12 comments on “Celeste Cortesi will do the MUBA exclusive photoshoot this year

  1. next to chelesti, bet ko si Miss Aruba. so far, di pa ako naumay sa beauty nya.

  2. Where is Miss USA ? … very scarce

    They should have made USA and Canada as roommates … both North American countries sent Asian Americans to the MU , probably has not happened ever … historic !

    • Me too. I do not see her winning the crown. The next MU from the Philippines should be in the same league as Pia and Catriona. Winning/relatable personality with great communication skills. Ramdam na ramdam mo ang passion when they speak that whatever they are doing is more than themselves but for a greater cause.

  3. Am pleased at the inclusion of Bahrain. The Gulf Region is one of the frontiers of pageantry. To be under the radar of pageant circuit despite being neophytes is a big motivational pull to the participating countries from this conservative oil-rich region. The pleasantly surprising top performance of Palestine in the recent ME is a boost to the interest of this region on pageantry and I hope it can be sustained. Hopefully, Bahrain’s inclusion in this select group will serve notice to the selection committee to take a closer look at less hyped beautiful contenders who may have what they are looking for– the ability to turn lofty ideas into practical action.

  4. I was not suprised that Thailand is included and I am glad Miss Philippines is included for MUBA Photoshoot. In MU 2020, Rabiya Mateo was chosen for MUBA photoshoot and she ended up Top 21 Finalist. In MU 2021, Beatrice Gomez was also chosen to do MUBA photoshoot and she ended top 5 Finalist. I hope Celeste Cortesi will be ended up in a better position, maybe the winner. Just keep hoping guys!

  5. My revised top 20 , Friday, one week to go :
    Venezuela, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico
    Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Spain
    Philippines, Thailand, So Africa, Bahrain
    Aruba, Peru, Guatemala, Chile
    Iceland, Malta, Mauritius, Curacao*

    Miss Internet -Vietnam ( I think there will be a top 21 ! ) ; *she will win over Covid !

    bubbling up … Jamaica, Cambodia, Germany, Dom Rep, Kosovo, Switzerland, India, Honduras, Equatorial Guinea

      • OMG , I hope they are all taking precautions … Celeste in particular … don’t be cavalier about this virus !

        I have Bhutan to replace anyone in the bubbling up just in case …

      • My daily fervent prayer is for Celeste and Miss Italy to practice stringent safety precautions, when in public, to avoid catching covid throughout the entirety of the pageant. Perhaps wear a face shield much like Miss Venezuela and another candidate I saw in a vlog. Lastly, difficult as it is, keep a 6-foot distance from loving vloggers and fans, and send fly-away kisses instead of hugs. I’m sure Mama Jonas has already firmly advised Celeste!

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