8 comments on “MUBA in motion for the 71st Miss Universe

  1. OH YUNG MGA BAKLUSH dito na mapapel wala kayong idea sa national costume nya or yung gown nya noh? Well i dont know kung Ano yung reaction nyo. Eto ang hint …..

  2. Mga Madi, have u read d FB page/website of Global beauties. 3 fa lang Ang winner Ng Finas sa Universe(1969,1973,2018 – di kasali c Fia of 2015). I checked Miss Colomvia kung vinigay vah nila Ang crown noong 2015, fero Luz Valdez din Ang Colomvia Ng 2015. Nananadya vah Ang Kufal(gloval) vayotis fage/website 😲
    Savagay, wiz na tayong faki sa kanila ahihihihihi.
    Malavhong magkakaroon Sila Ng amor sa Finoy or Flastikan lang ahihihihihi 😊

  3. If Thailand wins this MU , then it will be the end of the MU reign among beauty pageants

    It will not be a slow downhill track , but it will be a very fast very decisive downhill track

    • … If I may add, I said before (hopefully, hindi pa zini-zip ‘yun’g past comments sa past posts), “… takamin natin si ASEAN neighbor”. So they’ll know how it feels to be so near yet so far.

      Darling as she is, I don’t see Anna bagging anything beyond the silver medal (1st RU). To her credit, she seems to be giving it 101% & I did say her back story is a source of inspiration. But for the long run, there may be some wisdom to not win yet…

      That said, I sense the (hidden) role of the New Owner will be to identify our secretly-longed-for ‘come-from-behind/nowhere’, the uber underdog that will make us all say, “why didn’t we see this coming”? But precisely because She is working behind the scenes, she sees things none of us (here) do.

  4. Oh.. So that’s how Miss Thailand looks without the noseline and contours…🤔🤔🤔

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