15 comments on “Celeste in swimwear by Seven Barretto

  1. Can we have pictures of her facing to the right pls… want to see the tattooo sa buttock. Notice all her pics are of her facing to the left

  2. Definitely vavavoom, but when the body is turned into a mural for some trendy form of body art (tattoo), it no longer becomes the repository of inner confidence for transformational leadership that MU is looking for. I hope the all-female selection panel of accomplished personalities will not see it the same way.

  3. Curaçao vs USA vs PR for MU
    Curaçao has that same vibe of the previous MU winners – feminine and youthful
    Thailand is super gorgeous too
    Then DR Aruba Colombia Guatemala o
    Philippines, why doesn’t she smile even during introduction ? What happened to her teeth? Jonas normally makes sure the candidates have that MU smile

    • This clearly indicates your choice of PR for Perfect Body! Guaranteed Top 5/6/10 & a turn at the mic (Question Round).


      USA will be 2nd RU (a’ la Olivia Jordan), Thailand will be 1st RU (“… super gorgeous”, ‘ka mo), & Curacao ganadora. @ jaretwrightlover said she’ll win over SARS-CoV2!

      No SA. Yup. We’ll see Ndavi again at MW.

  4. Medco nauumay na ako sa damit nyang oversize 😂 please isuot nya nalang yung nasa pictorials nya kaysa sa oversized coat ni ateng Jonas

  5. Hawig kay Ina Raymundo. Lutang na lutang ang ganda ng body with that white swimsuit! Good luck girl.

  6. Gosh…look at the curve! Her long proportional legs make her more stunning in her swimwear.

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