, like Valentina Figueroa, spend a lot of time to push the event in BKK. Well, in the first place, she will launch the ‘drinking water’.

      It also will be a lot simpler if the winner will come from a nearby country. So, the Force for Good’s first recipient will be from the Asia-Pacific Rim? But if from the Atlantic Rim, she’ll have to have an apartment probably… Parang ‘yun’g arrangement with IMG, sa NY naman!

  14. My current Top 15 in random order:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Dominican Republic

    Top 20(Including Dark horse:

  15. I agree … these two seem to be leading the pack right now… and I would say Aruba is trying to catch up as well as Spain , not going to be clearer until after the preliminaries that are coming up … Exciting !

    dark horses behind the leading pack: Iceland and PR
    but still my sentimental favorite … Ukraine !

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