22 comments on “An assortment of Celeste Cortesi for Day 3 of the 71st Miss Universe

  1. Mga accla, ung muk up sa mata needs to be matapang talaga for pics and videos. Nubeeehhhh

  2. We have so many highly- accomplished ladies in this edition especially from the Caribbean islands. Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica and Puerto Rico are just some of them. What a bloodbath on January 14

  3. With so many dropdead gorgeous stunners, the most logical choice would be the one who can elucidate her thoughts and think on her feet , come across as relatable and can bring in the much needed ROI. After all, this is still a business venture.

    • @Cool Brew: the business venture you mentioned is powered by advocacy marketing with the new branding tagline “beautifully confident”. Yes, every contender obviously has the requisite beauty and is confident about it, but the one who will stand out of the clutter is she who can project the inner confidence that can beautifully translate insightful thoughts into action. This advocacy marketing is clearly targeted at the Millenial and GenZ, the world’s largest market in terms of demographics and disposable income, who are known to favor businesses and brands whose values are compatible with theirs. Incidentally some of those values are what pageantry has been trumpeting all along– diversity, inclusivity, environmental justice, etc.

  4. Look at that Philippines sash , it’s so pathetic !
    She looks like a Miss Philippines candidate at Miss International …

    I’d love to post a picture of the authentic original Miss Universe sash for candidates here but the space would not allow me to post a picture …. a picture would be a great reminder to avid MU fans of how elegant it looked before and how sad it looks now …

    • @jaret, I absolutely agree. It feels like the passing of an era. The demise of something iconic. The fans didn’t even raise a howl of protest when MUO quietly retired the trademark embossed sashes back in 2010 and replaced it with the printed replicas in 2011 but this is too much

  5. The opening dress is nice…but the hair styling is not so great. It severed her look. She’s better with no ponytail hairstyling. Loose locks with wavy styling or just straight hairdo will do.

  6. Based on recent events..
    My Top 15 would be:

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa


  7. Another amazing outfit but I wish she wear bright colors outfit instead of that dark color outfit. Just saying.

  8. Philippines: MU or runner up
    Italy: MU or runner up
    Venezuela: Semifinalist
    Colombia: Semifinalist

  9. Celeste is gorgeous in ALL of her photos and videos. I just wish that the MU make-up staff take it easy on Celeste’s make up, especially on the eyes. Too much, too heavy, over the top. I wonder if she can ask them nicely to go easy on her eyes. Just my amateur observation and unsolicited advice.

    • This was the same cosmetics sponsor since 2000, no? Same observation/comment by @Ana Winter-Lund : the staff are rather heavy-handed on the technique; on the Asian girls, it’s particularly I-don’t-konw-the-best-word-to-use-but-it-ain’t-exactly-flattering. Rabiya was a victim then; look what they did to Manita (Cambodia) here (lower video)!

      (That being said, Venezuela & Colombia don’t look too nice here, either.)

      But it’s possible the beauticians were briefed to apply as though the ladies were at the Finale stage already. which means dapat makapal at matingkad kasi, kailangan, even audience seated at the rear/from afar can still make out who’s who…

      @JSM Yeah. Maybe after the pageant, Vogue Philippines can put an editorial shoot together for them. That issue should sell well; the two can even sign copies for a(nother) Meet-&-Greet at I’m-not-saying-the-name-of-the-mall-where-the-send-off-was-done.

  10. are they sitting down, waiting and already going into the preliminary interview competition at this early in the stage of the pre-pageant activities ? …

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