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  1. Two questions that need to be asked …

    1 Is the reigning Miss Universe carrying a baby ?
    2 Will a ‘baldy’ ( Ghana and/or Nigeria ) make it to the semifinals ?

  2. Shamcey is quite the “traditional” and “classic” Filipina beauty. She’s getting even more beautiful with age.

    I am hoping that she gets to meet Anne-ti and make supsup for the 5th crown…hihihihih

    Speaking of chichis….. I heard that the awful Continental top 16 format is vackkkk!!!! Whoever came up with that idea needs to be guillotined hihihihihi… If they go with Continental, I think a top 20 would be more equitable or…. a hybrid top 16 would be acceptable: Top 8 highest scoring plus continental 8 – 2 per each (Africa, Asia and Oceania, Europe and Americas)….

    What do you all think, dear readers???

    • Your ‘hybrid 16’ sounds doable. Ditch that Top 20; masabi lang na nag-place…

      Put out the eight highest Prelims scorers asap; publish on the official MU portal. Allow fans to select the other eight… But as the Poll has been running, puwede’ng basehan ‘yun’g tally so far.

      Wala dapat bearing ‘yun’g Prelims 8 sa walo’ng pipiliin ng fans. Halimbawa just for the sake of argument, it turned out Africans totally dominated the Prelims, it doesn’t cancel their allotted two slots for the Poll 8. Suma tutal, SAMPU’NG (10) Africans agad ‘yun!

  3. Is Shamcey wearing color contacts ? or is that her real eye color ?…(even the hair?,no)

  4. Wow, photo is a stark reminder that beautiful Shamsey was MUP 2012 and 3rd runner-up at MU the same year.

    In retrospect, she has gotten off to a very good start as a nat’l director;

    2019 – top 20
    2020 – top 20
    2021 – top 5.

    Anticipating another strong result with Celeste and MUPO is in good shape.


    • Which one do you think deserves to have been in the Top 10 , Gazini or Rabiya ?

      My vote goes to Rabiya

      (Although if Gazini had made it in the top 10 , she could have easily sailed to the top 5)

  5. Vahkit c supsup noon ay may pa welcome parade kahit NASA top 5 lng cya. Now, waley na.
    Yung Global beauties Naman ay naupdate na nila at dinagdag Ang 2015 as additional win for Pilipinas🙂 ahihihihihi

  6. I miss the olden days when BPCI send their representative to Miss Universe beauty pageant the entire populations of the archipelago are united and excited but people nowadays it seems don’t they have time about beauty pageant. I believe it takes more
    many years before MUP org will be able to get the MU crown. Let us be realistic.

    • The Venezuela formula that we upended does not seem to work anymore in the new pageantry landscape. The new competitive edge seem to lie in the ability to articulate outward expressions of inner beauty– the specialization of South African and Indian bets. Now that the New MU is driven towards confidence as the essence of beauty, all the more the differential advantage will lie in the ability to beautifully translate lofty ideas into practical action. Can the MUP measure up to the challenge?

      • @Yna, that’s because they have not yet realized pageantry as a platform to showcase their inner confidence that they can be effective inspirational speakers and transformational leaders. Aren’t these the same goals as their Catholic education? The perception that beauty pageants commodify women still persists, borne out of centuries-old myths and ideologies on beauty. The new concept of beauty, pushed to a large extent by the Millenials and GenZs, is holistic and includes intellect and character, the very virtues nurtured by the church, school and home. The advocacy marketing driven by the branded pageant organizations is a step in this direction.

  7. My current Top 15 in random order:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Dominican Republic

    Top 20(Including Dark horse:

    • But after a night of sleep and I took another pass at the picture focusing on the eyes alone, what I see is a portrait of a “Beautifully Confident” and a “Wryly Confident”.

  8. Wow…ganda nya! She has to wear this make-up style throughout the finals night. Perfect!👋👋👋

  9. Sagana sa post! Parang every 8~10 hours, may pinapakawalan… 🙂

    UTANG NA LOOB. Si ‘La Mer En Majeste’, ‘wag niyo na’ng kukulitin. Classic design. May it last indefinitely.

    (… And I’ve always wondered how the South Sea Pearl acquires its golden luster. Is it a specific type of oyster that does this? Is it a top secret technique of the pearl growers? MUPO needs to put out a documentary eventually; hindi puwede’ng wala si Amelinckx. Siya pa!)

  10. Shamcey still got it ! Cat is already in NOLA

    No word yet as to who the judges are … maybe good that they keep it under wraps

    There should be no all-female judges line up this time…. should be diversified fully

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