9 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2023: The Search is On!

  1. BPCI is a franchisee of several global pageant labels but only MI is branded, the rest being trade names with no known serious initiative towards brand building. The non-branded pageants coincidentally are low-tiers. With no specific imagery of a winning queen to scout for, except for MI (but whose titlist has been named last year), BPCI again undergoes the same ritual of selecting queens based only on the physical dimension. But global pageantry is evolving as the world’s view of beauty is changing. The dominant market forces, the Millennials and GenZ are seriously challenging the way the world sees beauty, and major beauty pageants are responding via advocacy marketing expressed in branding taglines “Beautifully Confident”, “Beauty with a Purpose”, “Inspirational. Aspirational”, “Beauties for Sustainable Development”, and “Earth Warriors”. Today, what does “binibini” stand for that is beyond physical beauty? What perceptual imagery is created when one says “binibini”?

    • Pardon the comparison with Miss South Africa, another multi-franchise beauty search organization, that has lately been winning international pageants. Since they know that all their franchisors are branded, they look for qualities that fit the specs of their respective franchise. The common denominator: intellectual prowess and communication skills. The customized training and development on the physical aspect come after the basic qualification is met, as this dimension of beauty can anyway easily be addressed nowadays by technology while the cerebral dimension takes time to develop.

    • With what was hailed by many a starry-eyed fans as the โ€œprettiest titlists everโ€, last yearโ€™s forgettable experience in international derbies serves as a tell-tale sign that BPCI needs to take a serious look at its competitive stance now. The old formula doesnโ€™t work anymore in global pageantryโ€™s market landscape. I trust Lara Quigaman, the new blood in BPCI’s Directorate, can be its re-energizing force.

    • Speaking of MI being (corporate-)branded, I was pleased to see the inclusion of JAMAICA in their hotel sponsor’s promotional video. The lady would go on to advance into the Top 8 Speech Round…

      LOVED her ‘Xmas glam’ Raymond Saldana portrait! โค

      And MSAO, one of their major sponsors is MB, right? The luxury vehicle? Na pa-premyo sa nananalo?

      As for BBP, I somewhat agree (with you)… But, let's leave it at that & hope/wish all the better for them this year/time!

      • There’s nothing wrong with benchmarking a record-setting organization like Miss South Africa Organization.

  2. hopefully more titles to replace the much hated Grand Intl and Supranational.

  3. How time flies! I hope BPCI are more serious in looking not only the best but a strong, talented, gorgeous and articulate woman.

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