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  1. May dalawang Pilipina na magbibigay ng honor sa Pilipinas itong January isa sa Acting award at isa sa pageantry 🙏

  2. Celeste is truly effortlessly beautiful.
    She looks relaxed and confident at the same time.
    Her actions are unpretentious and not forced.
    She’s gorgeous yet gives off a vibe of being relatable and approachable.
    Lapad pala ng forehead ng isang candidate, or is it just the angle of the photo?
    Not gonna mention names 🤐

    • @Pats

      D lang malapad… I’ve seen trannies who look more feminine than her…

    • Oh, yeah. It looks as though the face was squished… Baka na-puto shoppe. Kasi, otherwise, everyone else in there would, too. Siya lang, as though only THAT part was edited/modified.

      Why anyone would do that escapes me.

  3. It’s sad that non- Filipino bloggers do not see Celeste as a contender
    Hope they are wrong

  4. Sneakers, big coat, soft voice.. I know what you are doing Celeste… & I am loving it!.. I love that she really knows when to peak… I can’t wait for her to wow us during the Prelims and Finals.. She got this in the Bag!😘

    • Hope the judges see the soft voice as a sign of humility not reticence or timidity

      • @Fabian

        … I’m sure the judges are well aware that Miss Philippines is well trained on top of the fact that She has 2 national titles under her belt…😊

      • @ Yna Aka, Amanda Obdam vibe. The ‘might-stop-short-of-the-Question-Round’… 😦

        Sayang. Celeste’s frequency is very luminous now. ❤

        If we could at least snag the bronze medal (2nd RU, which we still haven't),…

        One of us phrased it as 'Hannah-Arnold-won't-make-it-to-the-Speech-Round' effect…

        (Powers are putting her to the task of vanquishing the Latina onslaught… But wouldn't that only potentially open up an entry for… Who do you think? #Theundercurrent)

  5. Can Miss Portugal zoom up fast in a week’s time and have Portugal and Philippines as the last two standing ? … that would be a fantastic and fabulous finale on Finale night !

    • ‘Kow! ‘Pag nagkataon, MEO would be delirious in delight. 🙂

      After snubbing Klara Vavruskova in 2020.

      ‘Yun’g Colombia last year, tama ba? Dapat, mag-ME siya, pero for some reason ‘di siya natuloy?.. But didn’t ME go virtual? She was with Bea Luigi in the Top 5. Or was that Top 6?

      • (Cont.)

        It’s not always easy to recall names. My apologies, guys.

        Valeria Ayos.

      • Colombia last year in MU2021 was also in ME2018 with Celeste and Portugal ; & Colombia last year was a runner up in ME 2018 …

      • (Cont.1)

        I hope Hannah Kim & Manita Hang at least make the First Cut. 🙂

        My interpretation of the wind right now is that many Filipino pageant followers desire a repeat of the 2018 Final 3, consisting of Philippines, Venezuela, & South Africa. It must be said that Amanda, Ndavi, & Celeste are quite photogenic. But, yeah. A long shot.

        With no Preliminary as guide, just as things are now, I would :

        1. Reserve a podium spot for… USA. That earlier video – was it that Puerto Rican vlogger’s? – showed a COOL CAT. She’s scarce now (at least in these cosmetics images), but with her you get that sense of, ‘… wait ’til USA schools you’! ‘Eto ‘yun’g hindi mapapahiya si Mdme. AJKN.

        2. We keep mentioning ‘pleasant beauties… no umay factor’. Aruba, Iceland (for me), kahit si Amanda (Dudamel). Pleasant faces like Iris or Demi-Leigh… Another spot!

        3. If no. 2, above, turns out to be a Latina, can we reserve the last spot for an Asian?

      • (Cont.2)

        I made a mistake somewhere & earlier… I said MUBA began with MU in 2000. Apologies.

        And, that still of the rehearsals (attached video clip) may provide a fresh eye! I wonder how it would feel to get a SIDE view seat at the Finale so that you see everything from that vantage/angle. Because immediately, & just for me anyway, I’d eliminate one from that subset of the P-group.

        One cents.

  6. If they recognize our very own Pia as a title, the hell with them. Kabobohan nila.

  7. In other news…

    Despite the clamor and backlash from netizens, until now Global Beauties is stubbornly not rectifying the glaring error in their latest article claiming that the Philippines has only won 3 Miss Universe crowns. And this is by carelessly ignoring the fact that Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach — the most well known winner in the pageant’s history at that thanks to Steve Harvey’s epic blunder — is from the Philippines. How pathetic is that?

    Is this a deliberate clickbait strategy meant to generate more traffic to their website with its flailing views and following? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • You must always not forget … globalbeauties is not a friend to MU Philippines , and to Philippines in general … they have insecurity about Brazil only having 2 MUs and they trash ME org … do not help them by taking the bait and clicking and clicking and visiting their website. Even their so-called Filipino contributor is not friendly to MU Pinoy fans …

      • Brazil not having won in 2020? Is that what they’re saying?… Not Mexico?

        Uuhhmmm… No comment.

        (But I did say at the time that I preferred a South to a Central American. But that’s done.)

        But Brazil just won Grand. 🙂

        … And GB is cool with THAT pageant.

        PS. Sila pa rin ba ni Diego Garcy?

      • @jaretwrightlover

        Yes we are fully aware of the true colors of Global Beauties — being a shameless paid hack of Nawat Itsaragrisil, among others. Just to clarify, I don’t go to their page at all. I just found out about this glaring clickbait antic when it came out after I clicked on #MissUniverse2022.

    • We must remind ourselves that the struggling Global Beauties is at the operating level of minor leagues not worthy of any acknowledgment. GB is on par with the likes of the scandalous Harry & Megan Duo, and dare I say the pedestrian MGI pageant. Lahat lacking sa delicadeza. Quoting the true queen Michelle Obama: “When they go low, We go High”. Ignore GB.

      • Really the smartest comment from a smart lady, “when they go low, we go high!”

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